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Published on
February 11, 2024
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February 11, 2024

What customers think about Las Iguanas

The overall reputation of Las Iguanas - Glasgow appears to be positive, particularly due to personal staff interactions and swift service. The customers' feedback repeatedly emphasizes the friendliness and attentiveness of the staff, with several reviewers personally naming their servers and commending them for enhancing their dining experience. Service efficiency is also noted, with mentions of quick seating and fast delivery of drinks and food. On the culinary front, menu variety and tastefulness of food—especially the tapas and cocktails—are praised, with the calorie and macro information appreciated. However, there are concerns about food portion sizes relative to pricing, as well as some dissatisfaction with changes in recipes. Overall, the customers seem to enjoy the atmosphere and the personal touches offered by the staff, which contribute significantly to the company’s reputation.


Positive customer feedback for Las Iguanas - Glasgow centers on several key aspects. Firstly, the service quality stands out with staff described as 'lovely', 'helpful', 'attentive', and 'amazing', indicating a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. Personalized experiences, such as complimentary Prosecco for a newlywed couple and a mojito board lesson for a 40th birthday, are examples of staff going above and beyond to create memorable visits. Secondly, the variety and nutritional transparency of the menu are well-received by guests who appreciate the ability to track calories and macros. Thirdly, the ambiance and interior of the restaurant are consistently described as enjoyable. The overall dining experience, including the quality of cocktails and tapas dishes, typically receives high marks, contributing to repeat patronage and positive word-of-mouth.


Despite the high praise in many areas, there are some negative aspects based on customer feedback. One primary concern is the value for money, with reviewers describing portions as 'small' and 'expensive'. There's also mention of dissatisfaction with recipe changes, particularly pointing out a less favorable rendition of a favorite side dish, which suggests inconsistency in food quality and presentation could be an issue. While the food is generally regarded as good, these perceived shortcomings in portion size and recipe adjustments could deter customers from perceiving full value for the prices charged. Businesses in the culinary industry must strike a careful balance between price, quality, and quantity to maintain a positive reputation, and Las Iguanas - Glasgow may need to address these criticisms to ensure continued customer satisfaction.

Frequently asked questions about Las Iguanas

Does Las Iguanas - Glasgow offer options for customers with dietary restrictions or allergies?

Yes, Las Iguanas - Glasgow is noted for handling dietary restrictions and allergies with exceptional care and attentiveness, as evidenced by a successful work Christmas lunch where complex allergies were managed efficiently for a large group.

Can Las Iguanas - Glasgow accommodate special occasions?

Absolutely. The staff at Las Iguanas - Glasgow is commended for personal touches during special occasions such as weddings and birthdays, indicating they are well-suited to enhance celebratory experiences.

Is there a variety of food options available at Las Iguanas - Glasgow?

Yes, the restaurant offers an impressive variety of food, including tapas and fajitas, with transparent nutritional information like calorie counts and macros also available for health-conscious diners.

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Las Iguanas
Kerri Marno
a month ago
Monica was lovely. This was our first meal out since getting married and she was super friendly. Service was very quick and she was very attentive, always checking on us for drinks and making sure our food was good. We are very happy! And can't wait to return. Thank you! She even gave us a glass of prosecco to congratulate us which I thought was a lovely touch.
Las Iguanas
Rising Star
a month ago
Very big space with an impressive variety. Love the fact that they put calories on the menus. And if you check the online menu you can even find the macros for the dishes. So rare! So useful! Had 🐔 fajitas that were very tasty and fresh.
Las Iguanas
Oliwia R
3 months ago
We went on a Tuesday night, so it wasn't busy, but they do have a ton of seating. The atmosphere was amazing, and so did the interior. The wait on drinks and food wasn't too long. Food wise, I think it's a little overpriced for the quality and amount, but it's still good. The cocktails, though, are delicious. I definitely recommend the mango collins. The staff was also very polite
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