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Published on
February 12, 2024
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February 12, 2024

What customers think about Wagamama

The consensus from recent reviews of Wagamama Birmingham Bullring indicates a generally positive customer experience, characterized by swift seating during off-peak times, attentiveness to dietary needs such as allergies, and an appreciation for the diversity and abundance of vegan/vegetarian options. The food, described as flavorful and generously portioned, delivers value for money with respect to portion sizes, although opinions on drink pricing suggest some discontent. The fusion of traditional dishes has garnered mixed reactions, with a suggestion that certain combinations may not resonate with all customers. Despite these small points of contention, the willingness to revisit Wagamama is a recurring sentiment amongst reviewers, underscoring an overall positive reception.


Positive aspects gleaned from customer feedback include quick and efficient seating arrangements, particularly during less busy times, and a noted emphasis on catering to customers with allergies, which is highly valued. The diversity and tastiness of vegan/vegetarian options are highlight-worthy, indicating a strong inclusive culinary approach. The food itself receives notable praise for its flavorfulness and large portion sizes, ensuring that patrons leave satiated. In terms of service, staff are largely commended for their friendliness and attentiveness, with efficient service contributing to a welcoming atmosphere. Additionally, the convenience of payment options and the restaurant's overall ambiance contribute to the positive experiences shared by customers.


Despite the positive feedback, Wagamama Birmingham Bullring's reputation is not without its negatives. There have been instances of perceived rude behavior by a bartender, which negatively impacted the customer experience. A concern was raised regarding a mishap in the kitchen resulting in cross-contamination of a dish, which questions food safety procedures. While opinions on the culinary quality are predominantly affirmative, occasional criticism arises regarding the modification of traditional dishes to suit local tastes, which some customers find less authentic. Another minor critique points to the acoustics of the venue that can lead to a noisier dining environment, potentially detracting from the overall experience.

Frequently asked questions about Wagamama

Does Wagamama Birmingham Bullring accommodate dietary restrictions like allergies or vegetarian preferences?

Yes, Wagamama Birmingham Bullring is attentive to dietary restrictions, taking meticulous care with orders that involve allergies, and they offer a good selection of vegan/vegetarian options.

How is the portion size and value for money at Wagamama Birmingham Bullring?

The portion sizes at Wagamama Birmingham Bullring are large and considered good value for money in terms of the food served. However, some customers feel the drinks may not be worth their price.

What should I expect in terms of service at Wagamama Birmingham Bullring?

Service is generally seen as friendly and attentive, contributing to a positive dining experience. Though there have been isolated incidents of less satisfactory service, these do not appear to be the norm.

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2 months ago
On a week evening it’s not too busy so you would get seated almost immediately. They are very big on allergies (which I really appreciate) and they were meticulous when taking our orders. There was a good selection of vegan/vegetarian options. In particular, I tried the vegan ribs and it was full of flavour and didn’t have that meat substitute aftertaste. The food portion sizes were huge and good value for money but sadly the drinks weren’t in my opinion. Very tasty but not worth the price. I would also say that there’s an attempt to mix different traditional dishes together and I don’t know if it works. I had the katsu ramen and i couldn’t help feeling like it would’ve been much better if they had served it with rice. Overall, I would visit again and try the corn dogs next time.
Chriss Ra
3 months ago
I had a great experience at Wagamama, a Japanese restaurant, when I visited with my girlfriend, her parents, and two friends. The food was exceptional - I ordered the pad Thai with chicken and prawns, and everyone else had dishes like grilled salmon, duck, ramen, and chicken katsu. We also tried six fresh fruit juices which were delicious. I'd rate the food a perfect 5 out of 5 stars. However, I have to deduct a star for service. While most of the staff were friendly and attentive, one of the bartenders was a bit rude to us, which left a slightly sour note. Overall, we had a fantastic meal, and we're definitely planning to come back in the future.
4 months ago
Can’t ever go wrong with a wagamamas. Firecracker is my fave, do hope for more vegetarian soupy noodle dishes. Staff were very attentive and caring with my friend who has an allergy. 10/10❤️
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