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Published on
January 9, 2024
Last updated
March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Ben'S Gutters?

Ben’s Gutters Ltd's reviews reveal a mixed reputation with variations in customer experience. A portion of feedback indicates unsatisfactory services with grievances about incomplete cleaning, rapid work completion times that suggest a lack of thoroughness, and issues surrounding customer service responsiveness. Concerns also include the presence of mess left post-service and perceived overpricing for the quality of work delivered. On the contrary, some customers praise the ease of booking, good communication, and professionalism of certain staff members. There is a positive note on the punctuality and politeness of the service personnel, as well as on the efficiency of the service offered and the consideration shown in handling post-service cleanup. The disparity in experiences suggests inconsistencies in service delivery that significantly impact the company's overall reputation.

Positive Feedback

Looking at customer experiences, key positive aspects about Ben's Gutters Ltd include a seamless booking process, with some customers appreciating the ease of scheduling services via email and prompt follow-up calls. Positive remarks are made about the communication practices of the company, including timely arrival notifications and complete job descriptions post-task completion. Recurring compliments suggest that certain staff members, like Daniel, Richard, and Andre, provide excellent customer service by going above and beyond in their duties, offering advice, and being courteous. The ability of these servicemen to promptly address issues and provide solutions leaves a favorable impression, along with their politeness, efficiency, and the professionalism demonstrated in their conduct.

Concerns and Threads

On the negative side, Ben's Gutters Ltd faces criticism for several aspects of their service. Customers consistently report inadequate cleaning, with some gutters remaining partly blocked or uncleaned, raising questions about the thoroughness and value of the work provided for the fees charged. Experiences of rapid, sub-30-minute service visits cast doubt on the depth of the cleanings. Furthermore, customer service is described as unresponsive, notably when issues arise post-service. Dissatisfaction is expressed over the lack of proper communication, particularly regarding follow-up on reported service failures. The validity of the warranty is also questioned as customers are asked to pay again for issues within a supposedly covered period. These reviews highlight a pattern of service that falls short on both quality and customer relations.

Frequently asked questions about Ben'S Gutters

What is the response time for customer service queries?

Several reviews indicate a lack of responsiveness from customer service, especially following reports of inadequate service. The company may need to improve their response times to ensure customer satisfaction.

How thorough is the gutter cleaning service?

While some customers reported excellent service, there are several reviews where the cleaning was incomplete or not to the satisfaction of the customer. The thoroughness can vary, which is an area of concern for potential customers.

Is there a warranty or guarantee for the gutter cleaning service?

Ben’s Gutters Ltd reportedly offers a warranty period for their services, although its length and terms have been disputed in customer feedback. Customers have mentioned a three-month warranty but also faced requests for additional payment when issues arose within this period.

What are customers saying about Ben'S Gutters

Ben'S Gutters
Sam Garner
2 months ago
I would definitely NOT recommend this company. Gutters not cleaned properly, some missed, basically very poor and shoddy work. Debris and mess left on front door steps and back door steps. The chap was only on site for 30 minutes from start to finish (luckily I have a Ring doorbell which recorded his arrival and departure) Unfortunately he arrived 2 hours early so I was not at home. It was the same guy who arrived the week before for first appt but advised he couldn’t safely complete the job so would wait for a call back from Customer Services and advise (fair enough I thought) then he just disappeared/left without telling me! I am awaiting a response from Customer Service after today’s debacle however would be happy if they never called or attended site again…although I’m sure they will be very keen to contact me for their overpriced lack of service! Top tip - do not pay in advance.
Ben'S Gutters
Claudia stodart
3 months ago
I had my gutters cleaned with Bens gutters and will not use them or recommend them. The clean cost £120 for a man who was at my house for less than 45minutes. He left a fair bit of mess on the ground, but I assumed the job was done. After a few months I had water ingress and thought the gutter was blocked. When Bens gutters ignored my emails, I had another company come with a drone. I could then see that only part of my guttering had been cleared, they just hadn’t cleared the gutter on half of the house. When I called to complain, I was told that the warranty for the work is only 3 months and that they would have to charge me again. I had to really fight my corner to get them to actually come and finish the job. Photos show the two different sides of the house after their “clean”.
Ben'S Gutters
ioanna katsifaraki
2 months ago
The person was onsite for less than 10mins, when we checked the gutters he had left half of them uncleaned and full of mud. I have contacted them for a refund and they haven't even replied to my email. Please do yourself a favour and book with a different company.
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