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As of Apr 26, 2024, 813 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.5 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

move went as smooth as I expected

great moving experience

Absolutely thrilled with the moving company's service

Honest and did an amazing job

very professional

utmost care

extremely professionally, courteous, and polite

Movers were kind, professional and courteous

very professional, communicative, quick

these guys dented up my refrigerator

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April 26, 2024

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AB Moving's customer reviews analysis

AB Moving presents a predominantly positive overall company reputation according to the latest reviews. The movers are consistently described as fast, friendly, professional, efficient, and careful with personal belongings. Several reviews commend the company for their punctuality and seamless communication, which contributed to stress-free relocation experiences. The Arriagas crew, in particular, received special mention for their professionalism. There is a recurrent appreciation for the movers' attention to detail and care in handling challenging items, like king-size beds, further reinforcing the positive impressions. A strong recommendation frequency within the reviews reflects customer satisfaction and trust in AB Moving's service. However, the feedback is not without criticism; there is a review expressing significant dissatisfaction with subcontracted teams, noting damage to the customer's possessions and a perceived insufficient resolution offer from the company.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects from the customer feedback highlight AB Moving's movers as courteous, attentive, and conscientious in their work ethic. The reviews often mention the provision of accurate and quick quotes, as well as reasonable pricing. Customers appreciate the thoroughness and the additional help offered by the moving crews, such as assisting with moving unexpected deliveries. The company's ability to foster repeat business through consistent service is shown in customers using their services multiple times and recommending AB Moving to others. The moving teams are noted for their timely arrivals and proactive communication, setting the expectations right and keeping the customers informed. Positive attitudes and strong work ethics were also aspects that contributed to a seamless and efficient moving process.

Concerns and Threads

In terms of negative feedback, one review significantly detracts from the company's reputation by documenting a case where subcontracted movers caused damage to several household items and offered what the customer perceived as an inadequate compensation. This particular experience paints a picture of potential inconsistency in service quality, an issue further underscored by a concern about the lack of transparency in time estimates for moves, suggesting that sometimes timeframes are underquoted. Additionally, a customer noted that the absence of certain equipment previously used by the movers had compromised the efficiency of the move. Such feedback underlines opportunities for the company to improve consistency in service quality and transparent communication.

Frequently asked questions about AB Moving

Does AB Moving provide accurate time estimates for moves?

While many customers express satisfaction with the efficiency of AB Moving's services, there are instances where the time estimates given have been perceived as underquoted. Prospective customers are encouraged to discuss time estimates in detail with the company to set realistic expectations.

How does AB Moving handle damages during the moving process?

AB Moving has received mixed responses regarding their handling of damages. While most reviews don't suggest issues, one review describes dissatisfaction with the resolution of damages caused by subcontracted movers. It would be prudent for customers to inquire about the company's policies on liability and compensation for damages before making a decision.

Can I expect AB Moving to be careful with large and fragile items?

The majority of customer feedback indicates that AB Moving's teams take considerable care when handling fragile and large items, ensuring they are moved safely and without damage. However, for peace of mind, customers should clearly communicate any particular concerns about specific items to the movers ahead of time.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for AB Moving

AB Moving
Tameka Y Herbert
a month ago
My move went as smooth as I expected. The movers were fast and friendly. I will definitely use them again and may consider the packing services also. The movers showed care for my belongings they were very orderly when placing the boxes
AB Moving
Tiffany Romer
a week ago
Such a great moving experience! The quote was provided quickly, scheduling was easy, and prices were reasonable. The Arriagas crew was amazing - professional, efficient, thorough! While they were unloading furniture my new king size bed and frame were delivered to the door and they even moved them into the bedroom for us!
AB Moving
Cameasha Turner
2 months ago
Absolutely thrilled with the moving company's service! Their punctuality was impeccable, and their communication was outstanding throughout. The team demonstrated remarkable efficiency and diligence, ensuring a smooth and stress-free move. I was particularly impressed by their careful handling of my belongings, especially the challenge of my king-size sleep number bed. Not a single scratch or damage (to my knowledge as I am still unpacking)! I highly recommend this company to anyone in need of reliable movers. Without a doubt, I'll be choosing them again for my future moves.
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