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Published on
February 10, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about The Beauty Lounge?

The Beauty Lounge appears to have a mixed overall company reputation based on the reviews provided. The positive comments generally highlight the outstanding service, professionalism of certain staff members, and the range and quality of treatments available. Satisfied customers describe the atmosphere as welcoming and friendly, and praise the salon for making clients feel at ease during treatments. A recurring theme is the personal care and attention given by some staff members, like Sam, Paige, and a referred hairdresser, Steven, who have been mentioned for their skill and professionalism. However, there have been significant negative experiences detailed in several reviews that seem to affect the salon's reputation adversely. Issues such as poor waxing practices leading to physical discomfort, unhygienic practices, lackluster facial treatments, and disregard for appointment times create a stark contrast to the glowing experiences of other clients. These negative instances indicate inconsistencies in service quality and professionalism across different staff members, which seems to be a crucial factor influencing customer satisfaction.

Positive Feedback

In the domain of positive customer feedback, The Beauty Lounge is praised for its welcoming nature, with staff that exudes friendliness and makes clients feel comfortable. A multitude of services, from eyebrow threading and facials to full leg waxing and haircuts, have been positively noted. Sam, in particular, is commended for professionalism and adding special touches to treatments, suggesting a tailored customer approach. Paige receives recognition for her experienced waxing service and skill in eyebrow care, establishing her as a trusted professional among clients. Another standout mention is Steven, whose passion, knowledge, and expertise in hairstyling, along with his personable customer service, have won high recommendations.

Concerns and Threads

Conversely, The Beauty Lounge faces pronounced criticism on several fronts. Waxing services are a focal point for discontent, with reports of painful, bruising experiences, and unsanitary practices that overlook basic hygiene standards. Customers express dissatisfaction with facial treatments, articulating issues like shortened service durations, lack of promised massage components, and an overt focus on product upselling rather than service quality. Uneven skills across personnel are apparent, leading to inconsistent customer experiences. Appointment mishandling and miscommunication, which resulted in customers being charged full price for abbreviated services, also tarnish the salon's image in terms of reliability and value for money.

Frequently asked questions about The Beauty Lounge

Which services at The Beauty Lounge come highly recommended by customers?

Customers have highly recommended eyebrow treatments (threading and microblading), haircuts, especially restyling by Steven, and laser hair removal treatments, citing professional service and satisfactory results.

Are there any staff members at The Beauty Lounge known for their exceptional service?

Yes, staff members such as Sam, Paige, and Steven receive multiple mentions for their exceptional service. Sam is noted for laser treatments, Paige for waxing and eyebrow shaping, and Steven for his expertise in hairstyling.

Have customers reported any negative experiences at The Beauty Lounge?

Yes, some customers have reported negative experiences related to painful and unsatisfactory waxing sessions, subpar facial treatments, and issues with appointment handling and service duration. It's advisable to consult recent reviews and possibly communicate specific needs to staff to mitigate such experiences.

What are customers saying about The Beauty Lounge

The Beauty Lounge
madonna jacimovic
7 months ago
I have been going to the beauty lounge for a few months now and the service is outstanding. Always every welcoming and the atmosphere is very friendly. I had few of their treatments from eyebrow threading, facials, nails and at the moment am having my full face laser. Sam is very professional and takes great care with your treatment.(puts in the little touches). All the staff are amazing make you feel at ease. Services: Eyebrow shaping, Laser hair removal, Microblading, Eyebrow threading, Pedicure, Lash lift, Manicure
The Beauty Lounge
Shilpa Rishi
a month ago
I hate giving 1 star usually but here had a worst wax experience of my life. Firstly, there was lot of wax dropped around the bench n on the bench. I did mention about how sensitive my skin is, but this gal kept putting eax n withrout pressing or stretching the skin, she was pulling the strips , it was so painful. I got few bruises now . Secondly, while doing the wax, she had a drop of wax on her arm snd she used the same strip on her which she was using on mine and again started waxing my hand with same… Thirdly, when doing wax on legs, my skin was pulled sk hard that it still hurtting , i did scream twice while she was waxing Forthly, while applying lotion to remove wax, majority of wax was left on hand , when asked to apply more , she said sometimes it donot go .. Probably, she needs more training on waxing.. definitely its a no go for me for waxing services here again. Bymistake i booked myself tk the same salon where I had bad experience. I got facial done, it was booked for 60 minutes which didnt last for 30 mins even. I was told there will be facial massage but no massage, just rubbing cream on face, thats it.. i end up paying £50 when i eaised a point , i was told we talk through our products etc. i didnt come here to buy products.. so not worth the price.
The Beauty Lounge
Jean Evans
7 months ago
Very disappointed. I arrived for my appointment on time for a facial for one hour. Couldn't find me on their system. Showed them my email verification. Could fit me in anyway. My regime started at 9.50 am. It ended at just after 10.20 am when I was advised to take a good 5 to 10 minutes. This would, at the outside be 30vminutes. I was out but 10.30 am . I was charged the full £45. Is this good value, I don't think so. Incidentally they found my appointment
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Welcome to The Beauty Lounge, Liverpool, the place that is a perfect escape and home away from home for our beautiful clients that offer luxurious treatments and give you an environment you will love.With over19 years experience in the beauty industry, Sam started The Beauty Lounge in 2015. Since then this award winning salon has been famous not just around the local area but all over north west. The salon has been awarded by The English Hair and Beauty Awards for the “ Best in Liverpool “ and “ Beauty Team of the Year “We pride ourselves as being qualified experts and specialists in the beauty field and one of the top hairdressing salon in Liverpool-with a host of regular and lovely clientele, who have been returning for years