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February 12, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Mark Broadbent?

The evaluations of Ross Hall Hospital through recent patient reviews present a predominantly positive image of the institution. A common thread pertains to the staff's professionalism, compassion, and attentiveness across various departments, including medical, nursing, catering, and administrative. Patients consistently praised the quality of care, the thorough communication regarding treatment plans, and the efficient handling of the surgical process. Encounters with various team members, from consultants and nurses to porters and receptionists, contributed favorably to the patient experience, as did the ambiance of the hospital, mentioned as warm and welcoming. However, isolated incidents of miscommunication and scheduling errors, particularly with certain clinicians, have negatively impacted some patients' views, suggesting areas where service consistency could be reinforced to maintain the reputation of the facility.

Positive Feedback

The strengths of Ross Hall Hospital are evident in the multitude of positive customer feedback. Patients have expressed significant satisfaction with the levels of care, noting that the staff from multiple disciplines exhibit a combination of courtesy, professionalism, and genuine patient concern. Notable are comments on the hospital's ability to alleviate anxiety surrounding operations, ensuring that individuals feel at ease from admission through to recovery. The environment of the hospital is also repeatedly described as comforting, which showcases the staff's contribution to a positive atmosphere. A distinct hallmark of the positive experiences encompasses the efficiency and clarity in procedural aspects, from paperwork to the execution of medical treatments, altogether reflecting a well-organized and patient-centered approach.

Concerns and Threads

While the majority of reviews for Ross Hall Hospital are favorable, certain negative experiences highlight areas for improvement. Notably, issues such as delays and cancellations have marred the patient experience. One glaring critique involves a private consultation being rescheduled without clear communication and subsequent service failures, including being overlooked for an appointment while others were attended to first. This particular account suggests a lapse in the operational management and patient-care coordination. Such feedback indicates that, despite overall high standards of care, there are inconsistencies in the patient experience linked with administrative and communication deficits that could incrementally undermine the facility's reputation if unaddressed.

Frequently asked questions about Mark Broadbent

What type of care can I expect to receive at Ross Hall Hospital?

Patient testimonials frequently highlight the exceptional level of care at Ross Hall Hospital, noting the staff's professionalism and kindness. From pre-assessment to post-surgery care, the medical, nursing, catering, and administrative teams are committed to patient support.

How does Ross Hall Hospital manage surgical procedures?

Patients report that surgical procedures are managed with clear communication, efficiency, and a high degree of care. The staff, including consultants and nurses, have been commended for ensuring that patients are informed and at ease both prior and following their operations.

How does Ross Hall Hospital handle appointment scheduling and consultations?

While many reviews describe a streamlined and efficient scheduling process, there have been instances of mismanagement. Patients are advised to confirm their appointments in advance and communicate directly with the hospital if there are any issues or concerns regarding scheduling.

What are customers saying about Mark Broadbent

Mark Broadbent
2 weeks ago
The treatment I received from all staff from pre-assessment through to post surgery was excellent. All staff were kind, courteous and approachable. Staff both from the medical, nursing and catering teams went out of their way to assist providing excellent care and being on call at the touch of button. I was given full explanation of the care given to me throughout my stay and any issues that I had were addressed promptly. I would like to thank Mr. Andrew Renwick and his team for the excellent treatment and care throughout my hospital stay
Mark Broadbent
Del Del
2 weeks ago
I still have a negative feeling about this clinic. I made a month in advance for a private appointment for £200 (I knew he would just talk for 10-15 minutes and send me for further tests) with Lewis S Gall and was surprised that he canceled the appointment and moved it to a week later. When I arrived for the appointment on time (15 min before), he did not call me but began to accept those patients who came after me, despite the fact that before that I had signed some papers at the reception. I waited 40 minutes but he never called me. I notified the reception and left there. I hope I will not return there again, at least to Lewis S Gall, since people like him spoil the reputation of not only the clinic, but also the medical profession.
Mark Broadbent
A Mckay
3 weeks ago
The young chap at the front door on meet & greet was lovely, directing me to where I had to go. The ladies on reception were very friendly. The nurses who visited me in my room were all very professional, courteous and helpful. Anaesthetist, Consultant and nurses at surgical area were all so caring and put me at ease prior to my op and were fabulous when I came round in recovery. Keep doing what you’re doing Ross Hall.
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Orthopaedic Surgeons

Ross Hall Hospital opened in 1983 and has a vast range of exceptional pioneering services. We are the only private hospital in Scotland to offer specialist procedures such as coronary artery bypass graft surgery (CABG), with endoscopic vessel harvesting (EVH). This is made possible by our outstanding clinical facilities, which includes our Da Vinci surgical system allowing for robotic surgery in urological, general, and colorectal surgery. We are proud to be the only private hospital in Scotland to treat patients from three years old across specialties such as ENT, urology, and general surgery. You will receive dedicated care from a team of experts across many specialties, including orthopaedics, paediatrics, and ophthalmology.