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Published on
January 10, 2024
Last updated
March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Sash Windows?

Based on the latest reviews, Sash Windows London Ltd. (SWL) presents a mixed reputation with distinct variations in customer experiences. A notable number of reviews praise the company for their high-quality products and materials, including the allure of their PVCU heritage sash windows and the effectiveness of their installations in improving warmth and reducing noise. Commendations frequently mention the professionalism and tidiness of the installers, along with prompt aftercare service where issues did emerge. However, certain accounts detail significant customer service and operational challenges. These include scheduling mishaps, such as no-show installers and late arrivals without notice, and installation problems like incorrectly manufactured doors and post-installation property damage. Customer service is described in some reviews as 'impersonal' and 'perfunctory,' lacking in attentive communication except when addressing publicly shared negative feedback. Despite resolutions such as discounts and door replacements, some customers express that these remedies did not fully compensate for their subpar experiences.

Positive Feedback

Praise for Sash Windows London Ltd. can be encapsulated around several key positive attributes: product quality, effective installations, and commendable professionalism. Customers highlight the 'high end' nature of materials and finishes, with detailed affirmations of the PVCU heritage sash windows receiving 'many compliments'. The installation process has been lauded for its neatness and low impact on living spaces, even in logistically challenging conditions such as a high-rise loft conversion. The efficacy of noise reduction and insulation improvements post-installation have been particularly appreciated by customers living in busy areas. Additionally, the company’s aftercare support received praise, especially in handling a long-term issue with a window crack, further evidence of their commitment to product longevity and customer satisfaction.

Concerns and Threads

The negative aspects of customer experiences with SWL revolve mainly around operational disorganization and customer care. Issues include installation errors such as doors manufactured incorrectly and damaging installations that affected neighboring properties. There are stories of unexpected absences and tardiness by the installation team, along with descriptions of the customer service as lacking in personalization and attentiveness. Post-installation property damage, adherence to details like door numbering, and post-complaint responses also contribute to customer dissatisfaction. A particular customer reports feeling pressured to accept a faulty installation, and the pursuit of reviewers to retract negative feedback suggests a potentially reactive approach to customer service.

Frequently asked questions about Sash Windows

Does Sash Windows London Ltd. handle installation issues promptly?

While some reviews highlight prompt resolutions to installation issues, including comprehensive repairs and adjustments, others indicate a gap in this area. Customers should expect, in most cases, that the company will address any problems, but there may be instances where service does not meet expectations.

Are the products from Sash Windows London Ltd. of high quality?

Multiple reviews suggest that the products offered by SWL are of high-quality materials and finishes. The PVCU heritage sash windows, in particular, are often praised for their aesthetics and functionality.

How is the customer service experience with Sash Windows London Ltd.?

Customer service experiences reported are mixed. Some customers report satisfactory service recovery and aftercare, while others experience impersonal engagement and communication lapses. Prospective customers might anticipate variability in customer service interactions.

What are customers saying about Sash Windows

Sash Windows
Isobel Pellow
a week ago
I did not have a good experience with Sash Windows London. They recently replaced my front and back doors. The front door installation resulted in three large screws coming right through the wall and poking out in the neighbours' hallway - I've added a photo of one of these. There was also damage to their doorframe. The back door was manufactured the wrong way round. The installers didn't notice until they had taken the old door out, so they had to put the wrong one in temporarily, seal the edges with expanding foam and board up the hole that had been cut for the cat flap. We had an unusable back door until they came back to fit the new one. There were numerous other problems. The day of the first installation the workmen simply did not turn up, with no notice whatsoever. When I contacted the company I was told, firstly that they would be later that day, and subsequently that they weren't coming at all and would have to rearrange. The time they came back to fix the issues the installers were three hours late, again with no notice. During the front door installation my doormat, front garden and bins were covered with sprays of expanding foam. They failed to put the flat number on the new front door (partly my fault as it wasn't in the contract). Their customer service was impersonal and perfunctory, with automated emails. I didn't feel like anyone at the company cared whatsoever about the job. They were prompt in resolving issues and came back 3 weeks later with a new back door and satisfactorily repaired the neighbours' hallway. After long and insistent emails from me they also took £300 off the final bill, along with the cost of a new doormat. I did not feel that this was adequate compensation and I really wish I'd gone with someone else. Thankfully we had our windows done by different company who were absolutely fantastic - a totally opposite experience.
Sash Windows
Michelle Nield
2 months ago
Used SWL for the first time and chose them over several other window companies. Had a couple of snagging issues after the initial fitting, but everything was fully resolved to my satisfaction. The materials are all high end including the finishes. Thought their customer service was great in terms of getting everything resolved. Some of the fitters that came were exceptional. Used them for very large wooden sash windows and a casement window and honestly wouldn't hesitate to use again. Really pleased with the end result.
Sash Windows
Sarah L
a month ago
If you need sash windows, look no further. This is an amazing company who not only deals with very well made products, but also has excellent customer service. I had a crack in a pane years after they were initially installed. They replaced it with no bother. I cannot recommend this company enough.
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