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Published on
March 9, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about A Plus Garage Door Corp?

A Plus Garage Door Corp has garnered a positive reputation based on customer reviews, which repeatedly commend their prompt, courteous, and professional service. There is a recurrent appreciation for the company's honest and conservative approach to repairs, particularly in cases where other competitors have suggested more expensive work. The technical proficiency of the staff, specifically Hamid and Ed, is often highlighted, with instances of rapid response times and same-day resolutions contributing to customer satisfaction. Moreover, the transparency and accuracy in quoting prices, as well as adherence to quoted estimates, appear to bolster their credibility and reaffirm their customer-centric approach.

Positive Feedback

Key positive customer feedback for A Plus Garage Door Corp underscores the company's reliability and technical excellence. The firm's swift responsiveness, with technicians like Ed arriving quickly and sometimes within mere minutes of a call, resonates well with clients. Moreover, customers appreciate the integrity displayed in service assessments, where A Plus Garage Door opts for necessary repairs rather than promoting unnecessary replacements. This principled approach, coupled with reasonable pricing, builds trust and loyalty. Hamid's direct engagement with customers, as well as the team's adherence to safety protocols, is also praised. Notably, the lasting quality of installations, evident from follow-up calls even after many years, suggests that A Plus Garage Door delivers enduring value.

Concerns and Threads

While overwhelmingly positive, there are negligible mentions of directly negative experiences in the customer feedback. Any potential criticism is not overtly apparent in the provided reviews, indicating that any negative aspects, should they exist, are either rare or not severe enough to be noteworthy for the reviewers. Without explicit negative reviews, it is challenging to offer a balanced critique on areas where A Plus Garage Door Corp may need improvement. Nevertheless, this lack of critical feedback may itself be indicative of a consistently high-performing company in terms of customer service and technical ability.

Frequently asked questions about A Plus Garage Door Corp

How does A Plus Garage Door Corp handle urgent service requests?

According to customer reviews, A Plus Garage Door Corp is highly responsive to urgent service requests, often accommodating same-day service and demonstrating rapid response times, with instances of technicians arriving within 10 minutes to an hour of contact.

Are the prices quoted by A Plus Garage Door Corp reliable?

Customers have consistently reported that A Plus Garage Door Corp provides accurate estimates over the phone, adheres to the quoted prices, and often charges reasonable rates for their services, contributing to a trustworthy pricing reputation.

Do the technicians from A Plus Garage Door Corp follow safety and health protocols?

Customer testimonials indicate that A Plus Garage Door Corp's technicians, like Ed, follow necessary safety and health protocols, a detail that has been particularly appreciated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What are customers saying about A Plus Garage Door Corp

A Plus Garage Door Corp
Keith Welter
a month ago
We have used A Plus Garage Door many times, starting with replacing our opener in 2016. They have always been very prompt and courteous and provided excellent service. Most recently, our door had been changing speeds while opening and closing. We were afraid the motor was about to die. They came and checked it and reassured us that the motor was fine and would last many more years and did not charge us for the service visit.
A Plus Garage Door Corp
Shaun Aukland
a year ago
We were having an issue with a multi-tenant garage door not opening. I got two assessments and quotes -- a competitor (also with great Google reviews) told us we needed to replace springs, bearings, and rollers for over $1,000. And a piece of cracked glass would not be repairable and required a $5,000 door replacement. A Plus came out, took a more conservative approach, said our springs/bearings/rollers are fine, but there were some issues with settings on the opener. After $145 tune-up, we're back in business. And I'm really appreciative of Hamid and Ed's honesty, rates, and communication. Definitely will contact them again if we have any issues.
A Plus Garage Door Corp
3 years ago
A Plus took care my two garage doors 11 years ago. The crew did a great job. I was very satisfied. Today, one of the two springs broken on the third garage door, installed by others 17 years ago. I was actually very excited that I finally have a chance to call Hamid, the owner of A Plus Garage Door. Hamid sent his top technician Ed within 10 minutes! Ed went to work immediately to replace the two springs. All fixed in 30 minutes, including lubricating the tracks, the hinges, and the rollers, excellent tech, excellent job, excellent price. I called Hamid again to thank him. I have to share my experience with everyone who have the needs for servicing their garage doors. A+ is the best choice!
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