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Published on
January 27, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Oxford Circus Physiotherapy?

Oxford Circus Physiotherapy appears to have garnered a commendable reputation based on a series of client reviews. The customer experience at this facility is overwhelmingly positive, with praise consistently directed towards both the quality of the physiotherapists and the effectiveness of the treatments received. Common themes include the professional and knowledgeable staff, the state-of-the-art facility, and the successful outcomes of the treatments, such as pain relief and improved mobility. The responsive and accommodating nature of the service, which includes easy scheduling, rapid responses, and same-day appointments, has further enhanced the company's image. Additionally, the practice's thorough follow-up process, which extends to coordinating with doctors in international locations, suggests a commitment to comprehensive patient care. The recurring mention of a physiotherapist named Louisa and the founder, David, intimates a personalized service where individual practitioners are recognized for their expertise and dedication to patient recovery.

Positive Feedback

The praise for Oxford Circus Physiotherapy centers around several key positive aspects: the expertise of individual physiotherapists, notably Louisa England and the founder David, whose treatments have directly contributed to significant improvements in patients' conditions; the comprehensive and clear communication of treatment plans and outcomes, including the detailed explanation of procedures such as steroid injections and ultrasound imaging; the modern, well-equipped facilities that contribute to a conducive treatment environment; and the seamless administrative experience, from promptly arranged appointments to proactive follow-up with healthcare providers. The personal success stories, such as the ability to run a half-marathon following physiotherapy and the expeditious resolution of chronic issues, underscore the effectiveness of the clinical service provided.

Concerns and Threads

From the reviews provided, there is an absence of explicit negative feedback regarding Oxford Circus Physiotherapy. This absence may indicate a generally high level of patient satisfaction and service quality. However, it could also reflect a lack of critical feedback among the sampled reviews, which is an important consideration for prospective patients seeking a well-rounded understanding of a service. To ensure a comprehensive perspective, potential clients might benefit from seeking out a broader range of reviews, including any that may contain criticisms or highlight areas for improvement.

Frequently asked questions about Oxford Circus Physiotherapy

Can I expect to receive a treatment plan tailored to my specific injury at Oxford Circus Physiotherapy?

Yes, Oxford Circus Physiotherapy is praised for creating personalized treatment plans tailored to individual injuries and recovery goals. Staff, including highly mentioned physiotherapists like Louisa England, are known for their expertise in devising effective programs that address the unique needs of their patients.

What kind of services can I anticipate at Oxford Circus Physiotherapy?

Oxford Circus Physiotherapy offers a range of services including detailed diagnoses, treatment plans, steroid injections, and state-of-the-art facilities for physiotherapy. They also provide comprehensive follow-up care, including coordinating with other healthcare providers where necessary.

Is it easy to book an appointment, and can I get one on the same day at Oxford Circus Physiotherapy?

Booking an appointment is said to be easy, supported by a responsive reception team. Many reviews suggest that it is also possible to secure a same-day appointment, offering convenience and rapid attention to your physiotherapy needs.

What are customers saying about Oxford Circus Physiotherapy

Oxford Circus Physiotherapy
Liz Kynoch
4 months ago
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Oxford Circus Physio. They have good facilities, handily located and their staff are great from reception to the Physios themselves. They also have good follow up information to support recovery
Oxford Circus Physiotherapy
Bernie Hunter
4 months ago
The service I got was very good, everything was explained to me, and I was informed about the pro’s and cons of the treatment, the decision was made to give me a steroid injection in my hip, I am so pleased with the results, I would definitely recommend Oxford Circus Physiotherapy.
Oxford Circus Physiotherapy
Shai Trinczer
a year ago
I came to the clinic with two different injuries in the shoulder and neck. Louisa England treated me both times and was fantastic. She came up with a great work plan and helped me get back into shape quickly. Will definitely come again if I need a physiotherapist!
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