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Published on
January 10, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Oasis Day Spa?

Analyzing the recent reviews of Oasis Day Spa, the firm has predominantly cultivated a positive reputation among its clientele. Comments frequently laud the relaxing atmosphere and clean environment, helping clients immediately find tranquility in their urban locale. Particular praise is directed towards the staff's professionalism and friendliness, as well as their attentiveness and expertise during treatments, with Lionel, Doug, and Kory receiving special commendations for their massage skills. Customers appreciate the comprehensive offerings, from the Clinical and Deep Tissue massages to the Blemish Control facial, and the addition of amenities like cucumber water, snacks, and sauna sessions to enhance their spa experience. However, it's noteworthy to mention an isolated episode of discomfort for a non-binary, plus-size person, suggesting a potential area of attention for staff sensitization and inclusiveness. Another negative instance was reported regarding pressure dissatisfaction during a Deep Tissue massage. This inconsistency in service fulfillment, particularly considering the high price point, pinpoints an area for potential improvement.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects of customer experiences at Oasis Day Spa stem from exceptional customer service and a high standard of provided treatments; both contribute to the feeling of a genuine urban oasis. Therapists like Lionel, Doug, and Kory are frequently mentioned, highlighting the tailored care, technical proficiency, and ability to uncover and treat unsuspected muscle tension points. A consistent theme is the calming and serene atmosphere maintained throughout the facility. Additional commendations are directed at the general cleanliness and the amenities that complement the spa experience, including the availability of refreshments, snacks, and sauna facilities. The customer-oriented approach of the staff, especially in terms of customer engagement and flexibility to accommodate last-minute changes, also emerges as a significant contributor to client satisfaction.

Concerns and Threads

While most feedback about Oasis Day Spa is overwhelmingly positive, there are a few negative aspects that merit attention. One particular client reported a less than satisfactory experience with a Deep Tissue massage, where the pressure applied failed to meet expectations despite repeated requests. The discomfort was exacerbated by the massage table's headrest and the therapist's conduct, leading to an early termination of the session and lingering disappointment, especially given the expense incurred. Another area of concern is inclusivity; one review from a non-binary, plus-size individual cites an instance of passive-aggressive behavior and a feeling of unwelcomeness from the practitioner. These incidents, though seemingly isolated, suggest that there could be gaps in service consistency and staff training with regard to delivering a universally welcoming experience.

Frequently asked questions about Oasis Day Spa

Can Oasis Day Spa accommodations be customized for individual needs and preferences during treatments?

Yes, therapists at Oasis Day Spa are attentive and can tailor treatments to individual needs and preferences, as evidenced by client feedback. It's encouraged to discuss any specific requests or areas of focus with your therapist before your session.

Are there any inclusive sizing options for robes and slippers at Oasis Day Spa?

Oasis Day Spa provides robes and slippers; however, it's noted that there might be a size limit for larger feet. It is advisable to inquire directly with the spa for specific sizing concerns and accommodations.

What amenities can guests expect to enjoy during their visit to Oasis Day Spa?

Guests at Oasis Day Spa can enjoy various amenities such as lemon or cucumber water, snacks like banana chips and mixed nuts, a selection of teas, and access to a sauna. These amenities are part of the spa's efforts to create a tranquil and restorative environment.

What are customers saying about Oasis Day Spa

Oasis Day Spa
Shani Sanon
a year ago
My time here was amazing! The staff was friendly. The entire spa was clean, with a relaxing atmosphere and decor. I had the 60 minute Clinical Massage and my masseuse was soft spoken and kind. I never had to ask him to adjust the pressure but he did check in with me. He used hot towels multiple times which felt amazing and had a warm cucumber water waiting me after the massage was done. I sat in the dry sauna for 10 minutes at the end and left feeling relaxed and happy. I’m looking forward to my next visit.
Oasis Day Spa
Jordan M
a month ago
Oasis was absolutely incredible. The atmosphere was very peaceful and serene. I booked a couples massage for my husband and I. I had Lionel as a massage therapist and if I could give a 10-star review, I would. He was attentive, aware and respectful. I’m a ballet dancer and his knowledge of the muscles was just beyond. Cannot recommend Oasis and Lionel enough.
Oasis Day Spa
Shanna Levine
2 months ago
I have been to this location before and had a great experience with the facial and a massage. Today I booked a 90 min deep tissue. The pressure was not deep tissue despite asking multiple times. The head of the bed was too big for my head so my face was being crushed by the wood. I felt at times he would pause and he was resting his body on mine. I have had likely over a 100 massages and this was easily one of the worst. I had to stop after 30 minutes. I was still required to pay. I am disappointed and will likely not come back as the service is expensive. It is disappointing as I live close and there aren’t many spas like this one. For the price and for the time please make sure your technician knows what they are doing
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Oasis Day Spa with locations in New York City and Westchester County is the nationally award winning day spa that combines peaceful, beautiful environments with a highly superior trained friendly staff. Oasis offers advanced spa services in massage, skin care and hydrotherapy, and prides itself on its superior customer service. Operated without a pretentious air, Oasis has selected the best massage therapists and aestheticians to provide you with a 5 star spa experience. Our NYC location follows government regulations, which requires proof of vaccination to receive services. ALL of our staff have been vaccinated. Please visit our website,