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As of Apr 10, 2024, 410 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.8 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Bell Roofing's customer reviews analysis

An analytical review of the customer feedback for Bell Roofing suggests a strong company reputation with an emphasis on high-quality workmanship, excellent customer service, and competitive pricing. Customers have repeatedly praised Bell Roofing for their thoroughness in the initial inspection phase, particularly for practices like checking attics and using drones for aerial inspections, which appear to set them apart from competitors. Communication is highlighted as a strength of the company, with customers appreciating consistent updates throughout the project lifecycle. This attention to detail and customer service is complemented by an appreciation for the seamless execution and professionalism of the roofing crews.

Positive Feedback

Bell Roofing has garnered positive customer reactions primarily for its quality of service, attention to detail, and communication. Clients have reported a seamless experience during roof replacements, valuing the company's responsiveness and thoroughness. Numerous reviews highlight Bell's initial inspection process as more comprehensive than competitors', including examining attic spaces and utilizing drones. The customer experience is further elevated by their proactive approach in offering valuable suggestions, such as ventilation improvements for better home cooling. Consumers have also underscored Bell Roofing's adept handling of unexpected issues, emphasizing a commitment to addressing concerns swiftly and efficiently. Their competitive pricing and the aesthetic quality of the completed roofing projects are additional aspects that customers find favorable.

Concerns and Threads

While the reviews provided are overwhelmingly positive, some minor negative aspects can be gleaned, primarily related to post-project cleanup and the management of small 'punch list' items following installation. Although these concerns are addressed satisfactorily—in one case, a customer noted that Bell Roofing returned to take care of these details—it indicates an area for potential improvement. It should be noted, however, that these issues are marginal and do not significantly detract from the overall highly positive impressions of Bell Roofing's service.

Frequently asked questions about Bell Roofing

How does Bell Roofing ensure the thoroughness of their initial roof inspections?

Bell Roofing is thorough in their initial assessments by checking attic spaces and employing drone technology to perform aerial inspections, setting them apart from competition and ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the roofing project needs.

Does Bell Roofing offer a warranty on their roofing services?

Yes, customer feedback indicates that Bell Roofing offers a best-in-class warranty, ensuring clients receive both high-quality service and peace of mind regarding the longevity and durability of their roofing investment.

What sets Bell Roofing apart from other roofing companies in terms of customer service?

Bell Roofing's customer service is noted for its unparalleled communication, addressing issues promptly and providing consistent updates, which includes detailed pictures during the project. Their personalized attention and responsiveness have been repeatedly praised by customers.

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Bell Roofing
Rams Resources
3 weeks ago
We have used Bell Roofing on 2 jobs and the experience has been consistently excellent. We really appreciate the above average communication throughout the process. The workmanship and quality of their crews was also an influencing factor in the decision to use Bell Roofing. Finally, Bell is very competitive with their pricing. We highly recommend them!
Bell Roofing
Coston Dickinson
3 weeks ago
Just received the confirmation that the GAF inspected our roof project and that it passed with flying colors! I am not surprised. Why? Because I've been very impressed with Bell Roofing from the start. As an architect, I have worked with many contractors over the years, and the professionalism I experienced with Ricardo and Carlos, and the entire Bell Roofing team is really great. If there were any hiccups, as there are on any job, they addressed them immediately without question. This is extremely rare with many contractors, so the customer service is unparalleled in my experience. AND not only was the service great, but most importantly, the job itself was fantastic; the 3 layers of waterproofing redundancy, the attention to detail, and the repeated inspection to verify all the subs had done the best job is something that I greatly appreciate. I cannot recommend these guys enough. With a competitive market price, and a number of price point options to choose from, you want these guys for your roofing project. As the opportunities arise, I will be calling on them again for other projects without question. Please, check out the photos to see for yourself!
Bell Roofing
Alexandra Medley
a month ago
Bell roofing was by far the most thorough, through full, fairly priced, and high quality service (plus best warranty) of all the companies I got estimates from (7). The end product looks wonderful and it rained the first night after they replaced my roof and we couldn’t hear and thing. The customer service was also fantastic.
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About Bell Roofing

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Bell Roofing is a locally owned and operated residential and commercial roofer in Atlanta, GA. For over 23 years, we’ve been known for offering the Atlanta area roofing repairs, roof installations, skylights and gutter installations that are exceptional in quality. Bell Roofing has been awarded the GAF President’s Club Status, the highest level award a Master Elite contractor can earn. Bell Roofing can deliver the personal attention that other roofers in the area cannot, with honesty, quality, great customer service and guaranteed products. We guarantee all of the work that we do because we do it right. Give Bell Roofing a call today for a roof inspection on your property and we’ll get you a free estimate on your roofing project.