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What do customers say about Auto Liquidators Plus?

As of Mar 27, 2024, 2374 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.7 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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March 27, 2024
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March 27, 2024

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Auto Liquidators Plus's customer reviews analysis

The overall company reputation of Auto Liquidators Plus, as reflected in the provided customer reviews, appears to be highly positive. Customers frequently commend the dealership for its swift and hassle-free purchasing process. Sales individuals, particularly Andre James, receive extensive acclaim for being attentive, knowledgeable, and professional. The recurring themes across these testimonials highlight a quick approval process, exceptional customer service, and a pleasant, non-pressurizing sales environment. The management team and finance department are also positively noted for their effectiveness and amiability, suggesting that the company prioritizes customer satisfaction in various aspects of its operations. Furthermore, mention of former employees such as the review author reflects well on the company ethos and internal culture, potentially indicating that insight into operations translates to customer trust and approval.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects from the customer feedback about Auto Liquidators Plus can be classified into three main categories. First is the efficiency and simplicity of the car-buying process, as multiple reviewers describe it as 'quick', 'easy', and 'smooth', which is a significant departure from the traditionally time-consuming process experienced at other dealerships. Second, Andre James, a sales representative, is consistently highlighted for providing excellent service, which suggests the presence of commendable staff that enhance the customer experience. Finally, the products themselves, notably the vehicles, are reported to be in 'pristine condition' and customers feel they received 'great deals', implying that quality and value are at the forefront of Auto Liquidators Plus offerings. These positive elements contribute to an overall impression of a trustworthy and customer-friendly dealership.

Concerns and Threads

The collection of reviews provided for analysis offers negligible content indicating dissatisfaction or negative experiences with Auto Liquidators Plus. Despite this, prospective customers should be aware that the absence of critique in this dataset might be non-representative; dissatisfied customers may be voicing their concerns through other channels or simply not reflected within this particular aggregation of feedback. Nonetheless, the available data lacks substantial evidence of negative aspects, thereby making it challenging to present balanced criticism based on these reviews exclusively.

Frequently asked questions about Auto Liquidators Plus

How quickly can I expect to complete a vehicle purchase at Auto Liquidators Plus?

Based on customer feedback, the purchasing process at Auto Liquidators Plus is remarkably efficient and fast, with several customers noting that the typical long wait times associated with car buying are substantially reduced at this dealership.

Are the sales representatives at Auto Liquidators Plus pushy when it comes to making a sale?

Reviews indicate that the sales team, especially Andre James, is highly regarded for being considerate and not forceful. Customers have felt at ease during their buying experience, suggesting a non-pressurizing sales approach.

Is it possible for me to get approved for a vehicle quickly?

Many reviewers have described the approval process as surprisingly easy and fast, with approvals happening even around holiday breaks. This suggests the financial department works efficiently to ensure customers can secure their vehicles in a timely manner.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Auto Liquidators Plus

Auto Liquidators Plus
True Identity photography
3 weeks ago
Seeing that I worked there for 5 years I knew most of the Process, some things has changed. Overall I had NO TROUBLE AT ALL. Mr. Andre James was my salesman and My Brother you did an awesome job. One of the young ladies that I help train has made SALES MANAGER, I was so proud. I had a wonderful experience. PS I SIGNED ON THE FIRST OFFER...It seamed fair and reasonable. I t was actually cheaper than I had thought. THANK YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!! THE MANAGEMENT TEAM ARE AWESOME.
Auto Liquidators Plus
Gail Pearson
2 months ago
Super awesome service!! The process was quick and easy! The finance department was awesome and the sales rep Andre James was Super nice, and very knowledgeable about the cars I had questions about!
Auto Liquidators Plus
Beneva Hill
a month ago
Excellent Excellent Customer Service,, Above and Beyond!! Will recommend Andre James. He was professional and Helpful! Again Above and Beyond!
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About Auto Liquidators Plus

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Since 1991, Auto Liquidators Plus has been your Dallas used car dealership. Happy customers from all over greater DFW trust us to provide fair prices and a wide selection of pre-owned vehicles. We are an experienced Buy Here Pay Here dealership with 3 car lots around Dallas, including locations in Arlington and our newest location in Tyler, TX. Our team is dedicated to making your experience with Auto Liquidators Plus positive.