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Published on
February 11, 2024
Last updated
February 11, 2024

What customers think about Pridestaff

The overall company reputation of PrideStaff, as portrayed by the recent client reviews, appears to be strongly positive with several recurring themes that emphasize the company's proactive and personalized approach to staffing. Clients consistently highlight the dedication of individual employees like Sahari, Michelle, and Gabriela, suggesting that PrideStaff representatives demonstrate high levels of attentiveness, understanding, and commitment to meeting client needs. The process is described as smooth, professional, and efficient, with clients feeling well-informed and supported throughout the employment matching and hiring phases. The mention of weekly payments and quick placement further contribute to a reputation of efficiency and client-centered service. While the feedback is overwhelmingly positive, it is worth noting that there are no substantial critiques in the data provided, limiting analysis of potential areas of improvement.


Key positive aspects evident in the customer feedback for PrideStaff focus on the personal attention and dedication provided by staff members. In particular, the consultants, notably Sahari, are lauded for their commitment to understanding and meeting individual employment needs, thereby creating highly satisfying experiences. Clients also appreciate the company's responsiveness and ability to expedite the hiring process, which contrasts favorably with the experiences some clients have had with other staffing agencies. The emphasis on personalized service and the ability to accommodate clients' unique schedules and requirements, such as supporting a single mother's search for employment, foster a sense of trust and appreciation towards the company. Furthermore, the seamless, organized job matching and placement is a consistent point of praise, resulting in numerous high recommendations from clients.


The customer feedback provided shows a lack of significant negative aspects regarding PrideStaff's services. The comments are predominantly positive, with clients expressing satisfaction with the company's performance, particularly the personalized assistance from the staff. Due to the absence of explicit criticism within the reviews, it is difficult to ascertain specific areas for improvement. This one-sided view might not fully represent all customer experiences, as dissatisfied clients may not have shared their views, or such reviews were not included in the dataset.

Frequently asked questions about Pridestaff

How does PrideStaff ensure that they find a suitable employment match for me?

PrideStaff consultants like Sahari and Michelle are commended for their attentiveness and dedication to understanding client's specific needs and career goals. They take the time to match these with the right employment opportunities, ensuring a tailored fit between job seekers and potential employers.

Is the job placement process with PrideStaff quick and efficient?

Many clients have noted the quick and efficient job placement process with PrideStaff. The agency is praised for its fast response times, smooth and organized hiring procedures, and consistent communication, which help facilitate swift employment matches, at times starting as soon as the following day.

What kind of support can I expect from PrideStaff during the job search process?

Customers report that PrideStaff provides extensive support during the job search and placement process. This includes regular updates, preparation for interviews, and a dedication to understanding and meeting your individual needs. PrideStaff staff members have been noted for going above and beyond in providing assistance, making you feel guided and motivated throughout your job search.

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Yaney Morejon
2 months ago
I had the pleasure of working with Sahari at Pride Staffing and it was a great experience. She kept me up to date, she placed me with an amazing company and her patience and her attentiveness made the whole experience a very positive one for me. If you are looking for employment I recommend Pride Staffing and working with Sahari, she will dedicate the time to finding you your best match for employment.
Karina Tejada
4 months ago
I’ve had an amazing experience with this company. I initially worked with Sahari, and her service was outstanding. She took the time to really figure out exactly what I was looking for and put that together with the experience I had to get me hired with a great company! She made it very easy for me to feel like I was being taken care of and the process went very smoothly. I also got the wonderful chance to work with Michelle as well, which added to the great service I was already receiving. The constant communication and attention to service was great. They both went above and beyond to help find the perfect fit for me and I am very pleased with the assistance I received. I would highly highly recommend Sahari, Michelle, and PrideStaff.
Tania Mendez
4 months ago
I had the pleasure of working with Sahari. What can I say about her that many haven't already. She is amazing, attentive, understood my needs and what I was looking for. She helped me so much along the way and didn't make me feel like what I was looking for was something unattainable, which speaks volumes about her and how she treats people. She was really in my corner the whole way, which means a lot to a single mom trying to find something better in life work wise. Having the support of someone like her was amazing. I highly recommend her, she is phenomenal.
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