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Published on
March 14, 2024
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March 14, 2024

What do customers think about Acorn Insurance?

Analyzing the recent customer reviews of Acorn Insurance reveals a concerning trend regarding the company's customer service and policy management. Customers have consistently reported issues with poor communication, particularly relating to black box device management and claim processing. The dissatisfaction with customer service is a prominent theme, as customers have encountered difficulties with agents, including abrupt hang-ups and unhelpful responses to queries. Additionally, there are grievances about sudden insurance cancellations, often due to financial constraints or technicalities with payments or black box warnings. This has bred a sense of distrust among customers, who feel unfairly treated and often left out of pocket due to Acorn Insurance's policies and lack of supportive customer service. This combination of factors contributes to a negative customer experience, which seems to overshadow the few instances of positive feedback relating to successful claims or competitive renewal quotes.

Positive Feedback

While negative feedback is prominent, Acorn Insurance has garnered some positive remarks, particularly in its handling of certain claims and offering competitive insurance quotes. A customer mentioned satisfaction with Acorn Insurance's accountability when dealing with an incident where their insured was at fault, noting that liability was claimed without issue, hinting at a potential for efficient resolution in specific circumstances. This indicates that in some instances, the company successfully meets customer expectations, which could be appreciated by prospective clients seeking insurance. The mention of competitive renewal quotes implies that for some customers, the pricing can be an attractive aspect provided the other service elements align favorably.

Concerns and Threads

The negative aspects of Acorn Insurance brought to light by customer feedback are primarily focused on communication failures, unjust policy cancellations, and technical issues with the black box device. Customers report black box malfunctions, including incorrect road speed data leading to unwarranted speed warnings, device charging issues, and unacknowledged installation confirmations. The frustration escalates with accounts of insurance policies being abruptly cancelled for minor infractions or delayed payments, often without sufficient chance for the customer to rectify the situation. Additionally, there is a sentiment that Acorn Insurance leverages low initial quotes to attract customers, only to impose additional costs later on, which is perceived as deceptive. These shared experiences suggest systemic issues within the company's operations that detrimentally impact customer trust and satisfaction.

Frequently asked questions about Acorn Insurance

What happens if I experience difficulties with my black box device from Acorn Insurance?

Customers have reported issues with incorrect data and malfunctions with their black box devices. It is advisable to communicate these issues immediately to Acorn Insurance’s customer service. However, be aware that customers have had mixed experiences with support on such matters.

Can I expect my insurance premium to remain stable after the first year with Acorn Insurance?

Several customers have noted significant increases in their insurance premiums after the first year without clear justification. If you are considering Acorn Insurance, be prepared for potential premium changes and discuss this concern with them before renewal.

How likely is it that Acorn Insurance will cancel my policy for late payments?

Based on customer feedback, Acorn Insurance may cancel policies due to late payments, sometimes without providing an opportunity to catch up on the outstanding amount. Ensure you understand their payment policies clearly to avoid cancellation.

What are customers saying about Acorn Insurance

Acorn Insurance
2 weeks ago
Honestly awful service would give 0 stars if it was possible. Customer service puts phone down on you just as they answer, they clearly can't communicate with their black box provider which if they can't do that how are they supposed to communicate a claim properly in the event something does happen? Black box doesn't even stick to the windscreen properly. They somehow always think you haven't sent or uploaded photos of the installed black box when we have sent them 10 photos. Insurance is honestly a joke for the amount they charge cannot be trusted at all. If you value a stress free insurance experience go to Admiral.
Acorn Insurance
C “Tornadoman” Kelly
a month ago
I used to requemend this company after I first was with them they look after you in the first year then come the second yearbwack your insurance premium up using various excuses as why they do it, they also will not do better on the price they have quoted so a complete waste of time calling in how is it acceptable to go from 77 a month to 110 a month with no claims etc! Just price gorging the customers! I do not requemend
Acorn Insurance
SlickerThan YoAverage
4 months ago
Worst insurance company in the world, don’t bother falling for any good review because this insurance company doesn’t want any customers because all they’re good at is cancelling your insurance for no reason at all, they have the most poor communication and you’ll be waiting an hour for a query to not even be solved. Following that the customer service is appalling, some of the call holders don’t know manners are free. Save your money, the quotes may look cheap but they’re going to take your initial deposit, make you pay for 2-3 months and then cancel so it’s not money worthy.
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