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What do customers say about A&E Brothers Roofing?

As of Apr 06, 2024, 347 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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April 6, 2024
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April 6, 2024

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A&E Brothers Roofing's customer reviews analysis

A&E Brothers Roofing appears to command a highly positive reputation as reflected in the reviews provided. Many customers praise the company's professionalism, quality of work, and responsiveness. Clients highlight prompt service from initial contact through to completion of roofing projects. Positive experiences center around the company's ability to deliver what is promised in terms of quality, timing, and service. Responses from the team, particularly when dealing with questions or coordination, are notably appreciated. Strong recommendations from repeat customers underscore a sense of trust and satisfaction. Despite the abundant positive feedback, there's a notable instance of unprofessional conduct not directly related to service delivery but impacting company perception negatively.

Positive Feedback

Customer feedback for A&E Brothers Roofing highlights several key strengths of the company. Notably, the quality of roofing work is consistently described as excellent, with a particular emphasis on thoroughness and a detail-oriented approach to repairs and installations. Rapid response times and a swift turnaround from estimation to repair or installation contribute positively to the customer experience. Professionalism is a recurrent theme, with staff, including office personnel and on-site workers, receiving commendation for their attentive and courteous demeanor. Lastly, competitive pricing and transparent invoicing practices are also flagged as positive aspects that enhance the credibility and attractivness of their services.

Concerns and Threads

While the majority of the reviews for A&E Brothers Roofing are overwhelmingly positive, there is an isolated yet impactful negative observation that pertains to unprofessional behavior exhibited by the owner outside of a service context. This incident, involving road rage and inappropriate language, could raise concerns regarding the company's professionalism and the temperament of its leadership. Although unrelated to the quality of roofing work offered, such personal impressions can have a detrimental effect on the company's reputation and may influence the decision-making process of potential customers.

Frequently asked questions about A&E Brothers Roofing

How responsive is A&E Brothers Roofing to initial inquiries and coordination for roofing repairs?

A&E Brothers Roofing has been noted in reviews for their swift responsiveness, with a quick turnaround from initial estimates to the commencement of repair work. The staff is known for their immediate answer to calls and effective coordination.

What is the quality of workmanship like at A&E Brothers Roofing?

The company's workmanship is frequently described as of high quality, with detailed and thorough repairs and installations. Repeat customers and newcomers alike commend the work, suggesting longevity and durability of the roofing projects completed.

How does A&E Brothers Roofing handle the full process of a roof installation, including permits and clean-up?

A&E Brothers Roofing manages all aspects of a roofing installation professionally. They handle permit acquisition and ensure all debris is cleaned up post-installation, simplifying the process for their customers.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for A&E Brothers Roofing

A&E Brothers Roofing
Vielsa. Alexander Lange
2 weeks ago
After doing some research, between reviews, recommendations and pricing, we decided to do the roof w/ A&E Brothers. What they offer is exactly what you get in Quality, Timing and back up service from their professional team. Without a doubt we did or second home and recommended to our neighbors in the community. Thanks A&E and continue the Good Work. Congratulations.
A&E Brothers Roofing
Gabriel H
a year ago
This is the second time I hired A&E Brothers Roofing. They did an excellent job on my first repair two years ago (still perfect with no issues). Now I had three areas that needed repairs and was worried about cost and the amount of time it would take. From the time of the estimate to when the repair was started was less than a week, this was excellent turnaround! The roofer that worked on my roof showed me pictures of each layer in the repairs so I could see all the steps taken, he took great pride in his work and understood how important it was to me that the repairs were done properly. I was impressed by the completeness of the repairs including beams and plywood, the work was excellent and the roofer took extra time to do things perfectly… my barrel tile roof looks excellent with no flaws. Thanks for the wonderful staff who always answered my calls immediately and were able to coordinate the work perfectly. I highly recommend A&E… it is the right company for your roof repairs if you like a perfect repair, done fast, done right, and at a great price!!! Services: Roof repair, Roof damage repair
A&E Brothers Roofing
Luis B
2 months ago
When my family realized that we needed a new roof, I started searching and speaking with many roofing companies. I decided to go with A & E Brothers because they stood above the rest. From the first phone call and through the whole process, the staff was always attentive and very professional. I decided to go in person before signing to meet the people on the other end of the phone. They demonstrated a very friendly and caring environment. I am very happy that I chose A & E Brothers. I love them and my family is very happy with our new roof.
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About A&E Brothers Roofing

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A&E Brothers Roofing is a family-owned roofing company in Miami, Florida, with over 13,000 satisfied clients throughout over a decade of providing residential and commercial roofing services. We pride ourselves in a high level of customer satisfaction and our commitment to the highest quality work. Our expertise includes every type of re-roof, roof repair and construction including metal roofs, shingles, flat roofs, and more.