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Published on
January 28, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Toloache?

Toloache exhibits a predominantly positive reputation among its clientele, with several commendable aspects of service and cuisine that contribute to its standing as a reliable Mexican restaurant. Client feedback consistently praises the authenticity and quality of the food, with mentions of specific dishes such as the short rib quesadilla, shrimp taco, suckling pig with red cabbage, and Carne Asada being particular highlights. Moreover, the attentive and knowledgeable staff, inclusive of both waitstaff and management, appears to play a pivotal role in enhancing the customer experience. Their attentiveness to customer needs, such as television viewing preferences or the timely serving of meals before showtimes, signals a responsive service culture. However, not all experiences meet these standards uniformly, with some guests expressing concerns over noise levels, seating arrangements, and occasional service lag during peak times. There is also mention of discrepancies in food portion sizes and pricing, particularly noting the dessert sample plate as overpriced. These isolated incidents, while relatively minor, do suggest areas for potential improvement in terms of ambiance and value perception.

Positive Feedback

Toloache's exceptional customer service stands out as its most laudable quality. Commendable mentions include the host’s problem-solving approach, the staff’s attentiveness to customer needs, and their proficiency in recommending menu items that resonate well with patrons. The genuineness and quality of the culinary offerings are also a recurring positive note, with numerous dishes receiving accolades for their authenticity and exceptional taste. The ambiance of the restaurant, described as cozy and well-decorated, along with a commendation for accommodating decorum when customers desire minimal interruption during meals, further elevates the dining experience. The prompt service enabling guests to meet post-meal commitments and the appreciation for tailored meals, such as vegetarian-friendly tacos, establish Toloache as an establishment attentive to diversity in patron needs and time constraints.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the overall positive feedback, Toloache’s customer experiences do present some negatives. One prominent critique pertains to the restaurant's acoustics and seating layout, with diners finding the noise level uncomfortable and the seating cramped, which detracts from the dining experience. Food-wise, while largely appreciated, there are concerns about the aptness of pricing, especially regarding dessert portions and costs, which some patrons find uneconomical. Additionally, inconsistent culinary experiences in terms of seasoning and portions have been reported, although these appear to be isolated to a few. Several mentions of delayed service, particularly during busy hours, suggest a need for streamlining efficiency. Guests have also noted the lack of value in certain menu items and occasional staff inattention, indicating opportunities for Toloache to refine their guest experience and consistency in service.

Frequently asked questions about Toloache

Is Toloache able to accommodate diners with time constraints for pre-theater dining?

Yes, many guests report that Toloache's prompt service has enabled them to enjoy their meals and make it to their subsequent events on time.

Does Toloache offer vegetarian options on their menu?

Yes, Toloache has vegetarian-friendly options such as vegetarian tacos, which have been highly praised by guests for their freshness and flavor.

Is the ambiance at Toloache suitable for intimate dining or catching up with friends?

The general ambiance of Toloache is described as cozy and well-decorated, suitable for catching up with friends. However, note that the noise level might be high during peak times.

What are customers saying about Toloache

Dan M
a month ago
First and foremost, I want to give a shout out to the host or the guy at the entrance. His name was Jorge. Very accommodating and answered questions with solutions and I want to say this is a great Mexican restaurant in the area. The staff here was great and they were definitely Mexican working at a Mexican restaurant which to me shows a good sign and something that calls out authentic. everyone did their best to try to make our experience excellent from changing the TV to something I wanted to getting drinks in a timely manner. Let’s talk about the food now. It was great and very authentic not Americanized as a lot of Mexican restaurants do these days. Our waitress did an excellent job and if we so much as looked up somebody from the staff or our waitress tried to help us anyway they could! The food was great so I urge anybody to go here and get some good food. We will be back next time we visit. Great job restaurant and staff.
Amanda Ortiz
4 weeks ago
Everything was excellent from the salsa to the hot chocolate to everything in between. We were in a hurry to catch our show and we made it easily on time while also eating the best meal we’ve had in a while. We had short rib quesadilla, shrimp taco and suckling pig with red cabbage. All fantastic!! We will be back!
Running Man
4 months ago
Dinner was fun though the restaurant is really noisy. Upstairs was packed (good for business!) but seating was cramped. Downstairs would have been better on our view. Foodwise everything was quite good. Tacos were nice and the special seafood dish with octopus was excellent. Dessert was good too!
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