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January 18, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Tamarind Tribeca?

Tamarind Tribeca appears to have a contentious reputation based on the provided customer reviews. While many customers praise the restaurant for its upscale ambiance, refined flavors, and attentive service, there are recurring critiques regarding the flavor profile being tailored more towards the American palate, potentially compromising authenticity. Inconsistencies in the food quality, from blandness to the toughness of meat in certain dishes, often offset the positive dining experience. The price point also appears to be a point of contention, as some guests regard it as high considering their expectations were not met in terms of culinary experience. These reviews depict a dichotomy where customers weigh the environment and service heavily against the actual dishes when determining their overall satisfaction.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback for Tamarind Tribeca often highlights the restaurant's upscale ambiance, which provides a beautiful and chic environment for diners. The attentive and spectacular service, particularly during special occasions, is consistently praised. Customers appreciate the variety and flavor of certain signature dishes, such as the Tamarind scallops, Hara bhara kabab, and shrimp caldin, as well as some vegetarian options and desserts like crème brûlée and pistachio kulfi. Food presentation also stands out, noted especially in the context of the upscale dining experience. The restaurant's extensive drink menu, including Indian-style cocktails, is another highlight, with some guests mentioning specific drinks, like the lychee martini, as excellent.

Concerns and Threads

Several reviews indicate key negative aspects impacting the customer experience at Tamarind Tribeca. Multiple diners describe some dishes as lackluster, criticizing the absence of rich flavors and authenticity that would be expected at the establishment's price point. Dishes such as the veg jalfrezi, malai halibut, and chicken tikka masala have been particularly cited for being bland, dry, or tough. Additionally, there are concerns regarding the value for money, with some guests finding the food overpriced given the portion sizes and the perceived quality. Service could also detract from the experience, with reports of it being rushed or not sufficient to counterbalance other deficiencies.

Frequently asked questions about Tamarind Tribeca

Is Tamarind Tribeca suitable for celebratory occasions?

Yes, Tamarind Tribeca has an upscale ambiance and attentive service that many find suitable for celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries.

Does the restaurant offer options for vegetarians and people with dietary restrictions?

Tamarind Tribeca provides a selection of vegetarian options and is attentive to dietary restrictions, including gluten-free and various allergens.

Are the portions at Tamarind Tribeca considered reasonable for the price?

Opinions vary regarding portion sizes; some customers find them satisfactory, while others feel they do not offer sufficient value for the cost.

What are customers saying about Tamarind Tribeca

Tamarind Tribeca
Divya Mishra
a week ago
We went here for my birthday dinner. The ambience is beautiful and very chic. Service is excellent too but we found the food was pretty mediocre. All the dishes lacked flavours and were really bland. We ordered aloo tikki, palak chaat, veg jalfrezi and malai naan. Naan was soft anf fluffy but everything else wasn’t so good. We had higher expectations in terms of flavours but guess they are primarily trying to cater the American palette. Jalfrezi tasted like boiled vegetables.
Tamarind Tribeca
Gloria Ha
2 months ago
I visited Tamarind for the first time with a big group so we got to try a lot of things. The restaurant has a very upscale ambience with a unique upstairs/downstairs layout, and the service is great. The dishes are quite pricey but there were some I liked quite a lot. We were given the option of having a set menu (starting price was $95/person) or ordering a la carte, and we decided to go a la carte, which ended up being ~$70-75 per person with desserts after tax and tip. The dishes I liked in particular were the Tamarind scallops appetizer (perfectly cooked, great flavor, but only 3 scallops for $24), Hara bhara kabab ($17 for some very tasty spinach patties), and the shrimp caldin (~9 tasty shrimps in a green curry for $37). I would definitely get these again. I wouldn't recommend the malai halibut ($40), though it was the winner of the 2004 USA fish dish awards. It was a bit dry and took a long time to make. It had good flavor and a nice smokiness otherwise. I also thought the chicken in the chicken tikka masala was almost inedibly tough and dry. Everything else we had was good, though nothing in particular stood out to me other than the above. We also tried a lot of the desserts. The desserts came in large portion sizes/more dramatic plating than we expected. Overall they were pretty good but I wouldn't say anything was a must get. Honestly I would've been happy with a mango lassi but I balked at the drink prices. Overall I'm glad I got to try this upscale Indian restaurant -- it was quite the experience! They had some really tasty dishes but the price point is quite high, and there were some misses as well.
Tamarind Tribeca
Manmith Reddy
a month ago
I have expected a lot from this place based on their prices. Not worth the taste for me. I ha elm e ordered the mushroom appetizer which is good that is the only reason why I am giving 2 stars. The fish appetizer was ok ok. The Tamarind Non Veg platter was something that made me give this review. The presentation for a 40$ dish is worst. The taste was ok. Naan was ok, the curries were not great. The dessert platter was like all the left overs put on a plate and served.
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