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As of Apr 30, 2024, 248 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.4 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

absolute game changer

absolute artist

looks healthier and brighter

self esteem is just through the roof

wonderful highlight experience

very modern, spacious and nice

listened to everything

healthy and shiny

friendly and dependable stylist

loyal client

master stylist

did the BEST job

taught me how to wash

toned my hair without extra charge

achieved my goals exactly

very disappointing

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April 30, 2024
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April 30, 2024

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Bang Salon's customer reviews analysis

Bang Salon has cultivated a broadly positive reputation through customer experiences, evident in the latest reviews which primarily reflect a high level of satisfaction. Recurrent positive themes include the perception of stylists as 'artists' and professionals: many customers have articulated a sense of delight in how the stylists managed to transform their appearance and boost self-esteem. The salon environment is described as modern and pleasant, and punctuality in appointment management seems to be consistent. Customer experiences have been substantially influenced by the perceived expertise of stylists like Ohseas, Gerardo, Jasmine, and Harold, with specific commendations for color correction, balayage, and advice on hair care. These attributes contribute heavily to customer loyalty and the likelihood of repeat visits.

Positive Feedback

Several key positive aspects stand out in customer feedback. A strong rapport between stylists and clients is repeatedly mentioned, with stylists being praised for their listening skills and ability to translate customer wishes into satisfying outcomes. The expertise of specific stylists such as Harold and Oscar in color correction and balayage is repeatedly highlighted, showcasing their proficiency not only in technical skills but also customer care. Positive experiences include significant improvements in hair health, appearance, and the overall salon ambiance. Customers appreciate the stylist's professional advice on hair maintenance and are pleased when services such as toning are offered without additional charges. The personal transformation and emotional uplift shared by clients are powerful indicators of effective service and client-stylist relationships. The responsiveness to customer feedback and the ability to adjust services symbolize the salon's flexibility and dedication to client satisfaction.

Concerns and Threads

While the overall sentiment trends positively, a few negative aspects are noticeable in the customer feedback. The standout negative experience concerns a customer receiving an incorrect hair color and feeling rushed during the styling, possibly due to overbooking or poor time management with concurrent appointments. This suggests a need for improved communication and consultation processes, as well as time management to ensure each client receives focused and careful service. Another related area of concern involves the potential distress caused by service outcomes not meeting customer expectations. These instances highlight the importance of consistent service quality and the impact of perceived hurried or overwhelmed stylists on the customer experience.

Frequently asked questions about Bang Salon

Can I trust Bang Salon with a major hair makeover?

Based on customer reviews, many clients have successfully undergone significant makeovers with satisfactory results. It's recommended to have an in-depth consultation with your stylist to ensure clear communication and expectations.

How experienced are Bang Salon stylists with color correction and balayage?

Several stylists at Bang Salon, such as Harold and Oscar, have been specifically praised for their skills in color correction and balayage, indicating a level of expertise in these areas.

Is it possible to receive advice on hair care and maintenance at Bang Salon?

Yes, customers have reported receiving valuable advice from stylists on maintaining the health and look of their hair, with some even receiving complimentary services like toning.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Bang Salon

Bang Salon
Tiffanie Oduber
a week ago
It was an absolute game changer! Ohseas is an absolute artist and it shows. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been so in love with how I look and it’s all thanks to Ohseas. My hair got a complete make over and not only does my hair look healthier and brighter but my whole self esteem is just through the roof! Moving forward I wouldn’t trust anyone else.
Bang Salon
Eshkol Baykeda
a month ago
Recently went to this salon to get my hair professionally done for the first time for my bday and although they were all very sweet and kind the results were very disappointing. During my consultation, my stylist reassured me that what I was asking for was very doable and I was excited but the color came out completely wrong( i asked for ginger and ended up with burgundy) and I wish she checked in with me while doing my hair. Then during the styling her next client came and she rushed through it so much that when I left my edges and roots were not even straightened. Again, although they were kind and that why I’m not naming any names, I am very disappointed at the results of my hair. Will definitely not go here again.
Bang Salon
Melinda Hicks
2 months ago
I had a wonderful highlight experience, specifically with Gerardo or "G"! The salon is very modern, spacious and nice. I was met on time with G and he was incredibly friendly, helpful and professional. My resulted highlight look was just what I wanted too! Subtle sunkissed highlights. I felt like G did a great job of taking care of me and recommending what would look good.
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Bang Salon will meet your every hair need, from fun and funky to sleek and timeless. We are a full-service salon offering fashion-forward cutting techniques and current color trends at four DC locations.