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What do customers say about Action Garage Door Repair Specialists?

As of Feb 16, 2024, 585 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Action Garage Door Repair Specialists's customer reviews analysis

The overall reputation of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists reflects a positive customer experience, with the majority of reviewers commending the company's professionalism, quick turnaround times, and knowledgeable technicians. A frequently mentioned theme is the responsiveness and efficiency of the service, with customers noting prompt arrivals and satisfactory installations. Sales tactics, however, have been called into question by one customer who observed a price reduction after seeking a second opinion, hinting at potentially flexible pricing strategies. The front office's communication style has also received criticism, with a report of excessive and intrusive follow-up calls, suggesting a possible area for improvement in customer service etiquette.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback for Action Garage Door Repair Specialists is centered around their timely service, excellent communication, and skilled technicians. Customers report that technicians, such as Sebastian and Mack, are highly professional, courteous, and able to diagnose issues effectively. The workmanship is of high quality, resulting in smooth and quiet functionality of the repaired doors. The ability to quickly schedule and execute repairs, often with a turnaround of only a few days, stands out as a strong point. Furthermore, customers appreciate the fair pricing and the provision of warranties, enhancing the value received from the services.

Concerns and Threads

Despite many positive experiences with Action Garage Door Repair Specialists, there have been some negative aspects highlighted by customers. A notable concern involves the sales process, where prices were reduced after the mention of seeking a second opinion, which can raise questions about initial pricing transparency. Additionally, one customer reported overly persistent follow-ups from the front office, describing the experience as nearly harassment due to repetitive calls and emails. Another customer was dissatisfied with a technician who seemed rushed and more focused on upselling to a full system replacement rather than addressing the immediate issue, resulting in distrust toward the company's service intentions.

Frequently asked questions about Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

What is the typical response time for Action Garage Door Repair Specialists to schedule a repair?

Customers report that Action Garage Door Repair Specialists often provides same-day responses and is able to schedule repairs within a few business days, showcasing a quick response time.

Do technicians from Action Garage Door Repair Specialists provide detailed explanations and options for repairs?

According to customer reviews, technicians like Sebastian take the time to thoroughly explain the issues, offer various repair or replacement options, and perform tests to ensure a proper fix before leaving.

Does Action Garage Door Repair Specialists offer warranty on their services and parts?

Yes, customers indicate that the company provides a reasonable price and includes a warranty on their services and parts, adding an extra layer of assurance for the work performed.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

Action Garage Door Repair Specialists
Josh C
a month ago
Best reviews around where I live so I decided to try the company. They were prompt to come to my residence. The salesman was quick to measure and knew what door I needed. The only thing that bothered me was I was given a quote, I said I was going to get a second opinion, and my sales rep made a phone call. Then it was $100 - $150 cheaper. Maybe it's how the company does things because the sales rep is able to verify the parts / cost. I've had a lot of house work this year and it seems like this happens with half the companies I met with did this. The install was quick and painless. The work looks great and I have a new door with no issues. Would use the company again.
Action Garage Door Repair Specialists
Ryan Davis
6 months ago
The technician and work performed was great. The front office, however, bordered on harassing. They sent us the same quote every day even after we told them that we needed some time to discuss amongst ourselves. Then, the day of the scheduled service, they called us four time in a row to let us know that the technician was on the way. I was on a work conference call and kept getting interrupted by Action Garage Door. They couldn't, I don't know, leave a voice message or rely on the fact that the appointment had already been scheduled? No, they called four immediate, consecutive times back to back. I think the work performed was good and the price was fair, so I will not hesitate to use Action Garage Door again in the future. However, I truly fear what interrupting hell I would have had to endure had I not gone through with the service.
Action Garage Door Repair Specialists
Vince Coleman
4 months ago
Highly recommend. Whole process was great. Sebastian, the technician, was such a nice, knowledgable, and helpful person. If you have any sort of garge door issue you can fix yourself call these people and hope you get Sebastian.
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Action Garage Door is a garage door repair and installation company in Houston, Texas. We install new garage doors and provide garage door repair services to customers throughout the state of Texas. We also service and install garage openers, commercial doors, and premium steel doors.For years, we have been providing residents throughout Houston with dependable garage door service, keeping their garages in the best working order. Our family-owned business has been satisfying customers for over 30 years and we are here to help you with the services you need for your garage door in Houston. We do all of our work in compliance with local regulations and our doors will hold up against the toughest weather conditions.