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Rainbow Falls Waterpark
Rainbow Falls Waterpark

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Published on
April 2, 2024
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April 2, 2024

What do customers think about Rainbow Falls Waterpark?

Rainbow Falls Waterpark is generally seen as a positive destination for family fun, striking a chord with its blend of attractions suitable for various age groups. Customers praise the waterpark for its toddler areas, thrilling water slides, lazy river, and the option to bring their own food and coolers. An analysis of the reviews points to an overall satisfactory visitor experience, often commending the park for its value, the ability to manage children safely, and the amenities provided. However, some visitors mention drawbacks, such as limited shade, a lack of adequate seating, and at times insufficient cleanliness in the bathrooms. Additionally, overcrowding seems to be a recurring concern, especially during holidays and weekends, leading to longer wait times and crowded spaces, which can diminish the enjoyment of the park facilities and services offered.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects of Rainbow Falls Waterpark mentioned by customers include a variety of attractions catering to different ages, such as play areas for toddlers, slides for older children and adults, and a lazy river for a more relaxing experience. The waterpark is lauded for its allowance of outside food, which many families take advantage of by setting up picnics. The park's affordability, especially regarding season passes, is another prominent advantage noted by guests. Reviewers also praise the presence and responsiveness of the staff, demonstrating a commitment to safety and quick reactions during any potential issues.

Concerns and Threads

Conversely, several negative aspects are evident from customer feedback. Concerns focus primarily on the issue of overcrowding, which appears to be a significant problem, especially on holidays and weekends, resulting in long lines and limited space. Furthermore, the lack of seating contributes to discomfort for some visitors, forcing them to turn to grassy areas for respite. The insufficient amount of shade within the park is also a recurrent negative theme, causing inconvenience for guests as they seek relief from the sun. Additionally, the cleanliness of the restrooms is criticized in some reviews, indicating a potential area of improvement for the waterpark's maintenance team.

Frequently asked questions about Rainbow Falls Waterpark

What amenities are available for small children at Rainbow Falls Waterpark?

The waterpark offers several amenities for small children, including a dedicated toddler area with a fun slide, a zero-depth pool, and an interactive play area with a dump bucket. There is also a spray area where children can enjoy water play. These different attractions are geared towards young visitors' enjoyment and safety.

Can visitors bring their own food to Rainbow Falls Waterpark?

Yes, Rainbow Falls Waterpark allows visitors to bring their own food and coolers. However, alcohol is not permitted. Many guests take advantage of this policy by setting up picnics, with some even arranging elaborate party setups with tents, blankets, umbrellas, and folding chairs.

Is overcrowding an issue at the park, and how can I avoid it?

Overcrowding can be an issue at Rainbow Falls Waterpark, particularly on holidays and weekends. To avoid long lines and crowded areas, it is recommended to arrive early, consider visiting on weekdays, or take advantage of discounted evening hours where the park is likely less congested.

What are customers saying about Rainbow Falls Waterpark

Rainbow Falls Waterpark
Kristi McBride
9 months ago
I think it's a great waterpark - brought 5 kids on my own and felt it was manageable and safe. There's a little kids play area, a zero depth pool with diving board/chute slide/lily pads, another play area with a dump bucket, water slides & lazy river. Free under 2 YO. What I learned: *Get there before it starts or be prepared to stand in line (no shade) *Parking is a limited and the main lot is a pretty decent walk; dropped my kids and had them wait in line while I parked *You can bring in all your own food and a cooler - snack shop is good but gets expensive (hot dog, pizza, mozzarella sticks, fries, snacks, water) *Bring your water plus MORE waters - everything sold/water fountains were all warm *People set up LEGIT PARTIES: like tents, blankets, umbrellas, sandwich trays, full pizzas, chairs. I wish I would have brought some of these items to 'claim my area': like a folding chair or 2 + blanket + shade umbrella - there is VERY LITTLE SHADE *Bring a wagon to carry all of the items listed above from the parking lot to the park
Rainbow Falls Waterpark
Gene Ivanov
9 months ago
Rainbow Falls in Elk Grove Village, IL, offers a fantastic water park experience with thrilling slides and refreshing pools. However, due to its popularity, the park tends to get quite overcrowded, so be prepared for potential long lines and crowded spaces especially over the weekend
Rainbow Falls Waterpark
Leena C
8 months ago
waited for about an hour to enter the water park today. it is a holiday so many people were there. there is typically a line to enter every time my uncle has come in the past but not as long as today’s. after waiting and seeing people hop in and out of the line we finally made it to the door to pay. for two residents it was $24 total so $12 each. it’s a family place so kids were running around everywhere having a blast. i enjoyed watching people jump off the dive board and i loved being in the lazy river. not enough seating but many families were sitting on the grass in the back and having picnics there. the women’s bathroom was dirty with wet toilet paper all over the floors. overall had a good time.
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About Rainbow Falls Waterpark

Swim-season attraction with a tropical theme & numerous pools & rides including a huge 4-way slide.