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Published on
March 3, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Midlothian In-House Catering?

Midlothian In-House Catering appears to have earned a favorable reputation based on the latest reviews. Feedback consistently commends the quality of the food, citing sandwiches that are 'well filled' and 'very fresh', alongside a 'lovely selection' of other food items such as sausage rolls, scones, and cakes. Timely delivery is another strong aspect, with customers indicating that their orders were delivered 'on time' and exactly as promised. Pricing is perceived as reasonable and offers great value, which contributes to customer satisfaction. These recurring testimonials support a positive overall customer experience that encourages repeat business and recommendations to others.

Positive Feedback

Customers express a high level of satisfaction with Midlothian In-House Catering's offerings, emphasizing several key positive aspects. The quality and freshness of their food receive particular acclaim, with mentions of the 'lightest scones' and 'fresh' sandwiches and fruit. Timeliness is also a noted strength, as orders including afternoon tea and delivery of trays are fulfilled punctually. Another significant positive note is the value provided; customers perceive the pricing as 'great' and feel that they receive good value for the price they pay. This satisfaction is underlined by statements of intent to reorder and recommendations to friends, showcasing strong customer loyalty and advocacy.

Concerns and Threads

The collection of reviews provided does not include any direct negative comments. This absence of criticism might indicate high levels of customer satisfaction with Midlothian In-House Catering's service and offerings. However, it should be considered that the sample of reviews is limited and may not represent the experiences of all customers. Without critical feedback, it is challenging to provide an exhaustive analysis of potential areas for improvement for the catering service. Future reviews may offer further insights into any aspects that could be enhanced.

Frequently asked questions about Midlothian In-House Catering

What options are available for vegetarians when ordering from Midlothian In-House Catering?

Midlothian In-House Catering offers vegetarian options, as indicated by a customer who ordered afternoon tea with a vegetarian selection. They can cater to dietary restrictions upon request.

How reliable is the delivery service for Midlothian In-House Catering?

The reviews suggest that Midlothian In-House Catering has a reliable delivery service, with multiple mentions of orders being delivered on time and as promised.

Is it possible to order from Midlothian In-House Catering for special occasions?

Yes, customers have ordered from Midlothian In-House Catering for special occasions such as anniversaries and have been very pleased with the service and quality, indicating the suitability of their catering for such events.

What are customers saying about Midlothian In-House Catering

Midlothian In-House Catering
Faye McRitchie
a month ago
Ordered tray of sandwiches and fruit platter for delivery and was very impressed with my order. Great choice of sandwiches which were well filled and very fresh. They were delivered on time. Great price too. Would definitely order again.
Midlothian In-House Catering
Rachel T
3 years ago
I ordered afternoon tea for 4 (3 standard and 1 vegetarian.) It was delivered exactly as promised. A lovely selection of sandwiches, sausage rolls and cakes . I'm already wondering when I should order another and have recommended it to friends.
Midlothian In-House Catering
June Archibald
3 years ago
Fantastic surprise delivery of an afternoon tea platter. The lightest scones i have ever had the sandwiches and fruit couldn't be fresher and if you've got a wee sweet tooth the cakes are the damage, first time from this company and certainly not the last. Its a must readers, give them a bash you wont be dissapointed. 👍🏻👍🏻
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