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Pets At Home Glasgow Pollokshaws
Pets At Home Glasgow Pollokshaws

Pets At Home Glasgow Pollokshaws Reviews Summary

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Published on
February 21, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Pets At Home Glasgow Pollokshaws?

The reviews of Pets at Home Pollokshaws illustrate a store that presents a generally positive customer experience intertwined with certain operational challenges. The store is commended for its spacious layout and comprehensive choice of products for pets, particularly in the cat supplies range. The expertise and friendliness of the staff are frequently mentioned positively, highlighting their helpfulness and knowledge, as well as their compassion and care within the veterinary services offered. Customers appreciate the presence of services such as 'click and collect', which add to the convenience of shopping. However, customers have reported concerns regarding staff proficiency with checkout systems, which suggests a need for better training or more experienced personnel at the tills. Additionally, a notable segment of customers have experienced inventory issues, particularly in the dog food section, which has caused inconvenience for those seeking specific products or wishing to explore a wider selection, such as raw dog food options.

Positive Feedback

Positive customer feedback for Pets at Home Pollokshaws centers around the pleasant shopping environment, appreciative of the store's spaciousness and the broad selection of pet products available. Notably positive experiences stem from interactions with the staff, who are frequently described as friendly, knowledgeable, and particularly compassionate when performing veterinary services. Highlighted by recognition of exceptional customer service, the staff's dedication to animal wellbeing is praised, exemplified by anecdotes of caring treatment during pet medical procedures like vaccinations and neutering. Additionally, the convenience of ancillary services like 'click and collect' adds to the customer satisfaction, and specific employees have been singled out for their outstanding assistance with product fittings and offering guidance within the store.

Concerns and Threads

Key negative feedback from customers of Pets at Home Pollokshaws reflects concerns related to staff capabilities and product availability. In terms of personnel, there seems to be a recurring issue with the proficiency of the staff at the checkout tills, with reports of employees appearing inexperienced and facing difficulties in handling transactions smoothly. This has resulted in increased wait times and a degree of frustration for customers. Moreover, customers have voiced dissatisfaction with the store's selection of dog food products, indicating either a disparity in stock levels or a lack of variety, thus failing to meet some customer expectations. There are instances where customers had to seek products elsewhere due to these inventory shortages. In addition, albeit mentioned humorously, the presence of pet waste near the store entry has negatively impacted the store's ambiance for some shoppers.

Frequently asked questions about Pets At Home Glasgow Pollokshaws

Does Pets at Home Pollokshaws offer a wide selection of cat supplies?

Yes, Pets at Home Pollokshaws offers a broad range of cat supplies, as indicated by the customer reviews praising the variety in the cat food section.

Can I rely on the staff at Pets at Home Pollokshaws to assist me with product inquiries?

The staff at Pets at Home Pollokshaws are generally considered friendly and knowledgeable, able to assist customers with product inquiries, especially in the vet service where they are noted for their compassionate care.

Are there any known issues with the availability of dog food products at Pets at Home Pollokshaws?

Some customers have reported a lack of variety and occasional stock issues with dog food products, particularly with specific brands and raw dog food options.

What are customers saying about Pets At Home Glasgow Pollokshaws

Pets At Home Glasgow Pollokshaws
Barbara F
a month ago
A great choice of products and a very spacious store. It seemed a little short-staffed when we visited as there was quite a wait at the till, but otherwise, this is a very good store. Will definitely be back!
Pets At Home Glasgow Pollokshaws
Claire O'Donnell
3 weeks ago
Dog food selection has been lacking last few times I have been, couldn't get the normal sachets and not alot of alternatives to choose from, will need to get elsewhere. Also very little raw dog food choice, wanted to try my dog on some but had to go elsewhere again to purchase which was annoying. Bought cat supplies also and they have a much bigger range available in the cat food section.
Pets At Home Glasgow Pollokshaws
2 months ago
Girl was really helpful with showing me where products were for my cats. Expensive shop for catfood however had what I wanted in store. Good experience all round.
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