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The Art Of Touch Massage + Health
The Art Of Touch Massage + Health

The Art Of Touch Massage + Health Reviews Summary

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Published on
February 20, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about The Art Of Touch Massage + Health?

The Art of Touch Therapeutic Massage Center in Atlanta appears to enjoy a robust reputation among its clientele, exemplified by a preponderance of positive feedback focused on the quality of massages, professionalism of the staff, and the ambiance of the establishment. Clients pointedly appreciate the dedication to customer satisfaction, evident through specialized services tailored to individual preferences. Personalized experiences where therapists attuned to client needs were prominently praised, as was the responsiveness of the management in instances of customer dissatisfaction. Despite the commendations, there are observations regarding higher price points compared to competitors and minor grievances concerning the ambiance of the waiting area and therapist conduct during sessions. These aside, recurring themes include the facility's cleanliness, hospitable staff, and convenient amenities like validated parking and online scheduling.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects derived from customer feedback include highly skilled and attentive therapists who are praised for delivering exceptional massages, often characterized as the best in Atlanta and contributing significantly to the center's reputation. The staff's professionalism and ability to create personalized relaxation experiences for clients stand out. The facility's ambiance and cleanliness also receive commendation, enhancing the overall relaxation experience. Added touches such as Valentine's Day decorations, refreshments, and a welcoming reception contribute to the luxurious feel of the services. Accessibility is another positive note, with the ability to book appointments online, including last-minute requests, which is appreciated by clients leading busy lives.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the predominance of acclaim, some negative aspects can be distilled from the customer feedback. The most echoed concern is the pricing structure; several clients find the massage services at The Art of Touch to be overpriced when compared to nearby options. The waiting area comes under criticism for its limited size and overly bright lighting, which contrasts with the relaxing atmosphere clients expect in such settings. Additionally, an isolated incident involving a therapist listening to content on EarPods during a session was noted as distracting. Another significant issue relates to a customer's encounter with an unsatisfactory massage and perceived lack of empathy from the receptionist, though it is important to note that the issue was swiftly addressed by the management, reflecting a commitment to conflict resolution and customer care.

Frequently asked questions about The Art Of Touch Massage + Health

What amenities does The Art of Touch Therapeutic Massage Center provide?

The center offers various amenities, including validated parking for two hours, an assortment of snacks in the waiting area, online scheduling options for convenience, and a serene ambiance with clean rooms and comfortable tables. The facility also features lounge relax areas and an impressive art gallery.

How do the prices at The Art of Touch compare to other massage therapists in the area?

The Art of Touch is noted by some clients as having a higher pricing structure compared to other massage services in the vicinity. Clients who place a premium on exceptional service, ambiance, and amenities may find the prices justified, while those seeking budget-friendly options may consider looking at alternative providers.

Does The Art of Touch Therapeutic Massage Center offer personalized massage experiences?

Yes, the therapists at The Art of Touch focus on tailoring the massage experience to the individual needs of the client. They discuss areas of concern with the client before the session and adjust their techniques accordingly to ensure an effective and personalized treatment.

What are customers saying about The Art Of Touch Massage + Health

The Art Of Touch Massage + Health
k j
5 days ago
Hands down, THE BEST massage I’ve ever had. It’s like she knew exactly where to focus and did not disappoint. The space was beautifully decorated for Valentine’s Day complete with chocolate covered strawberries and mimosas. The staff was very accommodating, professional and patient.
The Art Of Touch Massage + Health
Cynthia Noorani
2 months ago
Been coming here for a few years now and I always leave super relaxed. The massage I had with Kathy yesterday was absolutely incredible! 24hrs later and my body still feels super relaxed. She is an AMAZING addition. Kat is also great to ground your body as well. Best place in the city to relax!
The Art Of Touch Massage + Health
Rich Denmark
9 months ago
This place was great. Prices are a bit higher than independent massage therapists, but you get really great service, lots of lounge relax areas for before/after care. Awesome artwork/gallery. Loved the balcony too. My massage was great and executed perfectly, she listened to my issues and addressed them perfectly. I was able to get a same day appointment which is not easy with independent massage therapists. I booked an hour before showing up and they had someone available.
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About The Art Of Touch Massage + Health

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Our mission is to support the optimal holistic health of our guests, providing mind-body replenishment, pain relief, and relaxation. Our approach is unique. Each massage is completely customized for your individual needs. That is why we do not charge different amounts for different styles of massage. Our serene environment doubles as an art gallery and is an escape from the hectic pace of life in Atlanta, while being ideally located in Midtown on Peachtree St NE near 7th St. We provide free 2-hour parking to make arrival convenient and care free. During sessions, our therapists provide health filled knowledge and guide guests to relaxation and renewal. We have nine beautiful massage rooms that accommodate individual and couples treatments.