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Published on
January 10, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Top Dog Training School & Home Boarding?

Top Dog Training School & Home Boarding seems to have cultivated a strong positive reputation as evidenced by recent customer reviews. Customers consistently praise the personalized approach and adaptability of Ineta and her team, who appear to demonstrate acute sensitivity to the individual needs of each dog and owner. Testimonials recurrently mention the team's expertise and patience, particularly with challenging behaviors and diverse personality types of dogs. There are recurring sentiments of trust shown by pet owners towards Ineta and her boarding services, highlighting satisfactory experiences when dogs are left in her care. The mention of long-term relationships spanning over a decade and returning customers with new pets suggests commendable trust and satisfaction. Furthermore, the ability of the dogs to perform commands in distracting environments, improved recall, and personalized behavior solutions points towards effective training methodologies. Mention of after-class availability for questions and a supportive WhatsApp group suggests strong aftercare support and customer service.

Positive Feedback

Several key positive aspects emerge from the reviews of Top Dog Training School & Home Boarding. Ineta and her team receive high esteem for their patient, caring, and personalized training approach. Customers appreciate the adaptability to each dog's needs, ensuring progress regardless of inherent personality traits or behavioral issues. The effectiveness of the training programs is underlined by reports of tangible improvements such as enhanced recall and obedience, even in presence of distractions. The structured progression from puppy to advanced classes provides continuous learning and development opportunities. Positive experiences with home boarding, where dogs are said to enjoy their stays and receive attentive care, add to the establishment's commendable service scope. Ineta's ongoing dedication to learning and sharing new training insights speaks to a commitment to best practices and professional development, which is well-received by clients.

Concerns and Threads

While the reviews provided are overwhelmingly positive, they do not include explicit negative experiences or aspects of customer feedback. Based on the data provided, there is no evidence of significant recurring negative themes to highlight. However, a minor implied inconvenience mentioned by a client is the inability to attend an immediate next course, potentially indicating high demand for services or limited availability. Without more detailed critiques or dissatisfactions, it is challenging to outline specific areas of improvement for Top Dog Training School & Home Boarding.

Frequently asked questions about Top Dog Training School & Home Boarding

What kind of training methods does Top Dog Training School use?

Top Dog Training School emphasizes a personal and adaptable approach to dog training, using methods that cater to individual dog personalities and behaviors. They focus on positive reinforcement and a structured progression through training levels that are both effective and engaging.

Can I trust the home boarding services at Top Dog?

Based on customer testimonials, many pet owners trust Top Dog Training School's home boarding services. Dogs are reported to enjoy their stays, and the team, particularly Ineta, is noted for providing attentive and loving care.

Are classes at Top Dog Training suitable for dogs with challenging behaviors?

Yes, reviews indicate that Top Dog Training School is experienced in managing challenging behaviors and that the team, led by Ineta, employs patience and expertise to address various needs effectively.

What are customers saying about Top Dog Training School & Home Boarding

Top Dog Training School & Home Boarding
2 months ago
Top Dog Training is definitely TOP DOG, we have just finished ate silver level course and can not wait to do the Gold. Ineta is so kind and caring and my boy Bubbles just loved her. I highly recommend to everyone the training classes and I will not go anywhere else.
Top Dog Training School & Home Boarding
Carla Rico
2 months ago
Levi has successfully finished his puppy classes and it has been the best 6 weeks! Levi being an akita has always been stubborn and gets easily distracted by other dogs that it can get quite hard walking him. Ineta and her team have been so patient and so kind to us that after the 6 weeks Levi was able to do all of the commands we learnt during lessons whilst other pups were around😭 his recall has also have greatly improved!
Top Dog Training School & Home Boarding
Sharon Baker
7 months ago
We have really enjoyed going to classes with my two. Ineta and the team are great, they know what they talking about, giving good advice, they always have time to talk after lesson if you have a query, and they have a fantastic sense of humour too. We have learnt so much and we keep going back, so it must be good. My two by their very nature can be extremely challenging at times, one is food motivated and the other not, so different approaches have been tried and in fact, we are continuing training by one going to lessons and the other going to the agility class as it better suits their personalities.
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About Top Dog Training School & Home Boarding

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Top Dog Training School is a family run dog training school & Home Boarding with lifelong passion, experience and love for dogs. Is not just a business its a fast-growing dog family/community.Our training classes created for the dog owners to learn everything they need to know about the dogs in a friendly, fun, happy and relaxed environment- so everyone enjoys learning.Top Dog Home Boarding & daycare is a home from home, second family home for dogs that come and stay with us while owners go away on holiday or go to work and want to make sure their fur babies are safe, happy and friends to play with. When they go home, they are calm, tired and very happy.Do you want to join this amazing community? get in touch with Top Dog