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Ramón M. Sánchez Md - Peachtree Neurology Associates, P.C.
Ramón M. Sánchez Md - Peachtree Neurology Associates, P.C.

Ramón M. Sánchez Md - Peachtree Neurology Associates, P.C. Reviews Summary

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February 16, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Ramón M. Sánchez Md - Peachtree Neurology Associates, P.C.?

The overall company reputation of Ramon M. Sanchez, M.D. appears to be predominantly positive in terms of medical care and patient treatment, while the administrative and support aspects are viewed unfavorably. The reviews consistently praise Dr. Sanchez for his expertise, personable manner, and thoroughness, noting his ability to address complex medical issues and the time he spends consulting with his patients. However, multiple reviews express significant dissatisfaction with the administrative staff, particularly regarding billing practices and unprofessional behavior. Recurrent negative themes include patients being sent to collections due to insurance billing errors, difficulties obtaining medical records, and poor communication. These issues are serious enough that some patients have chosen to leave the practice despite their high regard for Dr. Sanchez's medical abilities.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects of Dr. Sanchez's practice, as highlighted by the reviews, center around his exceptional clinical skills and rapport with patients. Dr. Sanchez is consistently described as knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated to patient care. Reviews frequently commend his willingness to explore various treatment options for chronic conditions, his excellent bedside manners, and his approach of treating patients as individuals rather than just another case. His effectiveness in improving patient health outcomes, as well as his staff's friendliness, also garnered high praises. The extent of his reputation is such that patients are willing to travel considerable distances for consultations, and some express extreme satisfaction warranting a hypothetical ten-star rating. These aspects strongly suggest that Dr. Sanchez is highly regarded as a medical professional.

Concerns and Threads

Reviews reveal significant negative experiences with the administrative aspects of Dr. Sanchez's practice. A notable theme is the unprofessional conduct of the administrative staff, including the office manager, which culminated in confrontational interactions and billing issues. Patients reported being unjustly sent to collections due to incorrect insurance filings and not being informed of the doctor's out-of-network status, leading to unexpected out-of-pocket expenses. Additionally, complaints about administrative inefficiencies such as scheduling difficulties, poor communication, and a lack of follow-through on necessary paperwork for further treatments or tests, were prevalent. These issues have resulted in some patients feeling compelled to find alternative care, despite the high level of medical service provided by Dr. Sanchez himself.

Frequently asked questions about Ramón M. Sánchez Md - Peachtree Neurology Associates, P.C.

Is Dr. Sanchez experienced in treating complex neurological conditions?

Yes, reviews indicate that Dr. Sanchez is highly knowledgeable and has been successful in treating patients with complex neurological conditions, including chronic migraines, Parkinson's, and epilepsy.

What are patients saying about interactions with the office administrative staff?

There are multiple reports of negative interactions with the office administrative staff, including billing issues and unprofessional conduct, which have negatively affected some patients' overall experience with the practice.

Do patients feel that their concerns are adequately addressed during consultations?

Yes, Dr. Sanchez is commended for his attentiveness and the time spent with patients during consultations, with many reviews highlighting his thorough approach to patient care and the significant improvement in patients' health after visiting his practice.

What are customers saying about Ramón M. Sánchez Md - Peachtree Neurology Associates, P.C.

Ramón M. Sánchez Md - Peachtree Neurology Associates, P.C.
Karen Escobar
4 months ago
If my family and I could leave zero stars we would but we are leaving 1 for Dr. Sanchez, he is a very knowledgeable doctor and would even recommend him for friends, he helped my dad get much better from recent diagnose of Parkinson's and Epilepsy. But unfortunately his administrative staff and office manager who I found out was his wife is very unprofessional. They sent my dad to collections for $1000 medical bill because his insurance was put in wrong and therefore everything that was billed came back denied, we repeatedly told them to please fix that but his wife was ignorant at letting us explain our side and said he will no longer be seen at our office which was fine whatever but they refused to give at least 1 month supply of his medication until we found another doctor who will see my dad. I hope nobody ever does that to her but anyways overall Dr. Sanchez was very good at knowing my dad's disease but I would not recommend going to his practice. *Follow-up from automated reply below: These are not false accusations, as described in other reviews we’ve all have had the same experience so therefore the patients are not the problem but thanks for replying!
Ramón M. Sánchez Md - Peachtree Neurology Associates, P.C.
Clementina Hiteshew
a year ago
Dr Sánchez is a very experienced doctor, knowledgeable and personable. I do not have more than great words for him. Unfortunately I am leaving his practice as his administrative office staff is simply a disaster. They sent me to collection without even presenting me a bill for the first time or by first billing my insurance. His office never told me before seen Dr Sanchez that he is out of the insurance companies network, so I ended up paying everything out of my pocket (several thousand). Contacting his office is a nightmare. Getting my medical records requested by my primary physician office per my written authorization was a burden.I would simply summarize my experience with Dr Sanchez by saying he is a great doctor without a diligent administrative office which makes it as not a viable choice for me.
Ramón M. Sánchez Md - Peachtree Neurology Associates, P.C.
ctesiphon 9
a year ago
Dr Sanchez himself is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, has all the time in the world. His nurse is also lovely. Crystal the EEG technician turned up 15 minutes late for my daughter’s sleep-deprived EEG, no explanation or apology, wearing the same dirty jacket she wore for the first EEG. She had no idea why we were there and made my daughter recount her (distressing) history instead of reading her notes. Crystal wore her mask on her chin and sniffed heavily and wetly throughout. Five stars otherwise but …
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