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Published on
March 14, 2024
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March 14, 2024

What do customers think about Rescue Spa?

Rescue Spa presents a reputable establishment in the beauty and wellness industry as evidenced by multiple reviews commending the exceptional quality of its facials and the expertise of specific estheticians. Customer experiences, however, vary significantly depending on individual staff members encountered. The allure of the spa’s new location is frequently mentioned, described as luxurious and aesthetically pleasing. Notably, the duration and value of treatments seem inconsistent, with some clients highlighting a discrepancy in service time and a lack thereof with respect to relaxation spaces. Additionally, there is some discontent regarding aggressive sales tactics post-treatment, which contrasts the otherwise relaxing experience.

Positive Feedback

Clients universally laud Rescue Spa for its outstanding facials and professionalism of estheticians such as Valery, Gigi, Greta, Emily, and Lana, who are frequently praised for their skillful work and extensive knowledge. These specialists provide personalized skin care advice and contribute significantly to positive long-term results, thereby enhancing client satisfaction. The spa's environment is repeatedly acknowledged as sophisticated and tranquil, offering an ambience that aligns with the opulent nature of services provided. Furthermore, the generosity of complimentary services and the transformational results reported play a pivotal role in fostering repeat business and strong recommendations.

Concerns and Threads

While the facials at Rescue Spa receive considerable acclaim, certain aspects of the customer experience dampen its reputation. A key concern is the absence of a locker room or relaxation space, which detracts from the holistic spa experience expected at such a premium establishment. This omission is particularly striking given the new location’s otherwise lavish design. Another common criticism is related to treatment duration discrepancies and perceived pushiness during sales attempts post-treatment. These commercially-driven interactions appear to undermine the relaxation experienced during the services. Furthermore, the experience during pregnancy seems lacking compared to the usual standard suggested by non-pregnant clients.

Frequently asked questions about Rescue Spa

Are all estheticians at Rescue Spa equally skilled and knowledgeable?

Customer feedback suggests that while many estheticians are highly praised for their expertise and ability to provide excellent skin results, the experience can vary depending on the individual esthetician. It is recommended to research or request estheticians based on specific needs or previous positive experiences.

Does Rescue Spa offer any relaxation spaces as part of their services?

Reviews indicate that the current location lacks general locker room or relaxation spaces that customers can use before or after treatments. They do have a private relaxation room, but it requires an additional fee of $100 for 45 minutes.

Does the spa engage in aggressive sales tactics post-treatment?

Some clients report feeling pressured to purchase products after their treatments, with items often waiting for them at checkout. Those who prefer not to engage in product discussions or purchases may want to communicate this to the staff in advance.

What are customers saying about Rescue Spa

Rescue Spa
Jeremy Yowell
a month ago
Received a solid massage at Rescue Spa to celebrate some life events. Definitely wasn't a "luxurious" massage, rather much more a deep tissue healing experience. Good time overall, but I'd go back for a facial and not a massage next time.
Rescue Spa
Angela Kim
a year ago
The new space is absolutely beautiful!! I’ve gone to Rescue for years for my facials and it is one of my favorite spots in the city. My friends and I have come back here over and over again. Unfortunately, the experience and results are truly dependent on the esthetician you get. I really should keep a record of who I had each time but I thought the treatments should be pretty consistent. I wouldn’t recommend spending the money if you’re pregnant. It was my first time there pregnant and it felt more like a relaxing massage with products being put on instead of having treatments to improve my skin texture and problem areas like I had in the past; also it was more so 45 minutes than the full 60 I had paid for. My friends still loved their treatments and had the full hour they paid for unlike me unfortunately. I would definitely go back but request someone else.
Rescue Spa
Sofiia Vintoniak
5 days ago
Visiting Valery for the first time was a wonderful experience. She greeted me warmly and took the time to understand my skincare concerns. Valery's professionalism and gentle approach immediately put me at ease. I left her office feeling rejuvenated and excited to continue my skincare journey with her expertise. Thank you, Valery, for a fantastic first visit!
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About Rescue Spa

Rescue Spa is a full-service day spa located in New York and Philadelphia founded by Danuta Mieloch. Skin care is her business, and Rescue strives to make clients feel their best through restoration and rejuvenation. After 19 years as a luxury spa owner, Danuta produces unparalleled results that keep people coming back for more time and time again. “What motivates and drives me is seeing the serious changes we can help people achieve,” she explains. “People have told us that their major skin improvements have bettered their lives – I never forget hearing that.”