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Published on
March 14, 2024
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March 14, 2024

What do customers think about My Spa Joy?

My Spa Joy appears to enjoy a largely positive reputation as indicated by the abundance of favorable reviews. Customers often praise the welcoming staff and the quality of the services provided, which includes various types of massages and facials. The setting, a historic house in the Heights, adds a unique charm, providing a cozy and peaceful vibe, despite occasional comments about insufficient sound insulation. Noteworthy points include personalization of services, incorporation of stretches in massages, and additional offerings such as champagne or mimosas. There is, however, a minority of feedback citing concerns over specific issues like ambiance noise and service duration. The isolated mention of a masseuse's smell of cigarette smoke impacting a client's experience stands out as a detractor from what is largely an establishment associated with relaxation and professionalism.

Positive Feedback

Customer experiences at My Spa Joy are predominantly positive, focusing on the quality and effectiveness of the massages and the friendliness of the staff. Many clients have highlighted the attentiveness to personal needs, with massage therapists often commended for their ability to identify and address muscle tension without causing pain. Clients relish the added touches, such as the offer of a beverage upon arrival and the inclusion of stretches in their massage routines. The spa's ambiance, influenced by its unique location in a historic home, contributes positively to its reputation by providing a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Overall satisfaction is high among clients, with many indicating a willingness to return and try additional services, and some consistently choosing My Spa Joy over other options closer to home.

Concerns and Threads

While most of the feedback for My Spa Joy is favorable, there are a few negative experiences that warrant attention. A notable complaint stemmed from an encounter with a masseuse who smelled of cigarette smoke, which was particularly disruptive to a client with asthma. This incident, compounded by what the client perceived as disorganized massage techniques and a shorter-than-expected session duration, distinctly contrasts with other experiences. Ambient noise due to the location's insufficient sound insulation has been mentioned by a couple of clients as a minor hindrance to relaxation. These issues, although not widespread, detract from the otherwise stellar reviews and suggest that a focus on consistency in service quality and maintaining a tranquil environment is needed.

Frequently asked questions about My Spa Joy

Can I expect a quiet, traditional spa atmosphere at My Spa Joy?

My Spa Joy is located in a historic home which offers a cozy and unique spa experience. However, some clients have noted that due to the nature of the building, there may be slightly more ambient noise than in more traditional spa settings. The team strives to provide a calming environment, but total sound insulation might not be comparable to newer, purpose-built facilities.

Are the services at My Spa Joy suitable for individuals with specific muscular issues?

Yes, My Spa Joy offers personalized services, with several clients praising the therapists' ability to target and alleviate muscle knots and tension effectively. The incorporation of stretches into massage sessions is also particularly appreciated for addressing muscular issues.

Does My Spa Joy offer any amenities for clients while they wait?

My Spa Joy enhances the customer experience by offering beverages such as champagne or mimosas to guests while they wait for their appointment, adding to the overall welcoming and indulgent atmosphere of the spa.

What are customers saying about My Spa Joy

My Spa Joy
McKenzie Wright
2 days ago
What a cute spa!! I very much enjoyed my time at My Spa Joy from the moment I walked in the door. The front desk was incredibly kind and my massage was amazing!! My person was so personable and gave the best services. I did the head, neck, shoulders with peppermint and I left feeling so good. I can't wait to try other services! Truly a one stop shop!
My Spa Joy
Tyler Anderson
2 months ago
I really enjoyed my visit to My Spa Joy today. Tomica did a great job on my signature massage - it was really effective, I felt like she zeroed in on every single knot or area of tension and addressed it without the pressure being too deep or painful. I also enjoyed the incorporation of stretches into the massage. The space itself is also nice, it’s a cozy little house in the heights. Because the house is historic, it doesn’t seem super well insulated and there’s a bit more noise than other more traditional spa locations, but it didn’t really bother me. The service itself was so great and reasonably priced. I will definitely come back in the future!
My Spa Joy
Helen Fu
3 weeks ago
Enjoyed my first visit to My Spa Joy! It’s a little gem in a historic home in the heights. I was welcomed with champagne or a mimosa- it was a peaceful and cozy vibe. The deep tissue massage with Ricardo was relaxing and helpful for achy muscles. Stretching also helped alleviate a few tough knots. Overall would recommend this hidden spa gem!
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