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Published on
January 25, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Bischell Construction Limited?

Analyzing the pool of reviews for BISCHELL reveals a dichotomous perspective on the company's reputation and customer experience. Positive reviews commend BISCHELL for their prompt services, including swift production of quality plans and resourceful design solutions. Customers have noted that the team's ability to adapt and revise plans to align with site conditions is a significant asset, as it leads to satisfying project outcomes. However, these successful interactions are contrasted by significant complaints regarding financial and logistical professional ethics. The failure to pay bills, poor communication, and issues with subcontracting reflect negatively on BISCHELL, potentially undermining their reputation. These testimonies suggest inconsistent performance, with experiences varying greatly from effective project management and problem-solving to financial disputes and operational mismanagement.

Positive Feedback

From a positive standpoint, customers have highlighted several areas where BISCHELL excels. The company receives praise for their timely and effective delivery of architectural plans and designs, enhancing the overall pace of development projects. The adaptability and willingness to revise plans to suit site-specific requirements, as mentioned by clients, is seen as testament to BISCHELL's customer-centric approach. Clients also appreciate the practical problem-solving skills demonstrated by the BISCHELL team, as they navigated complex regulatory and structural challenges efficiently. The testimonials suggest that BISCHELL's team possesses a high degree of technical competence and professionalism, especially in terms of managing subcontractors and providing guidance throughout the construction process.

Concerns and Threads

On the flip side, BISCHELL faces serious criticism for what appears to be a pattern of financial irresponsibility and poor subcontractor management. Clients have raised concerns over unpaid invoices and the company's reluctance to address these financial obligations, which exceeds 380 days in one case. This issue is compounded by poor communication with both clients and subcontractors, leading to reputational damage and distrust. Furthermore, some customers reported substandard workmanship, which manifests in structural deficiencies and a lack of attention to detail. Instances of incomplete work, delays, and mishandling of materials have also contributed to a perception of unreliability associated with the company.

Frequently asked questions about Bischell Construction Limited

What services does BISCHELL specialize in?

BISCHELL specializes in architectural design services, including home renovations, loft conversions, and design and planning for property conversions. Their portfolio extends to comprehensive project management, dealing with subcontractors, and providing recommendations for structural adjustments.

How does BISCHELL handle project revisions and unexpected site conditions?

Several customer testimonials indicate that BISCHELL's team is willing to revise plans and adapt designs when site-specific conditions require changes. They are noted for collaborating closely with clients to find viable solutions to structural challenges.

What are some of the concerns associated with hiring BISCHELL for a project?

Prospective clients should be aware of concerns raised about BISCHELL's financial practices, specifically the timeliness of completing payments to subcontractors. Additionally, there are reports of workmanship issues and operational mismanagement, which have led to project delays and additional costs for clients.

What are customers saying about Bischell Construction Limited

Bischell Construction Limited
Vasile Pavel
5 years ago
Previously came across when my Client [ a developer ] needed to get drawings done for a split of property into 2 flats. The previous plans where not great and they caused us may issues onsite. As a builder I can adapt but it help when plans are good. My client set me with the task of finding a new design team that also carried out engineering services. I found Bischell. The project went well and they were used again in the next development. I worked well with the team to get the drawings I needed, the engineer was a little slow but the details where really good. The reason I am posting this is that I recently managed to exchange in a property in Dartford and I only had Bischell in mind for my project due to the drawings I had previously received and used for the builds. Now I was the main client, lol. It was great working with the team and getting all my plans very quickly as I was nervous about wasting time now I had the keys. They sent Annie [ Architect ] to me within the next day and all the set was done by the end of the week. During the process I found there was a potential to avoid one beam so they modified the drawings to suit this site condition. Very happy. Will send photos when its done!
Bischell Construction Limited
Sujan Patel
7 months ago
During the unforeseen death of my father, I was inherited his estate. Which Bischell had previously done conceptual drawings for the build. Upon trying to retain ownership I found myself in the unfortunate situation that my father had carried out works by splitting into flats and creating a habitable space in the garden. The main house was 2 years ago and the outbuilding was 10+ years ago. I was worried and did not know how to turn to, so I contacted Bischell and came to know that the build was carried out ahead of the correct consents and against the architects advise. As it was done on a building notice the works were checked as they went along independent of the planning situation. I tried to contact the builder that carried out the works but they where no longer in business, so my only thread of contact was Bischell, and they were almost as much in the dark as I was. Luckily Felipe sensed my worry offered to help. I sent him the enforcement letter and he carried out site visit to inspect which saved me the 400-mile round trip from Bradford, but more importantly I was able to feel some comfort. After the inspection he advised on the best course of action, and I followed it. Just when we thought we are ok reinstating the house the email now stated any other buildings, which meant I had to leave it as technically its been over 10+ years it’s no longer enforceable or take it down. I discussed it with Bischell and proceed accordingly on this also. It was good to have a local team to guide me through this as I live so far away. Services: Garage design & building, Home renovations, Design, Architectural design services
Bischell Construction Limited
Lewis Joy
5 months ago
0 Stars! Avoid them like the plague as they don't pay there bills. Even after responding to emails, Annie and Prado had advised paying the £3,000 completion invoice for the installation of an MVHR system, but have since avoided paying now over 380 days later and don't answer our calls. Absolutely appalling, and a disgrace on the construction industry.
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