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Published on
February 13, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Elizabeth Scarpelli?

Scarpelli and Associates Physical Therapy, INC maintains a robust and positive reputation according to recent customer reviews. Customers repeatedly commend the personalized, professional, and outcome-focused physical therapy services provided by the team, particularly by therapists such as Jonie Nguyen and Elizabeth Scarpelli. The clinic is credited for effectively addressing a broad range of musculoskeletal issues, including shoulder, ankle, neck, back, and finger injuries. Patients report substantial relief from pain, recovery of mobility, and an enhanced understanding of body mechanics as a result of the treatment received. One consistent theme across the reviews is a strong appreciation for the customized exercise regimens tailored to each individual's lifestyle and recovery goals. Patients also highlight the convenience of the Optimum App, which allows for continuity of exercises at home with visual guides and the ability to track pain and difficulty levels. The main drawback mentioned pertains to the clinic's exclusion from most insurance networks, requiring upfront payment and self-submission for insurance reimbursement, though the customers seem to find the quality care well worth this inconvenience.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects highlighted in the customer feedback reveal a high level of customer satisfaction with the services at Scarpelli and Associates Physical Therapy, INC. Therapists are lauded for their attentiveness, individualized care, and professional expertise. Positive outcomes, such as pain elimination, improved mobility, and avoidance of surgery, are frequently cited as indicators of successful therapy. The use of modern technology, like the Optimum App, is also praised for its aid in patients' recovery processes by facilitating at-home exercises and communication. Moreover, the compassionate and personable nature of the staff, along with their ability to navigate insurance processes seamlessly, adds to the positive customer experience. The clinic's ambient environment, perceived as friendly and non-institutional, further contributes to the overall favorable impression.

Concerns and Threads

On the negative side, some customers expressed concerns regarding the insurance billing process at Scarpelli and Associates Physical Therapy, INC. The clinic is reportedly not part of most insurance networks, which necessitates patients to pay out-of-pocket and manage their insurance reimbursements independently. This aspect has been cited as a potential inconvenience, despite the superior quality of care provided. Beyond this insurance-related issue, the reviews provided do not present significant customer dissatisfaction or recurring negative trends in the services offered by the clinic.

Frequently asked questions about Elizabeth Scarpelli

Does Scarpelli and Associates Physical Therapy accept insurance?

Scarpelli and Associates Physical Therapy is not part of most insurance networks. Patients are required to pay for services upfront and then submit the bill for reimbursement to their insurance provider.

What types of injuries and conditions do Scarpelli and Associates Physical Therapy specialize in treating?

Scarpelli and Associates Physical Therapy provides treatment for a variety of musculoskeletal issues, including but not limited to shoulder pain, ankle injuries, neck and back pain, and post-surgical recovery.

Does the clinic provide any tools or technology to assist with exercises at home?

Yes, the clinic offers the Optimum App that patients can use on their computers or smartphones. This app helps patients to continue their exercise routines at home with visual guides, and allows for tracking of pain and difficulty levels as well as communication with the therapists.

What are customers saying about Elizabeth Scarpelli

Elizabeth Scarpelli
Julia Moyer
a month ago
I had a great experience here working with Jonie. I went in to address shoulder pain and by the end had eliminated the pain, and learned a lot about how all my muscle work together and how to be more mindful of my movement and posture. She was super attentive to my needs and worked with me to provide exercises suited to my lifestyle and goals. Would highly recommend!
Elizabeth Scarpelli
Galen Workman
9 months ago
Elizabeth Scarpelli’s physical therapy is personal, professional, targeted, sensible, and friendly. She listens and reacts to what you say about your goals, your exercises, and your concerns. Her sessions are low-key but thorough. The exercises she has given me make logical sense and they have worked on my body! The hardest part about writing about Scarpelli’s & Associates is to avoid comparing Elizabeth’s wise woman approach to the “give them 30-minutes of rote mindless activities” I have endured at the large PT room at a nearby hospital! The PT was for a completely different issue, but the care, attention, and outcome are also completely different. The office is informal but efficient. They have everything I need but you feel you’re being helped by a person and not processed by a medical institution. The only hitch is the office is not part of most insurance networks and you pay the office and submit the bill for reimbursement. But, the care is worth that minor inconvenience. Finally, although they are a small office they have up-to-date tech including an app for your computer or phone that lets you view your assigned exercises and send messages.
Elizabeth Scarpelli
Childrens Outdoor Play
3 years ago
Liz Scarpelli is the best physical therapist I have ever worked with. When I came to her with a severely damaged ankle, I could only walk a block or two without pain. I'd been told that only surgery would help. Thanks to the incredible treatments I had in her office, and the at-home exercises she gave me, I am now able to walk for miles. Liz is super smart, thorough, patient and very intuitive. And she has an amazing number of tools in her tool bag. She also runs a great office and has a terrific, engaging personality. A True Healer.
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