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Published on
February 18, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Parker Kelly Financial Services Ltd?

Parker Kelly Financial Services Ltd. receives a predominantly positive assessment from its clientele, with testimonials highlighting the company's proficiency in navigating the complexities of financial matters. The recurrent commendations point toward their expertise, particularly in the realm of mortgage advisement and pension management. Customers report that Parker Kelly's team, including professionals like Will Sara-Kelly and John, provides personalized and hassle-free services, aiding particularly in challenging scenarios such as securing a mortgage with atypical employment situations. Long-term relationships spanning over fifteen years show a deep level of trust and satisfaction among clients, with the company's support extending from employment through to retirement. The recurring themes of friendly, knowledgeable staff, and the delivery of professional services with authority and integrity, illustrate a strong company reputation centered on customer confidence and financial security.

Positive Feedback

Many reviewers convey robust confidence in Parker Kelly Financial Services Ltd., appreciating the bespoke and diligent assistance offered. The company is notably praised for its accommodating and helpful nature, with specific acknowledgment of its ability to simplify the mortgage procurement process for first-time buyers. The advisory team, including Andrew, fosters a sense of trust and confidence, ensuring that clients feel their investments and savings are secure amidst economic turbulence. Repeated positive feedback emphasizes the company's comprehensive and professional advice, underscored by a customer-centric approach that prioritizes client interests, indicating a high level of satisfaction amongst those who have engaged with their services for various financial needs.

Concerns and Threads

The collected reviews do not explicitly outline any significant negative aspects associated with Parker Kelly Financial Services Ltd. However, the absence of negative feedback does not necessarily indicate a flaw-free experience. It should be noted that the dataset provided is limited and may not fully encompass all customer experiences. Future reviews or more extensive datasets might be necessary to assess any potential areas for improvement in the company’s services comprehensively.

Frequently asked questions about Parker Kelly Financial Services Ltd

Is Parker Kelly Financial Services Ltd. equipped to handle complex mortgage situations?

Yes, according to client testimonials, Parker Kelly, particularly the advisor Will Sara-Kelly, has been successful in assisting with complex mortgage scenarios, especially beneficial for first-time buyers or those with non-traditional employment.

Can Parker Kelly Financial Services provide long-term financial planning?

Absolutely, reviewers have lauded Parker Kelly for their long-term assistance in financial matters, offering support through various life stages, including transition into retirement, indicating the company’s ability to offer sustained financial planning over many years.

Are the advisors at Parker Kelly Financial Services accessible and easy to understand for those new to financial planning?

Clients have described the advisors at Parker Kelly as both friendly and knowledgeable, making them approachable and capable of explaining financial options in an accessible manner, which is particularly appreciated by those new to financial planning or seeking advice on products like Junior ISAs and pensions.

What are customers saying about Parker Kelly Financial Services Ltd

Parker Kelly Financial Services Ltd
Abigail Hodges
5 months ago
Would really recommend Parker Kelly for anyone looking for a mortgage adviser. We had great service from Will Sara-Kelly who helped us to find and secure a mortgage for buying our first home. The nature of my partners job made finding a mortgage quite difficult for us, but Will made that process a lot easier and saved us from the hassle of attempting to do it by ourselves. Thanks again Will!
Parker Kelly Financial Services Ltd
Emma Hollowday
9 months ago
Parker Kelly are just brilliant. John has helped us navigate the mortgage market twice and wouldn’t hesitate to use him again. The team are knowledgeable, responsive and helpful. Would absolutely recommend!
Parker Kelly Financial Services Ltd
j a
10 months ago
We have been helped and advised by Parker Kelly for over fifteen years. We feel fortunate to have received their professional services during the many up and downs of recent years. Andrew and all the staff have always been friendly and knowledgeable so helping us to be secure with our finances during our working careers and now retirement.
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Parker Kelly continue to offer professional, service driven financial services in Liverpool, both to the business community and private clients. As true ‘Independent’ Financial Advisers, we offer unbiased financial advice, providing access to all the products on the market through a dedicated qualified Practitioner.