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Published on
January 9, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Virgil'S Real Bbq?

An analysis of the provided customer reviews for Virgil's Real BBQ - Times Square reveals a generally positive reputation, shaped by good service, atmosphere, and flavorful food offerings, though not without some critiques. Patrons frequently laud the service as exceptional, with staff being described as attentive, considerate, and efficient, contributing to a memorable dining experience. The list of positive mentions also includes the atmosphere and certain dishes, particularly the biscuits with sweet butter, which appear to be a noteworthy delight. However, some customers report inconsistencies in food quality such as over-salted wings, under-seasoned and overly charred chicken, and occasionally dry ribs, suggesting slight variability in culinary execution. Furthermore, external factors, such as proximity to homeless individuals while dining outside and the high cost of nearby parking, have impacted the overall dining experience for some guests.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback for Virgil's Real BBQ - Times Square centers on the high quality of service provided by the staff, with multiple reviews commending the attentiveness, kindness, and helpfulness of servers, contributing notably to customer satisfaction. The ambience and atmosphere are often described as pleasant and welcoming, aligning with guests' expectations for a dining establishment in Times Square. Some specific food items, such as the biscuits with sweet butter, roasted Brussels sprouts, and drinks like frozen lemonade and margaritas, received special mentions for being particularly enjoyable. The advantageous location and offers like happy hour add appeal to the establishment.

Concerns and Threads

While Virgil's Real BBQ - Times Square enjoys positive feedback in several areas, there are recurring critiques that surface in customer reviews. A notable number of guests mentioned issues with food seasoning, pointing to experiences of over-salted wings and under-seasoned chicken. Additionally, some guests were not entirely satisfied with the execution of certain dishes, such as dry ribs and chicken perceived as too charred. The surrounding environment sometimes detracted from the experience, with reports of discomfort due to the presence of homeless individuals nearby when dining outside. High parking costs in the vicinity were also seen as a negative aspect by patrons.

Frequently asked questions about Virgil'S Real Bbq

What are some of the standout dishes at Virgil's Real BBQ - Times Square?

Customers have praised the biscuits with sweet butter, the roasted Brussels sprouts, smoked meat, and the variety of sauces for the meats as standout dishes.

How does the restaurant accommodate for a quick dining experience?

The staff at Virgil's Real BBQ - Times Square have been noted for being considerate and efficient, ensuring customers can enjoy their meals even within tight time constraints, such as before a show.

Are there any concerns to be aware of when dining at Virgil's Real BBQ - Times Square?

Some guests have experienced issues with food seasoning and the presence of saltiness in certain dishes. Additionally, parking in the area can be expensive and the experience may be affected by the outdoor dining environment.

What are customers saying about Virgil'S Real Bbq

Virgil'S Real Bbq
Barbara Lindner (Travelling Wife)
3 months ago
Had lunch here and sat outside. Ordered two wings with two ribs and Mac and cheese and roasted broccoli. The sides were awesome however the wings were very salty. I did enjoy the ribs and it was plenty of food. The service was terrific. I had a frozen lemonade without alcohol and it was very delciious. I enjoyed my meal however food was over salted and that made it harder to enjoy while overall it was good. Chicken was really the only issue. Nice to sit outside but homeless man a few feet away was awkward. Has good offers for happy hour weekdays Parking: Can’t park on the street and lots were expensive
Virgil'S Real Bbq
C.R. Garrett
4 months ago
My sister's and I got together on Friday and it was all that and a bag of chips! The service was excellent. Our server (I forgot her name) beautiful young lady with cornbraids, almost Caramel complexion, about 25 years old was just the sweetest thing. And she had great suggestions for cocktails and food We all enjoyed our food and the frozen margaritas with the added flavor was delicious. We haven't been here in a couple of years but we will definitely return before the year is out.
Virgil'S Real Bbq
Carlos Duarte
5 months ago
The food in this restaurant is delicious, I think it's been many years since I've eaten such good food. I went with my friends and we ordered smoked meat, it was wonderfully delicious, the service at the restaurant is great, the atmosphere is extremely pleasant, the staff are very attentive, very well located, good drinks, all the foods on the menu are delicious. I think everyone should go to this restaurant at least once. this gastronomic experience in New York is really worth living. I highly recommend 10/10.
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