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As of Jan 09, 2024, 3615 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.2 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Balthazar's customer reviews analysis

Recent reviews of Balthazar present a dichotomous picture of the establishment, with patrons praising certain aspects of their experience while expressing disappointment in others. Highly complimented are the quality and taste of specific menu items, such as the seafood plate, steak, and risotto, which are considered fresh, tender, and authentically prepared. Additionally, select staff members, notably waiters named Alex, Marco, and Adam, have earned individual recognition for providing exceptional, attentive service which enhanced the overall experience for guests. In contrast, several reviews critique the establishment for issues related to service speed and hospitality. Instances of long waits for menus, dishes, and attention, as well as the perception of inattentive or rude staff, detract from the restaurant’s reputation. Moreover, some customers find the food overhyped and lacking in creativity or flavor relative to the price, while others have had comparatively more favorable culinary experiences.

Positive Feedback

The positive feedback for Balthazar centers on a few distinct strengths as noted by patrons. Culinary highlights, acknowledged in multiple reviews, include the freshness and high quality of the seafood, the succulence of the steak, and the outstanding preparation of the risotto and classic French dishes. The attention to detail in flavor enhancement is apparent in items like the onion soup, which was well-received due to an unconventional choice of cheese lending a unique flavor. Decor and atmosphere are also consistently praised, with the ambiance described as homey yet magnificent and conducive to a lively experience when paired with live music. Finally, exemplary staff members are frequently lauded for their professionalism and attentiveness, directly contributing to memorable dining experiences and compensating, in part, for any shortcomings.

Concerns and Threads

On the negative side, Balthazar has been the subject of several recurring complaints primarily rooted in customer service and food quality. Patrons report frustrations with slow service, including extensive waits for receiving menus and meal service, coupled with a general feeling of neglect. The attitude of some staff members has been perceived as rude or unwelcoming, significantly impacting the atmosphere and failing to meet expectations for a restaurant of its caliber. In terms of gastronomy, select reviews cite the food as basic, bland, and not living up to the reputation or price point, suggesting a disparity between cost and culinary innovation or taste. Customers also noted the issue of receiving warm white wine with oysters, reflecting concerns about the attention to details that enhance the dining experience.

Frequently asked questions about Balthazar

Is Balthazar well-known for any particular type of food?

Balthazar receives praise for its fresh and high-quality seafood, steak, risotto, and French classics such as steak frites and the onion soup.

How is the atmosphere at Balthazar described by previous guests?

The atmosphere at Balthazar is commonly described as homey and magnificent, with an amber color internal setting that creates a lively ambiance, especially when paired with live music.

What should I expect in terms of service at Balthazar?

Service experiences at Balthazar are varied. While there are reports of exceptional service from individual waiters, there are also several mentions of slow service, long waits, and some interactions with inattentive or rude staff members.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Balthazar

Maria Jaszewska
4 weeks ago
The food was great, especially the seafood plate - everything was fresh and of a high quality. For starters, the onion soup is a must-have - made with emmental cheese which gives it a nice flavour kick. However, the service was quite poor - we waited a really long time for getting the menu, as well as for our dishes to arrive. I understand that they had a lot of tables to serve, but it felt like the staff just didn’t care about providing us with a good service, and definitely didn’t make us feel warm and welcome. When we were told that we had to free our table and move to the bar, we didn’t receive the cocktails menu at all, and when I asked for it after 15 minutes of waiting, the barman looked at me as I was crazy and acted quite rudely.
Janessa Tiburcio
3 months ago
We had my birthday lunch here thinking it'd be special, but the atmosphere here was not as welcoming. I expected a bit more friendliness, but the staff are truly just there to take you to your seat, take your order, and serve. The food is nothing special. I'm not sure why this is popular. It didn't leave a huge impression for me to even try it here in NY/NJ.
Amy Niu
a week ago
Wow this place is popular! Tried to book yesterday for today 5:30 but the only time slot left is 3:30, and when we went there it was still packed. Lovely food and service, with a very friendly price. Would recommend 100%. It is in Covent Garden, so there are a lot of shops around too.
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