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As of Apr 17, 2024, 464 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.3 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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B+B Edinburgh's customer reviews analysis

B+B Edinburgh appears to have a mixed company reputation based on recent reviews, with the overall customer experience praising certain aspects while critiquing others. On the positive side, the location is consistently highlighted as being central and convenient, with proximity to transport links and attractive views from the rooms enhancing the stay for many guests. The breakfast receives numerous commendations for both its quality and variety, and the staff, especially during the breakfast service, are acknowledged for their friendliness and efficiency. However, a significant negative aspect affecting the company's reputation is the non-functional elevator, which has been out of order for a long period. This has caused inconvenience to guests, particularly those with mobility issues or heavy luggage, and the communication regarding this malfunction has been poor. Room quality seems to be inconsistent, with some describing the rooms as comfortable and clean, while others report a lack of attention to detail and 'basic' amenities. The lack of advanced notice about out-of-service facilities and perceived value for money are recurring negative themes in the feedback provided.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects derived from customer feedback include B+B Edinburgh's excellent location, providing guests with easy access to central attractions and a range of convenient transport options. The views from certain rooms are frequently praised as 'incredible', adding an appreciated aesthetic dimension to the accommodation. The breakfast service stands out as a highlight for many visitors, who have expressed appreciation for both the selection and the taste of the food provided, further improved by the amiable and responsive waiting staff. Additionally, the courteous nature of the hotel staff in general, including assistance with luggage where possible, seems to be a strong point that contributes positively to guest experiences. The condition and comfort of the beds are also specifically noted as conducive to a pleasant stay.

Concerns and Threads

Conversely, the feedback reveals pressing negative aspects that impact the guest experience at B+B Edinburgh. The foremost issue is the prolonged non-functioning status of the lift, which has been out of order for an extended period, causing difficulty for guests required to navigate multiple flights of stairs. Several guests were unprepared for this upon arrival, suggesting a lack of transparent communication from the hotel. Additionally, the room quality is a mixed bag, with reports of underwhelming furnishings and maintenance issues such as a difficult-to-flush toilet and damaged bathroom tiles. The value proposition is questioned by guests who felt that the pricing was too high for the quality received, with one review labeling the experience as being 'overpriced' and 'run down'. The adequacy of the breakfast, while often celebrated, is not immune to criticism, with at least one guest dissatisfied with the meal quality.

Frequently asked questions about B+B Edinburgh

Does B+B Edinburgh have a functional elevator for guest use?

Based on recent customer feedback, B+B Edinburgh's elevator has been out of order for a considerable length of time. Guests planning a stay, especially those with mobility issues or heavy luggage, should contact the hotel directly for the latest updates on the elevator's status.

What are the breakfast options and quality like at B+B Edinburgh?

The majority of guests report that B+B Edinburgh offers a delicious and varied breakfast, with commendable service from the staff. However, individual experiences may vary, and guests with specific dietary requirements or preferences should inquire directly with the hotel.

How does B+B Edinburgh accommodate for guests with mobility challenges?

While the staff at B+B Edinburgh have been noted for being helpful and occasionally assist with luggage, the non-operational lift can pose significant challenges for guests with mobility issues. Prospective guests should discuss their requirements with the hotel prior to booking to ensure appropriate accommodations can be arranged.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for B+B Edinburgh

B+B Edinburgh
Gretchen Martinez
a week ago
Let's start off with the good. The location. It's centrally close to the tram station. The view from my room was beautiful. The breakfast was delicious and had variety. The dining service was great. They were friendly, and the service was quick. Downside, it wasn't said ahead of time the lift isn't working, which might not matter to most but going up 4 flights of stairs with our luggage after a long day, was a little painful. It was more of an afterthought "oh by the way, we don't have a working lift." Now, granted, we checked in at night. The guy in the front said he couldn't take our luggage. But during regular check-in time, I heard they would deliver your bags to your room. The other thing is, don't get confused. There's another building next door that is lit outside and says B B, it's not that one. Rooms: Very standard, bed, bathroom, table and TV.
B+B Edinburgh
Craig “creag”
4 months ago
Nice stay, but just a few critical observations. Shower under powered. Towels small. Lack of lift should feature up front, not as a 'by the way'. Best features. The incredible view from our top floor rear window. Staff - Liam in particular for bringing our luggage to our room. The comfortable bed. The TV. Amazing breakfast and waiting staff. Did I mention the amazing view? Would we return? It's all about the bed and breakfast, so f course we would! 👍 Noteworthy details: Great lounges and library.
B+B Edinburgh
6 months ago
We were happy with our stay here for a couple of nights. The staff were very friendly and chatty. The breakfast had enough choice and tasted lovely. We had a top floor room, which had a wonderful view. The water pressure was very low for the tap, but the bed was comfy and everything was clean and to standard. A short walk to the main centre, avoids the noise and there's close by bus stops to take you elsewhere. I'd recommend :)
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