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Balthazar Restaurant

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Published on
January 9, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Balthazar Restaurant?

Balthazar, an iconic French brasserie located in the heart of Soho, has generally cultivated a positive reputation among customers, driven by its atmospheric ambiance and notable menu offerings. Reviews indicate that the dining experience at Balthazar is often paralleled with a trip to Europe due to its authentic decoration and vibe. Patrons frequently commend the food quality as 'extraordinary,' 'tasty,' and 'fresh,' highlighting dishes ranging from seafood to duck confit and desserts. The waiting staff is frequently depicted as 'accommodating' and 'kind,' albeit busy, which sometimes results in slower service. However, while the overall customer experience is viewed positively, some indicate the food can be hit or miss, with mentions of specific disappointments related to certain dishes, such as the steaks or the bib salad. Service can also be inconsistent, from being 'exceptional' to 'average,' with some guests feeling rushed. Portion sizes are another point of concern, noted as being on the smaller side.

Positive Feedback

Several key positive aspects emerge from customer feedback about Balthazar. The restaurant's ambiance is consistently praised, offering a decor and atmosphere that transports patrons to a European setting, which enhances the dining experience. The quality of the food is often cited as a strong point, with specific acclaim for the house bread, oysters, main dishes, and desserts. Furthermore, customers appreciate the attentiveness and accommodative nature of the staff, alongside the vibrant and lively atmosphere that befits both a fun and fine dining experience. Accessibility for those with dietary restrictions is noted favorably, indicating that Balthazar takes customer health concerns seriously and caters to various needs. Lastly, the iconic status of the establishment in New York City attracts residents and tourists alike, with some returning customers describing their experiences as 'consistently good.'

Concerns and Threads

While Balthazar has many proponents, some criticisms recur among the reviews, illuminating areas for potential improvement. One notable negative aspect relates to the service; instances of guests feeling rushed and staff occasionally being inattentive due to the restaurant's business were brought up. Concerns about food quality also arise, with some dishes being described as 'low quality,' 'chewy,' and in the case of the bib salad, 'bland' and 'a complete rip off.' Disappointment in the food relative to the expected standard and price point of the establishment is another significant concern. Additionally, complaints about value for money are mentioned, especially in terms of portion sizes, which some customers found too small. The inconsistency of the culinary experience, with some finding the steaks and other menu items 'less than outstanding,' compromises the restaurant's claim to superb cuisine.

Frequently asked questions about Balthazar Restaurant

Can Balthazar accommodate dietary restrictions?

Yes, Balthazar can cater to various dietary restrictions. It is advisable to inform the staff right away, particularly if you have severe allergies to shellfish or seafood, so that they can take the necessary precautions.

Is it necessary to make a reservation before dining at Balthazar?

Due to its popularity and bustling nature, it is highly recommended to make reservations in advance to ensure a spot at Balthazar, especially since some customers note the need for prior booking.

What are the portion sizes like at Balthazar?

Feedback varies regarding portion sizes; some guests have noted that the portions are on the smaller side. Patrons looking for a hearty meal might want to consider this or plan to sample multiple courses.

What are customers saying about Balthazar Restaurant

Balthazar Restaurant
Fabricio Sanchez
3 months ago
I liked Baltazar. The food very good. All we had tasted amazing. Service was good although it felt like there were rushing us out of the table for the next customer. Also, waiter wasn’t that gentle. That everything ended up working fine. Atmosphere is the highlight of the place. Decoration is pretty and gets you to Europe for sure. I do recommend this place. Dietary restrictions: If you’re allergic to shellfish or seafood, let them know right away so that they can prepare your food in a separate recipient.
Balthazar Restaurant
Hannah Wyatt
2 months ago
My friend and I celebrated my birthday here. The our server and the restaurant staff were extremely accommodating and came up to us serval times to check in on us! The atmosphere is lighthearted and fun, yet exudes fine dining. The food was extraordinary!!! Everything from the in house bread to the oysters to the main dishes were tasty and fresh. Highly recommend!
Balthazar Restaurant
4 months ago
For a long standing establishment of NYC the food is of decent quality, however nothing is truly outstanding either. Thought there are still notes to be left, avoid the steaks at all costs, the duck confit was decent and so was the corn ravioli. The service as expected was exceptional.
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