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As of Mar 28, 2024, 1052 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 3.6 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Ban Di Bul's customer reviews analysis

Evaluating the company reputation of Ban Di Bul, the Korean restaurant in Manchester's St. Peter Square, the customer feedback presents a mixed perspective. Generally, there are commendations about the quality of food, especially the BBQ, which is frequently described as flavorful and the seafood pancake, which maintains its reputation over seven years. Patrons appreciate the restaurant for offering a fun and engaging dining experience, highlighted by group-friendly settings and interactive meal preparation. However, this is contrasted by criticisms focusing on portion sizes, which some customers find to be insufficient relative to the price point. Complaints of the meat's freshness and quality, alongside concerns about service efficiency and hospitality, are notable detractions from an otherwise positive experience. Instances of inconsistency in dish preparation, such as the underwhelming bibimbap, further contribute to customers' varying satisfaction levels. Despite these setbacks, the restaurant has shown positives in customer service, with staff members exhibiting honesty and attentiveness in instances cited by customers.

Positive Feedback

Positive aspects of customer experience at Ban Di Bul include a commendation for high-quality food, with specific praise for dishes such as marinated meats and the seafood pancake that retains its popularity over many years. Several reviews appreciate the interactive dining experience, where customers can engage in cooking their meals on the grill, which is particularly enjoyable for groups and date nights. The establishment's atmosphere is conducive to conversation and entertainment. The restaurant accommodates diners' needs by offering traditional Korean wine and ready-made options for those who prefer not to cook. Additionally, positive customer service experiences have been reported, highlighting the accommodating nature of the staff and their willingness to assist and create a welcoming environment, even for solo diners.

Concerns and Threads

Ban Di Bul faces several criticisms that negatively impact the customer experience. One prevalent issue is the perceived poor value for money, stemming from high prices not justified by the portion sizes or food quality, as reported by some diners. There is disappointment regarding the freshness of the BBQ meats and dissatisfaction with the assertiveness of service, particularly in instances where the staff failed to proactively assist with the BBQ setup. The authenticity and preparation of some Korean dishes have been questioned, especially regarding vegetarian options and the taste and temperature of main courses like bibimbap. Additional drawbacks include a lack of Wi-Fi, excessive smoke in the dining area, and delays in seating and service during busy periods, detracting from the overall dining comfort.

Frequently asked questions about Ban Di Bul

Does Ban Di Bul offer vegetarian options on their menu?

While Ban Di Bul advertises vegetarian options, some customers have raised concerns about the authenticity of these options being vegetarian. Before dining, it may be advisable for vegetarians to inquire about specific dishes to ensure they meet their dietary requirements.

Is the dining area suitable for individuals with smoke sensitivity?

Some customers have reported that the restaurant can become smoky, particularly during busy BBQ sessions. If smoke is a concern, guests may want to consider the level of ventilation when making a reservation or choosing their seating.

Do the portion sizes at Ban Di Bul match the price point?

Opinions on portion sizes in relation to price at Ban Di Bul greatly vary. Some diners feel the portions are reasonable and satisfying, while others consider them small for the cost. Prospective customers should be prepared for the possibility of a premium price for quality and experience rather than quantity.

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Ban Di Bul
Michal Mikus
a month ago
The service was pleasant and attentive, we arrived for lunch so you were able to get the menu. I had pork ribs in a slightly spicy sauce, the taste was excellent and the sauce went well with it but there was very little meat on the bone. That was a bit disappointing. My friend was happy with her beef.
Ban Di Bul
5 months ago
Ban Di Bul is a Korean restaurant, which is located in St. Peter Square of Manchester City. It provides Korean style BBQ and authentic Korean cuisine. The price is a bit expensive and the portion of the dish is not big. Food is not bad.
Ban Di Bul
JellyFish Blue
a month ago
WORST BBQ EVER!!! For the set is 36£ per person and the meat is not fresh. The waiter does not help you to remove the pan, look how the pan looks like. We have to ask for multiple times until they decide to change the pan for us. The food and service does not deserve the price.
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Bright, modern restaurant offering traditional Korean dishes such as mandu dumplings and kimchi.