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Robert A. Colgrove

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February 14, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Robert A. Colgrove?

The overall reputation of Robert A. Colgrove, Jr., MD, based on patient reviews, reflects a highly positive sentiment towards the surgeon and his practice. Clients consistently praise the skill and expertise demonstrated, which is evidenced by their satisfaction with surgical outcomes, whether it be for a nose job, breast augmentation, or correction of previous surgeries. Patients highlight Dr. Colgrove's forthrightness regarding what procedures can or cannot achieve, which indicates clear communication and managed expectations. The recurring emphasis on a luxury office environment and caring staff, particularly nurse Robin, suggests that the company has successfully created a comforting and welcoming atmosphere for its clientele. The follow-up care and response to postoperative concerns stand out as exemplary aspects of customer service, which have contributed to long-term satisfaction and repeat visits for routine procedures.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects of Dr. Colgrove's practice are multi-fold, echoing consistently across the patient reviews. The surgical skills of Dr. Colgrove are frequently commended, with patients noting extremely pleasing aesthetic outcomes that boost confidence and satisfaction years after the procedure. The professionalism of Dr. Colgrove and his staff is a strong theme, alongside the caring and supportive nature of the office environment. The mention of minimal scarring and the thoroughness of explanations regarding the procedures highlight an attentiveness to both aesthetic detail and patient education. Patient safety and attentive after-care contribute to a trustful relationship, critical in the cosmetic surgery field. Lastly, positive remarks about the luxury feel of the office and the personalized attention, particularly by nurse Robin, add to a perception of high-quality, patient-centered service.

Concerns and Threads

The reviews provided do not offer substantive negative feedback, suggesting that Dr. Colgrove's practice enjoys a largely positive reception from its clients. However, it is possible that selection bias may be present, as individuals with negative experiences may not have provided reviews. Additionally, Dr. Colgrove's initial blunt demeanor, as described by a patient, could potentially be off-putting to some individuals, despite it being accompanied by quality care and outcomes. It's critical when evaluating such feedback, to consider the full spectrum of patient experiences, recognizing that reviews alone might not capture all sides of the customer experience.

Frequently asked questions about Robert A. Colgrove

What types of surgical outcomes can I expect from Dr. Colgrove?

Patients consistently report high satisfaction with their surgical outcomes, including successful breast augmentations, revisions, and nose jobs. Long-term results have been described as pleasing and confidence-boosting.

Is the staff at Dr. Colgrove's office supportive and accommodating?

Patient reviews frequently commend the staff for their caring and supportive nature. Nurse Robin is often mentioned for her exceptional care, contributing to a positive overall experience.

How does Dr. Colgrove handle postoperative concerns?

Dr. Colgrove is noted for his responsiveness to postoperative concerns, offering to address any issues after healing and providing comprehensive follow-up care.

What are customers saying about Robert A. Colgrove

Robert A. Colgrove
Royianna S
a year ago
I received a nose job in 2018 and I LOVE my results! He has a blunt, poker face that would make you think he's insensitive but he's actually pretty cool. He was firm on what he was/wasn't able to do for me and when I freaked out (post op) he ensured me that he would fix whatever I didn't like for free after I healed...I didn't need a fix. To this day, I love coming into his office for my routine touchups, the office gives a luxury feel...oh and his nurse Robin, a gem!
Robert A. Colgrove
Mellissa Stager
a year ago
Amazing experience, highly recommend. Dr. Colgrove and his team truly care about patient safety and results! I had a breast augmentation revision surgery with galaflex mesh placed on the lower poles of my breasts and internal suturing/internal bra to correct my over dissected implants that had bottomed out (my primary breast augmentation was performed by a different surgeon). Dr. Colgrove is very knowledgeable, down to earth, and has excellent bedside manner. The entire staff is caring and supportive of your surgical procedure. All of my concerns were addressed and my goals listened to. I am so happy with my results. Not only did Dr. Colgrove correct my bottomed out implants, but he also gave me the look that I desired! Dr. Colgrove went above and beyond with my procedure and I am very grateful. I highly recommend Dr. Colgrove and the entire team at Vinings Surgery Center!
Robert A. Colgrove
Liz Sapp
4 years ago
I think that it is fair to review him after having surgery from him 13 years ago. I was a young mother of two who gained a lot of weight with my second child. I researched reputable places to improve my appearance that were safe and highly rated; I wanted my figure back, but I did not want to put myself in danger because I had babies to care for. Dr. Colgrove was fantastic! The consultation was informative and educated me, as well as the staff on what my expectations were. I had a breast augmentation and a tummy tuck. My results have been amazing! I had another baby 8 years ago, and I really watched my weight while pregnant. My results are still amazing. I love shopping for clothes and dressing up for date nights and work thanks to Dr. Colgrove. He told me way back then that my implants will need to be replaced one time (probably in my mid 40s, I’m 35 now), and I hope and pray that he is still practicing so that I will know that I am in good hands. I now live in NC but will travel to make sure that I am happy with the results. His office was friendly, and open and honest with how your results will look. Thank you, Vinings Surgery Center, for helping me to regain my confidence.
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About Robert A. Colgrove

Plastic Surgeon

At Vinings Surgery Center, we are not here to change who you are, but to enhance all the best parts of you. For most people, cosmetic surgery is about more than physical change—it offers increased confidence and new possibilities. It’s clear that physical appearance can have a strong impact on how you present yourself.Dr. Colgrove is a board certified Atlanta cosmetic plastic surgeon who has maintained a private practice since 1986. He performs cosmetic surgery of the breast, body and face, specializing in breast augmentation, breast implants, breast lifts, breast reduction and breast revision surgeries. Breast surgery procedures include augmentation using saline and silicone breast implants.