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Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy, Llc
Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy, Llc

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February 20, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy, Llc?

Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy, LLC has garnered a strong overall reputation based on the collection of reviews provided. Customers highly praise the friendly, helpful staff and the pharmacy's ability to provide specialized compounded medications. Particularly, the capability to find and create medicines that are difficult to locate elsewhere seems to be a recurring theme. The relationship built with long-term customers reflects a dependable nature of the service, and responses to urgent needs, such as requiring medications in a timely manner, appear to be handled with due care and attention. However, some concerns have been raised regarding the clarity and functionality of the online ordering system, along with potential communication issues during the refill process. Mixed experiences with shipping times and order modifications indicate some inconsistencies in the operational workflow, which may affect the customer experience negatively.

Positive Feedback

Noteworthy positive aspects highlighted by the customers include Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy being the exclusive source for certain hard-to-find medications, such as Nitazoxanide suspension, and their willingness to assist in urgent cases, ensuring patients do not miss doses. Many clients appreciate the fast and professional service, the personalized and courteous attention by the staff, and employees like Tiffany who are commended for exceptional customer service. The proactive approach of the staff, paired with the ease of transitioning from other pharmacies, evidently contributes to a smooth customer experience. Their compounded products, like the cream for easing medication intake in cats, showcase the company's innovative solutions to common medication challenges. Furthermore, the positive feedback from a physician regarding the timely delivery of vitamins for IV therapies exemplifies the pharmacy's commitment to professional clientele requirements.

Concerns and Threads

Despite many positive aspects, some reviews also highlight areas where Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy could improve. A customer expressed frustrations about the online ordering process and a perceived lack of willingness from the staff to modify an order upon request. Also, there are comments about difficulties in verifying order edits, such as altered address details, through their online platform. The delivery charge and discrepancy in cost calculations have also been a point of contention for a customer. Additionally, one review indicates that at times the customer service can be overwhelmed, leading to holds during phone calls, although the review also points out improvements in this regard over time.

Frequently asked questions about Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy, Llc

Can Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy create hard-to-find medications?

Yes, Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy specializes in compounding medications and has the ability to create prescriptions that may not be readily available elsewhere, as demonstrated by their production of a rare suspension of Nitazoxanide for a customer's son.

Does Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy accept insurance for payment?

According to the reviews, Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy does not accept insurance, but they strive to provide medications at a reasonable out-of-pocket cost.

How does Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy handle urgent medication needs?

The pharmacy is attentive to urgent patient needs, often ensuring medications are delivered quickly to avoid missed doses. They appear to actively coordinate with physicians to ensure timely refills and shipments.

What are customers saying about Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy, Llc

Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy, Llc
Stacey Gyorgyi
3 months ago
I absolutely love this business. I have been using them for a number of years for two compounded medications. Staff is friendly and helpful. So grateful for them.
Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy, Llc
Russ L
5 months ago
Really helpful folks! Only place in GA I could find to make the medicine my son needed (suspension of Nitazoxanide), even the manufacturer didn’t have it. They don’t take insurance, but out of pocket price was reasonable (less 100 for my dosage requirements)! Super fast and helpful!!!
Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy, Llc
Susan Rentz
10 months ago
Called on previous refill 12/20/22 and was told only 60 days left. Said I will have MD send more so I can receive 90 day supply. Told no we need to get them to you ASAP so you don t miss a dose and I replied no I have a 2 week supply on hand. Received in 2 days Called today after ordering on line and was corrected on my math a 10$ difference excluding the 8$ charge for delivery when I complained. Was also told MD took 1 day to call in refill. Then tried to verify my order via phone because internet site doesn't have an option for 30, 60, or 90 day supply. Now told it will take 3-4 days before arrival when previously told couldn't be changed because it could look like they made me miss a dose and now told it was because MD too slow and new order not received until next day. Sorry I think they simply didn't want to take the to change order.on 12/ 22 order. Person today saying goodbye in middle of my speaking yet again when trying to verify edit of address went though since no record of supply or refill showing yet. Having no issues with supplies on back order quality or overpricing of product so I will stay with company.
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