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Published on
January 18, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Mestizo Mexican Restaurant?

Mestizo Mexican Restaurant appears to have solidified its reputation as a destination for authentic Mexican cuisine in London. The reviews recurrently praise the restaurant’s extensive menu options, including offerings for special dietary preferences like vegan, wheat, and gluten-free choices. Customers rave about the unique and traditional dishes, particularly highlighting the freshness and generous portion sizes. The quality of the food receives commendations across the board, with specific mentions of items like tamales, CHILES RELLENOS, and the dessert Pastel 3 leches. Additionally, the unique drink selections, such as LEVANTA MUERTOS and the JALAPEÑO MARGARITA, are well-received. Overall, the recurring themes that emerge from these reviews include the authenticity of the food, variety in the menu, and a welcoming atmosphere, which contribute positively to the restaurant’s reputation. However, there are isolated remarks about the dryness of some dishes without sauce, and a slight issue with service being described as brusque. These isolated incidents suggest that while the restaurant excels in the culinary experience, there are minor areas where consistency in service could be improved.

Positive Feedback

The prevailing positive aspects of Mestizo Mexican Restaurant lie in the authentic culinary experience it offers, the extensive menu catering to diverse dietary needs, and the overall atmosphere and service. Customers appreciate the wide variety of traditional Mexican dishes, as well as the inclusion of hard-to-find specialties that provide an authentic taste of Mexico. The food’s freshness and the generous portion sizes are frequently mentioned, indicating that guests not only enjoy the flavors but also find value in the quantity provided. The ambiance of the restaurant consistently receives praise; it is described as welcoming and appropriate for various occasions, contributing to guests’ overall satisfaction. Additionally, the unique assortment of drinks, especially the creative Mexican cocktails, enhances the dining experience. The restaurant's inclusivity—offering vegetarian options and food that caters to specific dietary restrictions—further positions it as an accommodating establishment. Lastly, the Sunday brunch and the adjacent shop with Mexican ingredients are noted as valuable extensions of the restaurant's services.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the many positive reviews, a few criticisms regarding Mestizo Mexican Restaurant can be identified. Some patrons noted that certain dishes, such as Tamales costenos, could feel a bit dry without adequate sauce, suggesting that consistency in dish preparation could be an area for improvement. Another minor drawback mentioned was the service—described by a customer as brusque—which indicates occasional lapses in the otherwise praised customer service. Additionally, one review hinted at slightly high prices, which may be a consideration for potential customers with budget constraints. These criticisms are relatively isolated when compared to the overwhelming volume of compliments, but they nonetheless present an opportunity for the restaurant to refine its offerings and service.

Frequently asked questions about Mestizo Mexican Restaurant

Does Mestizo Mexican Restaurant offer options for special dietary needs?

Yes, Mestizo Mexican Restaurant has an array of options to accommodate special dietary needs, including vegan, vegetarian, wheat-free, and gluten-free choices.

Is there any unique experience or offer provided at Mestizo Mexican Restaurant?

Yes, aside from the traditional Mexican food offerings, Mestizo hosts a unique and enjoyable Sunday brunch, as well as a 'ceremony' involving sombreros, candles, and tequila shots that enhances the cultural atmosphere. They also have a shop next door with a variety of Mexican ingredients.

Can I book a table at Mestizo Mexican Restaurant in advance?

Yes, Mestizo Mexican Restaurant accepts reservations. You can make bookings via WhatsApp, ensuring you have a table for your preferred time.

What are customers saying about Mestizo Mexican Restaurant

Mestizo Mexican Restaurant
W.H. Louie
a week ago
Was here with a friend because we had a sudden craving for authentic Mexican food. Googled for that and this place came up top. We were sat and was told there is a 90 minute table return policy, completely understandable given how packed it was even on the rainy weekday evening we visited. We were quickly greeted and serviced by a very warm, welcoming and lovely waitress. Asked for some recommendations and had our orders taken. Food and drinks arrived pretty quick and everything we ordered were very generously portioned. The guacamole is a must in my opinion, it is so fresh and delicious I felt like I’ve never eaten proper guacamole before. We were also so surprised to find on the menu that they offer a hard to find dish - tamale - so we took our chance and it did not disappoint! We realised our stomach couldn’t possibly stuff another dish that we ordered but hasn’t arrived yet, so we asked if we could cancel it. Our waitress was ever so helpful and understanding, she made that happen. She even double checked our bill to ensure it was indeed cancelled. Top notch service, top notch food. I would definitely come back whenever I want Mexican food.
Mestizo Mexican Restaurant
Banging Bites
a week ago
Mestizo is as authentic as you can really get in London for traditional Mexican delicacies and dishes. When we visited we were made to feel right at home with the ambiance and vibes being great for almost any occasion. One thing that really draws us to Mestizo is how varied and extensive their offering is. With soups and salads, Mexican Tapas, a Burrito menu, a vegan menu and a Mexican Buffet Brunch on Sundays, Mestizo literally has something for everyone. Within this insane offering are also wheat and gluten free options too. Pictured are Nachos, Tamales Costenos, the Taco Tray and Horchata.
Mestizo Mexican Restaurant
Monika Varga
a month ago
Amazing from start to finish. Alex was extremely helpful and friendly. He explained the menu and recommended some of his favorite items. The food was excellent. The service was brilliant. The restaurant is gorgeous. We had a great time and we would definitely come back!
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