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Published on
January 24, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Aristocrat Plastic Surgery?

Evaluating the numerous customer testimonials, Aristocrat Plastic Surgery & MedAesthetics appears to have established a reputation for providing satisfactory and at times exceptional service outcomes, predominantly in the cosmetic enhancement sector. A considerable portion of the reviews praise not just the professional capabilities of Dr. Tehrani but also the supportive and attentive demeanor of the staff—from the initial interaction through the recovery phase. The practice seems to foster an environment that emphasizes patient comfort and responsiveness. Nonetheless, an isolated review suggests that there may be concerns regarding the proficiency of support staff, hinting at potential medical oversights. This singular negative experience, although not representative of the general feedback trend, does raise questions about the uniformity of care at the facility.

Positive Feedback

Many clients have expressed tremendous satisfaction with the surgical skills of Dr. Tehrani and the comfort provided by his practice at Aristocrat Plastic Surgery & MedAesthetics. Customers highlight aspects such as the doctor's talent, kind mannerisms, and ability to produce desirable surgical outcomes. The attentiveness and care provided by the staff, their professionalism, and the cleanliness and organization of the facility have also been commended. The responsiveness of the office manager and the nurturing approach of the nursing team contribute vastly to a positive patient experience. Clients emphasize their confidence boost and overall happiness with their results, recommending the practice with enthusiasm.

Concerns and Threads

Although overwhelmingly positive, the feedback for Aristocrat Plastic Surgery & MedAesthetics does include a critical voice. A rare but significant complaint involves a lack of skilled support staff, which led to a serious medical complication and emergency intervention for one of the patients. This account, contrasting with others, suggests that experiences may vary and that while Dr. Tehrani is reputed for his skill, the proficiency of the entire team is imperative for patient safety and satisfaction. Such reports, despite being infrequent, point to an area of potential improvement for the practice, particularly in ensuring all team members meet the high standards expected by their clientele.

Frequently asked questions about Aristocrat Plastic Surgery

How does Aristocrat Plastic Surgery & MedAesthetics ensure patient satisfaction?

According to customer reviews, patient satisfaction is achieved through Dr. Tehrani's skilled surgical work, a friendly and attentive staff, and a warmly professional environment. The practice provides a comprehensive care experience from consultation to recovery.

Can I expect a comfortable and easy recovery after my surgery at Aristocrat Plastic Surgery?

Multiple reviews affirm that the recovery process is manageable and comfortable, with the supportive staff ensuring patient concerns are addressed. However, individual recovery experiences may vary.

Is there a risk of medical oversights at Aristocrat Plastic Surgery & MedAesthetics?

While most testimonials reflect a high level of care and competence, one review recounted a negative experience due to a medical oversight. It is an isolated instance, but patients are advised to discuss all concerns and emergency protocols during their consultation.

What are customers saying about Aristocrat Plastic Surgery

Aristocrat Plastic Surgery
7 months ago
After years of research to find a surgeon to perform a breast augmentation, I went with Dr. Tehrani as his results were exactly what I was looking for. My first impression was already off to a great start when I received a very prompt, thorough, and warm response from Kristin to schedule a consultation. Every single staff member I’ve interacted with has treated me with the utmost consideration and kindness. They were very understanding, relieved my anxieties, and listened to any concerns I had regarding the surgery. My surgery and recovery went so smoothly and the results are even better than I had anticipated. Pleasantly surprised with how well my entire experience with Aristocrat PS has been, couldn’t be happier! 😊
Aristocrat Plastic Surgery
Brianna Costantino
6 months ago
For years I’ve been contemplating breast augmentation surgery but was unsure where to start. After my initial consultation with Dr. Tehrani I felt so comfortable and sure that trusting him with my surgery would be the right decision. 4 weeks post op and I’m feeling so confident and happy with my results. I couldn’t recommend Dr. Tehrani and his wonderful staff any more!
Aristocrat Plastic Surgery
C. Parks
7 months ago
The team at Aristocrat Plastic Surgery is amazing! I can't thank them enough as I am beyond thrilled with my results! Dr. Tehrani is so talented, kind, and makes you feel at ease before, during and after the procedure! The COO, Kristin Azcona, is so professional, and responsive and made the experience very pleasant and seamless! All of the nurses on the team are super attentive and caring too! It was an overall wonderful experience and I highly recommend the Aristocrat Plastic Surgery team!
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