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Peter-Brian Andersson, Md, Phd - Neurology Consulting, Inc.
Peter-Brian Andersson, Md, Phd - Neurology Consulting, Inc.

Peter-Brian Andersson, Md, Phd - Neurology Consulting, Inc. Reviews Summary

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February 16, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Peter-Brian Andersson, Md, Phd - Neurology Consulting, Inc.?

Neurology Consulting, Inc., led by Dr. Peter-Brian Andersson, MD, PhD, appears to possess a sterling reputation based on recent reviews. Customers consistently praise Dr. Andersson for his dedication, knowledge, and compassionate approach to patient care. His ability to thoroughly investigate the root of medical issues has been highlighted, marking him as diligent in his practice. The quality of interaction with Dr. Andersson is frequently described as not only professional but also engaging and reassuring, which seems to significantly enhance the patient experience. The positive demeanor and efficiency of the staff also contribute to the practice's favorable reputation. In summary, recurring themes from the reviews include a strong emphasis on a high level of care, thoroughness in medical examinations, excellent communication, and a responsive support team, all of which cumulatively forge a commendable overall customer experience.

Positive Feedback

Clients of Neurology Consulting, Inc. reflect a consensus of undeniable satisfaction with the quality of care provided by Dr. Peter-Brian Andersson and his team. Positive aspects frequently cited include the thoroughness of the assessments and the formulation of clear, thoughtful treatment plans. Dr. Andersson's personable and humorous nature is seen as a key element in creating an easeful and comfortable environment, reducing the traditional stress associated with medical consultations. His commitment to understanding patient history is recognized as exceptional, especially in contrast to experiences at other institutions. Support staff efficacy, particularly in communication and administration, also receives accolades, enhancing the overall positive patient experience. The high level of knowledge and proactive approach taken by Dr. Andersson instills confidence in his patients, helping them to feel informed and cared for.

Concerns and Threads

Upon review of the feedback provided, there appears to be an absence of negative customer experiences related to Neurology Consulting, Inc. or Dr. Peter-Brian Andersson. All reviews reflect a high level of satisfaction with no notable trends of discontent or areas requiring improvement observed. This could indicate either an exemplary service level that consistently meets or exceeds patient expectations or a lack of representation from dissatisfied individuals within the available feedback.

Frequently asked questions about Peter-Brian Andersson, Md, Phd - Neurology Consulting, Inc.

What should I expect during my first consultation with Dr. Andersson?

During your initial consultation with Dr. Andersson, expect a thorough examination, where he will attentively listen to your concerns and symptoms. Based on the reviews, Dr. Andersson is known to read patients' health histories carefully before coming up with a comprehensive treatment plan, ensuring personal and informed care.

Does Dr. Andersson communicate effectively with patients and other healthcare professionals?

Yes, reviews suggest that Dr. Andersson is an excellent communicator who explains diagnoses clearly and provides detailed visit summaries. He is also prompt in communicating with other healthcare professionals, ensuring a collaborative and effective approach to patient care.

Is Dr. Andersson's office staff helpful and accommodating?

The staff at Neurology Consulting, Inc. are described as excellent, communicative, and accommodating. From arranging appointments to providing support throughout the visit, the staff seem to contribute positively to patients' experiences.

What are customers saying about Peter-Brian Andersson, Md, Phd - Neurology Consulting, Inc.

Peter-Brian Andersson, Md, Phd - Neurology Consulting, Inc.
Jerome Vener
2 months ago
Dr Anderson is an amazing Dr. He goes above and beyond, which is very rare in medicine today. He came very highly recommended and I can see why. He is very knowledgeable and compassionate. He is determined to get to the root of the problem. His staff is excellent, as well. I feel I am getting excellent care and in very good hands. I would highly recommend him.
Peter-Brian Andersson, Md, Phd - Neurology Consulting, Inc.
Lisa Charnes-Sarokin
4 days ago
Talk about service with a smile. Prior to my visit, the staff were so communicative and accommodating. Truly lovely on every level. Then we met with Dr. Peter-Brian Andersson and if you can say that a doctor's visit was fun...then this would be that visit. Such a interesting person with a fun personality. Puts you @ ease and draws you out in order to understand the scope of the reason for the visit and next steps. The best line you can say to a great doctor is, "I hope I don't see you again or for a while". I can tell that he feels the same way and does what it takes to get his patients to that point. My GP referred me to him and I've been with my GREAT GP (Dr. H. Lee Kagan) for nearly 40 years. I feel blessed to have added Dr. Andersson to my team. A big thank you to Dr. Andersson and his staff!!
Peter-Brian Andersson, Md, Phd - Neurology Consulting, Inc.
Brooke Balzano
5 months ago
Dr. Anderson is so incredibly accommodating. He bends over backwards to help me. He is wonderfully kind, I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a neurologist. Great office too. A plus is that he has an adorable South African accent… Lol
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