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What do customers say about Bistrot Pierre - Birmingham?

As of Apr 16, 2024, 1679 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.4 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Bistrot Pierre - Birmingham's customer reviews analysis

Analyzing the recent customer reviews for Bistrot Pierre in Birmingham reveals a mixed reception towards the establishment. Notably, there is a dichotomy between the perceived authenticity of the French cuisine and the culinary execution. Some patrons, particularly those with a French or Belgian background, criticize the restaurant for not meeting their expectations for traditional French dishes, pointing to items such as tajine and hummus as divergent from the expected culinary canon. The steak frite, a classic dish, received lukewarm responses due to quality issues such as dryness. On a positive note, the ambiance gains approval for its French bistro vibe, and the service is often commendable, though some experiences suggest inconsistency in this area. A significant point of dissatisfaction centers around the beef bourguignon, which was routinely described as poorly prepared and not reflective of the traditional French cooking techniques. Furthermore, customer service and waiting times were highlighted, with experiences ranging from helpful and efficient to outright disappointing with reports of rudeness and disinterest from the staff.

Positive Feedback

Positive aspects of Bistrot Pierre in Birmingham are present in several aspects of the dining experience as evidenced by the customer feedback. The restaurant is commended for its ambiance that successfully imparts a French bistro vibe, contributing to a lovely dining atmosphere. Service is another area where Bistrot Pierre shines, with several reviews highlighting great and helpful service, especially during larger events like office Christmas meals, where the coordination and flexibility of the staff significantly contributed to a positive experience. The food, when it meets expectations, is often described as tasty, well-presented, and coming in generous portions that leave diners satisfied. Specific mentions of a delicious variety of options for children and wonderful starters and desserts indicate that Bistrot Pierre is capable of delivering quality French-inspired cuisine. Additionally, the outdoor terrace offers a pleasant view which enhances the dining experience on sunny days. Overall, the positives in customer feedback reflect a capable and sometimes excellent dining establishment.

Concerns and Threads

Several negative aspects emerge from customer feedback that impact Bistrot Pierre in Birmingham's reputation. Firstly, while some dishes receive praise, there are notable criticisms concerning the authenticity and quality of the French cuisine served. Menu items such as tajine and hummus raise questions about culinary authenticity, and staple dishes like beef bourguignon and steak frite have been described as poorly executed – dry, tough, or not slow-cooked as expected. Waiting times and issues with the timing of dishes are other points of contention, with guests noting inconsistent gaps or dishes served out of order. An overall disappointing Mother's Day experience highlighted not only subpar food quality but also room temperature drinks and a lack of atmosphere in the dining space. In addition, the service experienced by some was found to be underwhelming, characterized by rudeness, disinterest, and poor customer interaction. Unresponsive staff when providing feedback or removing service charges added to the negative experiences. Lastly, some reviews noted slow service concerning the arrival of drinks and billing processes.

Frequently asked questions about Bistrot Pierre - Birmingham

Does Bistrot Pierre in Birmingham offer authentic French cuisine?

While Bistrot Pierre aims to provide a French dining experience, some customers have expressed that the menu includes non-traditional items and that certain traditional French dishes did not meet their expectations for authenticity or quality.

Can Bistrot Pierre accommodate large parties or events?

Yes, Bistrot Pierre has received positive feedback for accommodating large parties and coordinating events such as office Christmas meals. They are noted for being flexible and efficient during such occasions.

Is the atmosphere at Bistrot Pierre suitable for family dining?

Yes, Bistrot Pierre is described as having a lovely French bistro vibe, and there are positive mentions of a kids' menu with great options. The atmosphere is deemed suitable for families and diners of all ages.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Bistrot Pierre - Birmingham

Bistrot Pierre - Birmingham
Theodora A
2 days ago
I went there with friends on a Saturday. The service was great. The decorations are simple and giving French bistrot vibe. As for the food, Bistrot Pierre is a chain of restaurants. Tajine, hummus? Not so French but I imagine they try to accommodate all tastes. My main was steak frite, it was good but it is just not French and the meat for some of us was a bit dry. Knowing most of their menu is meaty, that’s not a good thing. We are all French/ Belgian and we all thought this place was not up to French food standards. Overall it is a nice place but I wouldn’t say it’s French.
Bistrot Pierre - Birmingham
Radosław Mika
3 months ago
I went to this lovely place, and the food was really tasty, nicely presented, and there was plenty on the plate (which I appreciate). I had a starter, main course, and dessert, and honestly, I was stuffed. The only thing they could work on is the timing of bringing out the dishes – having more consistent gaps and serving things in the right order would make it even better.
Bistrot Pierre - Birmingham
David Seadon
a month ago
Dined here with four family members on 10.03.2024 on Mother’s Day evening (a Sunday) and had a very disappointing overall experience. Despite booking a table for 6:30pm, we were told to wait in the bar and weren’t seated until 10 minutes after. We presumed this was just because they were busy but once we were finally led to our table, we were taken to a completely empty room with no other diners despite there being four/five tables other tables. The room had no atmosphere and felt cold. Thankfully, a couple of other parties arrived after us. We ordered drinks and my pint of Mahou was room temperature at best and pretty uninspiring. The starters were good, and my chicken liver parfait was tasty and a decent size. Likewise, the chocolate mousse dessert was good and well presented. However, what really let the food side of the meal down was the beef bourguignon, which four out of five of our party ordered. Thinking it was a French restaurant, we thought this would be a safe bet. How wrong we were. The mash potato had the texture of something that had been microwaved and the beef was sadly lacking (as you can see from my photo) — three small chunks and it was definitely not slow cooked like bourguignon should be. It was tough, fatty and not like any I have ever tasted. All four of us who ordered the same, reported the same feedback so it was hugely disappointing. I then heard the waiter ask the table next to us how their meal was, to which one of the ladies responded “hmm, very gristly beef” so I’m going to presume they had ordered the same. On to the staff, it was a dark haired slim chap serving us and to say he was rude and disinterested would be an understatement. At one point, my partner went searching for the toilet and asked him where she could find them, and his response was extremely surly. Every time he delivered a plate, it was practically thrown at us and he made no attempt to engage other than handing us our food or taking our orders. When we asked to take the service charge off our bill at the end and explained why, there was no apology, no reaction, nothing. He clearly didn’t want to be there and it rubbed off on his diners, who didn’t want to be there either. When you are paying those kind of prices, you expect better quality of food and the decency of a friendly server. Unfortunately we didn’t get that tonight at Bistro Pierre, Birmingham. Far better French restaurants around.
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