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The Beauty & Holistic Lounge Reviews Summary

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Published on
March 1, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about The Beauty & Holistic Lounge?

The overall reputation of The Beauty & Holistic Lounge is predominantly positive, gauged from the latest customer reviews. A substantial number of clients have praised the friendly and welcoming atmosphere created by the staff, particularly Lisa and Karen, further enhancing the customer experience. Services such as the Callus foot peel, pedicure, manicure, and waxing are frequently recommended, with special commendation noted for the salon's soothing ambiance, which includes music and incense. Additionally, the skillfulness and professionalism of the beauticians, especially noted in nail services and the ability to create a calming experience during potentially stressful treatments like bikini waxes are highlighted. The salon's competitive pricing and the willingness to accommodate clients are also seen as strengths. However, there is an isolated complaint regarding hygiene practices and the efficiency of service which suggests an area needing improvement. These positive reflections contribute significantly to the salon's image, whereas the negative feedback, though limited, offers an opportunity for the business to address specific customer concerns.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects of customer feedback center on the level of professionalism and friendliness of the staff, with special mentions of Lisa, Karen, and Megan. Customers seem to appreciate the salon's flexibility, such as accepting last-minute appointments and opening early for special requests. The quality of the treatments provided is highly regarded, with some treatments described as 'painless' and results being described as 'excellent'. The environment of the salon is repeatedly mentioned as a significant factor in customer satisfaction, offering a relaxing and comfortable ambiance enhanced by calming music and incense. The services are frequently described as relaxing, enjoyable, and conducive to repeat visits, with customers often recommending specific services like the Lycon wax and the pampering manicures featuring OPI Gel. The salon décor has also received favorable comments, adding to the overall positive customer experience.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the overarching positive feedback, there is a notable negative aspect that emerged from the reviews, centering around hygiene and service efficiency during wax treatment. A customer expressed dissatisfaction with the waxing process, describing it as unhygienic due to the reuse of materials and incomplete, with the appointment duration being shorter than expected. This indicates a potential inconsistency in service quality that could affect the salon's reputation if not addressed. Additionally, the comment about difficulty in booking with popular beauticians, while indicative of their demand, could point towards a need for better scheduling or increased staffing to accommodate client needs.

Frequently asked questions about The Beauty & Holistic Lounge

Can I book a last-minute appointment at The Beauty & Holistic Lounge?

The Beauty & Holistic Lounge does try to accommodate last-minute appointments when possible, as evidenced by customer feedback highlighting their flexibility. However, it's advisable to book in advance to ensure your preferred time slot, especially with popular services or beauticians.

Are the waxing services at The Beauty & Holistic Lounge hygienic?

Most reviews suggest a positive experience with waxing services. However, there has been a concern raised about hygiene practices such as the reuse of waxing sticks and sheets. Potential customers may want to discuss hygiene practices with the salon directly before booking a waxing service.

Is The Beauty & Holistic Lounge a good choice for first-time waxing?

Based on customer testimonials, The Beauty & Holistic Lounge is considered calming and professional, making it suitable for first-timers. The staff is noted for being reassuring and attentive, potentially easing the anxiety associated with first-time waxing experiences.

What are customers saying about The Beauty & Holistic Lounge

The Beauty & Holistic Lounge
Laura Formby
9 months ago
Lisa & Karen are so wonderful, always manage to fit me in and make you feel so welcome. Highly highly recommend getting the Callus foot peel. My feet feel and look so much better and I finally feel like I can wear summer shoes. Thank you!! Services: Pedicure, Manicure
The Beauty & Holistic Lounge
Natalia Mendak
8 months ago
Not a fan, quite unhygienic. The woman who waxed me was meant to take her time but my appointment took half of the time it was meant to be. Therefore it left me with small patches of wax everywhere on the places I was waxed and she kept dipping the same stick and using the same sheet over and over again. I felt very sticky afterwards and it was a pain washing off the wax later at home. Appalling
The Beauty & Holistic Lounge
E Richardson
8 months ago
Had my first ever bikini wax with them and I honestly have no clue what I was worried about! The girls there are so calming and professional will definitely be returning.
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