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Marcus Adrian Green

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February 13, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Marcus Adrian Green?

Analyzing the collection of reviews for The Priory Hospital reveals a dominantly positive company reputation with a consistently favorable customer experience. Patients have highly praised various aspects of their encounters including the professionalism and warmth of the medical staff, the quality of the facilities, and the effective and caring treatment received. Notably, the recurring themes in the feedback accentuate the commendable behavior and dedication of nurses, the attentiveness and support provided by doctors, and the overall efficiency of medical procedures from consultation to post-operative care. The comprehensive and compassionate approach to patient care seems to significantly contribute to reduced anxiety for patients and a higher likelihood of recommending the hospital to others. While the overwhelming majority of feedback is positive, there have been minor criticisms such as a slight delay in appointment times and an unaddressed treatment expectation, which suggest minor areas for process refinement.

Positive Feedback

Positive aspects from customer feedback for The Priory Hospital notably include the exceptional quality of care provided by the staff. Reviews recurrently commend the professionalism, kindness, and diligence of the nursing and supportive teams, specifically naming individuals for extra praise, which highlights the personal nature of care provided. The responsiveness and thoroughness of medical staff, particularly surgeons who engage in follow-ups and ensure clarity for their patients, are also prominently appreciated. The environment, including the cleanliness of the rooms and the ambiance of the facilities, contributes to an overall pleasant patient experience. Moreover, the dietary accommodations for specific needs and the promptness of services from diagnosis to treatment have been cited as exemplary. The outstanding care level seems to alleviate pre-surgery anxiety and reinforces the hospital's reputation for excellence in patient experience.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the overwhelmingly positive feedback, there are a few isolated instances that detract from an entirely perfect customer experience at The Priory Hospital. Some patients have experienced minor inconveniences such as a doctor arriving late for an appointment, which caused a small degree of dissatisfaction. Also, there was a mention of a patient not receiving the expected treatment for their condition, which, while singular, could indicate a need for improvement in communication or service delivery in certain instances. These elements, albeit slight, are the few blemishes in an otherwise stellar collection of reviews that may present opportunities for the hospital to address and refine its patient care processes further.

Frequently asked questions about Marcus Adrian Green

What kind of staff experience can I expect during my stay at The Priory Hospital?

The Priory Hospital is known for its highly professional, friendly, and supportive staff. Reviews often highlight the exceptional care provided by nurses and doctors, who are noted for their kindness and attentiveness.

How are the facilities and patient rooms at The Priory Hospital?

Patients frequently compliment the hospital's facilities and patient rooms, emphasizing their cleanliness and pleasant interior design. The calm and well-maintained environment contributes positively to the overall patient experience.

What is the process like from diagnosis to treatment at The Priory Hospital?

Feedback suggests a highly efficient process from diagnosis to treatment at The Priory Hospital, with reports of prompt scheduling and thorough care. Post-operative follow-ups and financial options to manage costs are also available to support patients.

What are customers saying about Marcus Adrian Green

Marcus Adrian Green
F Mo
2 weeks ago
I went to check my elbow, but unfortunately I didn’t get treatment for it. The out patient receptionist was very helpful, when patients transport dropped me off earlier they advised me that they will find out if the doctor can see me earlier in case he got a slot.
Marcus Adrian Green
Atlas L
4 months ago
My mother have a consultation appointment with doctor in outpatient department, generally reception and doctor are friendly and helpful. Just a little unsatisfying as the doctor come 10 min late as the appointment time. Personal Love the environment and interior design. Would recommend to other and frd ,keep it up
Marcus Adrian Green
2 weeks ago
Mr Singh was a very helpful person who helped my mom throughout her treatment and encouraged her that she can walk best after her knee replacement as she was worried before. Additionally, the staff was soó good , well-mannered and friendly. We have had lovely experience there . I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to get their treatment done privately. Thank you
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The Priory Hospital opened in 1982 and is the largest private hospital in Birmingham. With £12 million of recent investment to improve our facilities, we offer many bespoke services, including a cardiac catheterisation laboratory and an advanced imaging department with MRI and CT scanning equipment. We also have an intensive care unit with six beds, a specialist fertility centre that offers a full range of conception therapies, private GP services, tailored physiotherapy treatment, and a cancer care centre for inpatient and outpatient treatment. Our highly skilled team of consultants can perform complex, pioneering surgeries and create personalised treatment plans to help you get better.