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As of Apr 16, 2024, 1110 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.2 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Chiquito's customer reviews analysis

A synthesis of recent customer reviews indicates a generally positive reputation for Chiquito, emphasizing the quality of service and food offerings. Patrons consistently praised the friendly and attentive staff, which contributed significantly to their dining experience. The staff's knowledge and promptness, alongside the festive atmosphere that includes quirky elements like handing out sombreros, appear to foster a convivial and enjoyable environment. Furthermore, the food quality consistently earned commendations for being flavorful, well-presented, and served at the right temperature. The variety of the menu, including vegetarian options and the 'build your own' feature, is viewed favorably by guests seeking personalized tastes. Despite the vibrancy and largely applauded food quality, there are minor issues cited concerning the neatness of the establishment and the limited vegetarian selections. These points, although not overwhelming, do imply areas where Chiquito could review and potentially enhance their customer experience.

Positive Feedback

Chiquito's key positive aspects, as observed from recent reviews, can be primarily attributed to exceptional staff service and high-quality culinary experiences. Customers often mention the courteous and professional demeanor of the staff, highlighting the positive impact of service on their overall experience. The personalized attention from servers like Roxanne reinforces customers' perceptions of Chiquito as a welcoming venue. The food experience is consistently described as delicious, hot, and visually appealing, with repeat visitors affirming the establishment's consistency in food quality. The atmosphere of the restaurant, while occasionally noted as quiet, is generally characterized as enjoyable and fitting for the culinary theme. The provision of engaging thematic elements, such as the opportunity to wear sombreros, adds a touch of novelty and fun to the dining experience. Customers are likely to express satisfaction with not just the food and service but also the total package that Chiquito offers, which includes special touches like the ability to build your own dish, ensuring a pleasant and customizeable dining option for various preferences.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the numerous positives, some areas for improvement for Chiquito have been identified through customer feedback. A recurring theme involves concerns over the limited vegetarian options available, which could be considered a drawback for diners with specific dietary needs or preferences. This limitation may affect Chiquito's ability to appeal to a broader audience seeking diverse plant-based choices. Additionally, cleanliness has been signaled out as a minor issue, with one review pointing out that the place was 'a bit dirtier than expected.' Hygiene and upkeep are vital factors affecting the perception of the dining environment, and this feedback suggests an area that requires attention. Moreover, the atmosphere was described as quiet in a review, which could suggest inconsistency in the restaurant's ambience, possibly influenced by external factors such as the time of day or local events.

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Ana Maria
3 days ago
Really nice food, not many vegetarian options and the place is a bit dirtier than expected
Wayne Ramwell
3 months ago
Great food and atmosphere. Staff were friendly and helpful. Would recommend!
Erin H.E
5 months ago
The food was really good, arrived at a perfect temperature to dig in and was the perfect portion size. The atmosphere was a little quiet but for me that was great as then I could really enjoy the surroundings and the company. All of the staff were extremely welcoming and attentive. I have gone back multiple times and it has never failed me. Vegetarian options: Very tasty options and they have a section to build your own with vegetarian options so if you don't fancy the set menu items there's always another option. My favourite thing to order is the bean chilli tacos or the bean chilli burrito.
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Colourful chain restaurant dishing up a menu of Tex-Mex favourites, beer & cocktails.