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What do customers say about Ashley Ann Kitchens?

As of Apr 10, 2024, 35 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.4 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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April 10, 2024

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Ashley Ann Kitchens's customer reviews analysis

The reputation of Ashley Ann Kitchens in Edinburgh encompasses a diverse range of customer experiences. On one hand, there is a deeply negative account where the customer faced significant challenges, such as measurement inaccuracies, project management issues, and a troubling complaints resolution process. This particular review emphasized a lack of responsiveness from higher management and subpar initial installation quality that required intervention by senior fitters to rectify. Conversely, other accounts reveal high satisfaction with regards to aesthetic design, customer service, and the installation process. Recurring positive themes cite the meticulous work by designers (notably Maria), comprehensive support throughout renovation projects, and the quality of both the end product and customer care. The polarity of experiences highlights potentially inconsistent service levels, with excellence in some areas overshadowed by serious deficiencies in others.

Positive Feedback

Many customers have expressed great satisfaction with Ashley Ann Kitchens Edinburgh, particularly praising the company's design process and the final execution of installations. Designer Maria is consistently mentioned for her attentive listening to client needs and for crafting highly praised kitchen and bathroom spaces. The fit and finish, as executed by the installation teams, are frequently cited as being of high standard, with meticulous attention to detail. Positive aspects also include efficient teamwork, proactive support during renovation periods, and a sense of trust fostered by an accommodating and highly professional staff. The ability to produce 3D images of proposed designs and the provision of a wide selection of examples in the showroom are also highly appreciated elements of the customer service experience.

Concerns and Threads

Despite many positive reviews, there are critical accounts that raise significant concerns about Ashley Ann Kitchens Edinburgh's operational shortcomings. The most severe criticism pertains to the company overpromising and underdelivering, with customers experiencing incompetence in project management and measurement tasks, resulting in protracted and stressful project durations. The complaints handling and resolution processes are described as attempting to downplay serious issues and prevent open communication with management. Instances of unsafe installations, as well as significant delays in receiving essential documents like the Domestic Electrical Installation Condition Report, contribute to the negative feedback. These lapses in professional standards and customer support have made some customers characterize their experience as the worst with any company they have dealt with.

Frequently asked questions about Ashley Ann Kitchens

Can I trust the design process at Ashley Ann Kitchens Edinburgh?

Many clients report having a very positive experience with the design process, notably praising specific designers like Maria, who is said to listen well and create beautiful, functional spaces. However, as with any service, experiences may vary. It is advisable to discuss your needs thoroughly and review design proposals closely.

What has been the customer experience with the installation process?

Feedback regarding the installation process is generally positive, with mentions of efficient, high-standard work from the fitting teams. However, some customers have experienced issues with installation quality, which were eventually addressed after raising concerns.

How does Ashley Ann Kitchens Edinburgh handle post-installation issues and customer complaints?

There are mixed reviews regarding post-installation support. Some customers praise the aftercare service, while others describe significant struggles to get issues recognized and resolved. It is recommended to clarify the aftercare process and warranty terms before proceeding with your project.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Ashley Ann Kitchens

Ashley Ann Kitchens
Neil D
a year ago
One star is one too many: Following Brexit and the uncertainties around COVID-19, we elected to support a family owned and managed Scottish company. One with a culture of care “enabling delivering on the promise to guide the customer through a skilfully managed journey”. However, from the customer perspective, this project was nothing short of a complete disaster from the start. It was clear from the outset that many basic measurements were inaccurate. Our clear instructions were sometimes ignored. Project management was woeful and the duty of care to the clients was way below an acceptable standard. The local Ashley Ann complaints procedure attempted to trivialise serious problems and silence the customer. Higher authorities at Ashley Ann Head Office were kept in the dark but when contacted were totally unresponsive. Direct emails went unacknowledged and were not replied to. We were obliged to wait weeks for a site visit from a senior member of management. Some of the more important defects included: Shelving which did not fit (see photo). Housings and doors for fridge and freezer were the wrong specification and not fit for purpose. Wall fixings for tall units which were totally inadequate (see photos). The tumble dryer socket was fitted within the tumble dryer housing and did not comply with safety guidance from the Institution of Engineering and Technology (see photo). Work began on 13th Sept 2021 and was finally finished on 9th Feb 2022. It was accepted that "the standard of the initial installation was at best - poor" and that "measures have been put in place to support the inexperienced team in the Edinburgh showroom". It was down to the expertise of the brilliant senior fitters from Thurso, David and Iain, who worked flat out for 3 days to finish a “four-week project” which lasted five months. The Domestic Electrical Installation Condition Report signing off the safety of the electrics was finally received in May. Ashley Ann overpromised and woefully underdelivered. Complaint resolution was dire. Simply the worst company we have ever dealt with. Services: Custom kitchen cabinet construction, Kitchen design, Kitchen cabinet design, Plumbing fixture installation
Ashley Ann Kitchens
Linda Canfield
11 months ago
Excellent fitted Shower Room and Ensuite We are extremely happy with the whole experience, having had both the bathroom redesigned as a shower room and a new en-suite. Maria, the Senior Interior Designer in Edinburgh was excellent in every respect, designing both shower room (a very awkward shape) and the en-suite. She was a pleasure to work with, listened to us and designed two stunning spaces for us. The installation by Keith and his team was excellent, nothing was too much trouble, meeting all our needs. Would have no hesitation in recommending Maria, Keith and his team.
Ashley Ann Kitchens
a year ago
Great company to trust with your new kitchen design and fit. We have been very impressed with our kitchen from start to finish Maria really listened to our ideas and what we wanted and didn’t want and designed our perfect kitchen. We couldn’t have asked for any more from Maria she is an absolute star. Keith Dunn was our fitter and Keith and his team have done an amazing job at fitting kitchen. The whole team have such a can do attitude - nothing too much trouble and give great advice along the way. Services: Paint indoors, Kitchen cabinet installation
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