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Published on
February 10, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Sapporo Teppanyaki?

Sapporo Teppanyaki Glasgow maintains a positive reputation, largely attributed to its unique dining experience, where chefs prepare the food in front of the patrons, enhancing the overall ambiance and entertainment value. Repeated customer visits, especially for special occasions, indicate a strong satisfaction with the food quality and service. The establishment manages to cater to various dietary needs, including vegetarian options, and has created an inviting atmosphere appreciated by diners. However, the experience does come at a somewhat premium price, a concern offset by discounts for students. While the atmosphere is highlighted as a significant draw, its vibrancy seems to be contingent on the restaurant's occupancy levels. Staff attentiveness and friendliness are consistently praised, contributing to the positive customer experience. One discernible issue appears to be the matter of portion management, where customers might feel they are eating separate elements of the meal rather than a cohesive dish, warranting consideration for the presentation or serving style. An isolated complaint regards overcooked meat and underwhelming cocktails, suggesting room for improvement in specific areas.

Positive Feedback

Customers are expressing a high level of satisfaction with Sapporo Teppanyaki Glasgow, frequently citing the unique and entertaining dining experience provided by the live cooking performances. The food is generally described as high-quality and delicious, with specific praise for sushi offerings. The restaurant's ability to accommodate special dietary requests, such as vegetarian options, has been recognized and appreciated, indicating an appeal to a diverse range of customers. Customer service is a repeatedly mentioned positive aspect, with staff characterized as both friendly and attentive. The ambience of Sapporo Teppanyaki Glasgow is another highlighted feature, especially during busier times, contributing to the establishment's charm. Adjusted pricing for certain customer groups, like students, has also been well-received, enhancing its value proposition and making it more accessible to those on a budget.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the predominance of positive feedback, Sapporo Teppanyaki Glasgow has areas to improve. Some customers felt that the meal components were served as separate portions, which could impact the perception of the meal's cohesiveness. Additionally, there are specific mentions of overcooked meats and sugary, underwhelming cocktails, which could detract from the overall culinary experience for some guests. Another critique pertains to the atmosphere being less vibrant when the venue is not busy, implying that the experience could vary depending on the time of visit. Although there is a recurring theme of slightly steeper prices, this is occasionally mitigated by the provision of discounts.

Frequently asked questions about Sapporo Teppanyaki

Are there adequate vegetarian options available at Sapporo Teppanyaki Glasgow?

Yes, Sapporo Teppanyaki Glasgow offers a decent number of vegetarian options and is known for accommodating dietary restrictions effectively.

Does Sapporo Teppanyaki Glasgow offer any discounts for students?

Yes, students can benefit from a 50% discount, making the dining experience more affordable for them.

Is the atmosphere at Sapporo Teppanyaki Glasgow suitable for special occasions?

The atmosphere at Sapporo Teppanyaki Glasgow is often described as inviting, elegant, and romantic, making it suitable for special occasions and celebrations.

What are customers saying about Sapporo Teppanyaki

Sapporo Teppanyaki
Ketki Tausalkar
3 months ago
This is my 3rd visit at Sapporo Teppanyaki in Glasgow and they never disappoint. Overall a lovely evening with good food and drinks. The ambience of the place is great and so is the experience. It is slightly on the expensive side but totally worth it for special celebrations. We were a group of 8 of which we had one vegetarian request which was very well managed. The staff is friendly and very attentive. I would definitely recommend this place for a unique dining experience. Vegetarian options: There is a decent number of vegetarian options to choose from and they are lovely at accommodating dietary restrictions.
Sapporo Teppanyaki
2 weeks ago
I came here for my friend’s birthday and I had a really lovely time. It was fun to see the chef make the food in front of us and the staff were lovely. We had a starter, main and sushi and the food was amazing. (were students so we had 50% off and we each spent from about £20-30). I will definitely be coming back.
Sapporo Teppanyaki
4 months ago
We keep coming back to celebrate special occasions and for a fun time with friends and family. It has an nviting, elegant, romantic atmosphere.
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