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Revive Medical Botox And Laser
Revive Medical Botox And Laser

Revive Medical Botox And Laser Reviews Summary

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Published on
February 26, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Revive Medical Botox And Laser?

Revive Medical appears to maintain a strong company reputation based on recent reviews, which emphasize a welcoming and professional environment, a clean and inviting office space, and the knowledge and expertise of staff members, particularly Danielle, Alexandra, and Aubrey. Recurring themes within the feedback manifest as an appreciable detail for patient comfort and thorough explanations provided during procedures, such as injections and lip fillers. Despite a general consensus reflecting positivity and satisfaction, there is a noted concern regarding the pricing for certain services like the lip flip, suggesting the cost may be higher than some clients expect. Nonetheless, the overall customer experience remains predominantly favorable, with emphasis on personalized treatment plans, the skillful application of services, and prompt follow-up support.

Positive Feedback

Positive customer feedback for Revive Medical predominantly highlights the skilled and empathetic care provided by practitioners, with Danielle being frequently mentioned for her comforting presence and professional expertise. Clients are consistently impressed with the way staff tailor their services to individual needs while maintaining an open line of communication. The clinical team's proficiency in discussing procedures and managing patient expectations is highly regarded. Additionally, the ambiance of the medical facility, noted as warm and welcoming, coupled with an efficient administrative process and clean environment, is praised - all of which seem to contribute significantly to a positive client experience. The ability to follow through, offering post-service support is likewise received favorably, cementing the clinic's commitment to patient satisfaction.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the overwhelmingly positive feedback, an area of contention for Revive Medical’s clientele pertains to the cost of services, specifically the lip flip procedure. Customers find the $200 price tag somewhat expensive, even though there is a recognition of the quality provided. This concern indicates a possible disconnect between Revive Medical's pricing structures and the expected or previously experienced costs by the clientele. Moreover, no other specific negative aspects or trends emerge from the current set of reviews, which might infer that the pricing is the primary, if not the sole, element of the Revive Medical experience met with disapproval or hesitation by some customers.

Frequently asked questions about Revive Medical Botox And Laser

What aesthetic services does Revive Medical offer?

Revive Medical offers a range of aesthetic services, including BOTOX treatments, lip fillers, and HydraFacials, among others. Each client receives a personalized treatment plan suited to their individual needs and aesthetic goals.

How do patients describe their experiences with the practitioners at Revive Medical?

Patients describe their experiences with Revive Medical practitioners as highly professional and comforting. Practitioners like Danielle, Alexandra, and Aubrey have been lauded for their expertise, gentle approach, and the ability to make patients feel at ease during their treatments.

Are there any concerns regarding the cost of services at Revive Medical?

Some reviews express concerns about the pricing of certain services, particularly the lip flip, which is deemed expensive by some. Patients are advised that while the costs at Revive Medical may be higher, the quality and results of the treatments justify the expenses. However, individuals are encouraged to discuss pricing and budget with the staff during consultation.

What are customers saying about Revive Medical Botox And Laser

Revive Medical Botox And Laser
Sydney Campbell
2 weeks ago
I’ve had nothing but great experiences at Revive. Their entire staff is friendly, helpful and efficient. I was nervous to get injections because it was my first time ever, and Danielle helped me feel so comfortable with the process. She answered every question with knowledge and expertise, and I’ve now gone back to her 3 times! She really knows how to make me feel confident, and it looks so natural, can’t say enough good things about her!
Revive Medical Botox And Laser
Julianna Lubbe
a month ago
I had a great experience at Revive! The entire staff was so kind and welcoming, and the office is a really warm and nice space. Danielle was fantastic!! She is so personable and professional, and she made me feel so comfortable and made sure all of my questions were answered! My only complaint is that $200 for a lip flip is more expensive than I am used to, but at the end of the day you’re paying for quality and Danielle did an amazing job!
Revive Medical Botox And Laser
Lexi 1005 (lexi g)
2 weeks ago
I had a great first experience at Revive with Alexandra! She made me feel comfortable meanwhile providing me different options & recommendations for my lip filler. She also took her time trying to pin point what areas directly needed more filler than the others. I’m very happy & pleased with the service provided! You couldn’t choose a better place than revive !
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Revive Medical Botox and Laser is a leading Medical Aesthetic Spa in Philadelphia, PA. Our specialties include Botox injections, fillers, lip filler treatments, Hydrafacial, laser hair removal and weight loss management. Our expertly trained staff provides personalized treatments that cater to your specific needs. Our company's ultimate goal is to help our patients achieve natural-looking results. Our modern techniques ensure that your treatments are quick, painless and effective. Book your consultation today and let Revive Medical Botox and Laser breathe new life into your skin.Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures and Advance Body Treatment in Philadelphia PA.