Morley Chinese Acupuncture And Herbs
Morley Chinese Acupuncture And Herbs

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Published on
February 17, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Morley Chinese Acupuncture And Herbs?

Analyzing the provided customer reviews for Morley Chinese Acupuncture & Herbs, a general pattern of high satisfaction emerges, primarily associated with the effectiveness of treatments and the professionalism of the practitioners, Julie and Jeff. Numerous customers have reported significant relief from various ailments, including eczema, chronic pain, pulled muscles, and joint problems, which reflects positively on the efficacy of the services offered. Customers have also praised the clinic for creating a relaxing environment and providing personalized care. However, there are some concerns regarding accessibility, such as unclear signage and financial considerations for those unable to afford frequent treatments. A singular account of a negative experience highlights issues with customer service, including feeling pressured into treatments, inattentive service, and an unfortunate incident involving ear candling.

Positive Feedback

The positive aspects of customer feedback focus on the effective treatments provided by Morley Chinese Acupuncture & Herbs, with many clients experiencing relief from chronic conditions and pain. The personalized approach by the practitioners, particularly Julie and her husband Jeff, has been well-received, instilling trust and comfort among the clientele. The clinic has been described as clean, friendly, and professional. Techniques such as acupuncture with electric and cupping, herbal medicine, and tailored treatments are frequently mentioned as particularly beneficial. The positive impact on quality of life is a recurring theme, with clients expressing gratitude for the improvements in their physical wellbeing, some even noting improvements in mobility or the resolution of long-standing health issues.

Concerns and Threads

While feedback for Morley Chinese Acupuncture & Herbs is predominantly positive, there are a few negative aspects noted by customers. One major concern is the affordability of treatments, which may not be accessible for all, particularly when multiple sessions are advised. This could dissuade potential customers with financial constraints from seeking treatment at the clinic. Additionally, there's an isolated incident involving poor customer service, such as feeling coerced into additional services, neglect during treatment, and a mishap with ear candling that resulted in burnt hair. These instances, particularly if not isolated, could tarnish the clinic's reputation and deter future clients seeking attentive and pressure-free care.

Frequently asked questions about Morley Chinese Acupuncture And Herbs

What types of conditions can be treated at Morley Chinese Acupuncture & Herbs?

Morley Chinese Acupuncture & Herbs can treat various conditions including chronic pain, eczema, joint problems, muscle injuries, and other ailments as evidenced by customer testimonials. However, specific treatments should be discussed with the practitioners to determine suitability.

Is acupuncture at Morley Chinese Acupuncture & Herbs affordable?

Some customers have found the treatments to be a financial commitment, especially if multiple sessions are required. Costs should be discussed directly with the clinic to ensure affordability and to inquire about potential payment plans or packages.

Can I expect immediate results from the treatments?

While some customers have reported rapid relief after their treatments, individual responses to acupuncture and herbal medicine can vary. The practitioners at Morley Chinese Acupuncture & Herbs may recommend a course of treatment for optimal results, and adjustments may be made based on individual response.

What are customers saying about Morley Chinese Acupuncture And Herbs

Morley Chinese Acupuncture And Herbs
Maha Altaee Jack
7 months ago
I was a bit skeptical of having acupuncture but Julie put me at ease so quickly. I had done my own research before and thought to try with my mum today. I couldn’t recommend enough this place is amazing and I feel so much better, no aching, so relaxed! Will be coming back regularly and next time I’ll be bringing my husband too! Thanks Julie!
Morley Chinese Acupuncture And Herbs
8 months ago
Thank you so much to Julie and Jeff! I have suffered with eczema and food allergies for over 20 years and they cured it in 2 weeks with their herbal medicine and skin cream. Over the winter the eczema on my face was really bad and although I carefully limited my diet, my skin was reacting to almost everything that I ate and drank. Around my eyes, mouth and neck were constantly swollen and inflamed. Within a couple of days of taking the medicine I noticed my condition improving and after 2 weeks the eczema was gone. I continued to take the medicine for a couple of months as recommended and I now do not have a reaction to the many foods that previously caused inflammation and itching. The skin cream repaired the damage to my skin and I continue to use it as I look younger than I have done in years. I'm so happy and highly recommend Morley Chinese Acupuncture and Herbs! Thank you so much.
Morley Chinese Acupuncture And Herbs
Tallulah Tyrer-Dubarrie
a year ago
I attended an appointment with Julie on Saturday for a badly pulled rhomboid muscle that I’ve been having to take pain killers for since February. I had acupuncture with electric and cupping … oh my gosh. I’ve never felt so relaxed it was like I’d been for a massage only better!! and I can’t feel any pain! Already booked in for my next session. Highly recommend Morley Chinese acupuncture, clean, friendly and trusted. Thank you!
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