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Published on
January 23, 2024
Last updated
March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Language Matters?

Language Matters has built a positive company reputation through the experiences shared by its customers in recent reviews. Analysis of these reflections reveals a pattern of Language Matters' hiring professionals demonstrating a high degree of personal engagement, professionalism, and dedicated support throughout the job placement process. Customers repeatedly commend the recruiters for their responsiveness, attentiveness to detail, and provision of valuable guidance and preparation for interviews. The recruitment consultants, named individually in numerous instances, are lauded for their friendly demeanor and ability to secure relevant job opportunities for their clients. A recurrent theme is the highlighted personal touch offered by the recruiters, optimizing the overall customer experience and setting the company apart from competitors.

Positive Feedback

The overwhelmingly positive feedback for Language Matters underscores the recruitment consultants' expertise in successfully placing clients into suitable roles. Recurrent commendations include the personalized and supportive approach taken by consultants such as Vikotriia, Marie-Anne, Eunice Pang, Nina Hempstead, and Joana Garcia, who are recognized for their professional, patient, and communicative nature. Positive experiences are further enhanced by the consultants' responsiveness and provision of constructive tips, demonstrating a commitment to candidates' success. Additionally, the ease of communication and proactive follow-up after job placement signify the consultants' dedication to their clients, fostering a sense of gratitude and strong recommendations from those they have assisted.

Concerns and Threads

While the reviews provided do not explicitly state negative aspects, it is critical to maintain an awareness that the absence of negative feedback does not necessarily indicate a lack of areas for improvement. It is conceivable that clients with less positive experiences may choose not to share their feedback publicly or that the scope of the reviews may not be fully representative of all customer experiences. A well-rounded assessment would include reviews of varied sentiments. However, based on the available data, Language Matters seems to be meeting or exceeding the expectations of its clientele. Future clients should consider seeking additional feedback and engage with the company to address any specific concerns they might have.

Frequently asked questions about Language Matters

What type of job placement services does Language Matters offer?

Language Matters specializes in job placement services that cater to professionals with language skills. Their consultants work with job seekers to secure roles that align with the candidates' expertise and preferences, offering personalized guidance and support throughout the recruitment process.

How do Language Matters consultants support candidates during the job search?

Consultants at Language Matters provide comprehensive support by identifying potential roles, offering valuable interview preparation tips, and maintaining regular communication to advise clients at every step. According to reviews, this includes detailed responses to queries, interview follow-ups, and adapting to clients' needs during the hiring process.

What makes Language Matters stand out from other recruitment agencies?

Language Matters is distinguished by its recruiters' personalized approach, professional expertise, responsive communication, and active commitment to candidates' success. These qualities are highlighted in client testimonials, suggesting a recruitment experience that prioritizes individual needs and fosters long-term professional relationships.

What are customers saying about Language Matters

Language Matters
Julien Quigley
a month ago
Vikotriia was extremely helpful. She reached out about a potential role for me. We had a good conversation on zoom and she gave me some good tips about how to prepare for the interview. I ended up getting the job which she recommend so it turned out well. I recommend Language Matters for people who have graduated with a languages degree and are looking for work.
Language Matters
Eden G
2 weeks ago
Marie-Anne helped me to get offered an amazing new role. I couldn't be happier, she was so helpful, patient and really communicative! So much better than most recruiters I've dealt with in this lengthy job hunt, I appreciate it!
Language Matters
Ilaria Fagiolo
2 months ago
I would like to thanks Language Matters and in particular Marie-Anne for helping me to find the job I was looking for. She is a very professional and expert recruiter. She guided me during all the recruitment process giving me many information and tips for the interview. She made a great job and I am so grateful to her to put me through to my future employer.
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Established in 1993, languagematters is a multilingual, multi-discipline recruitment company. We offer suitably qualified office professionals with the added advantage of language skills.As a Gold Standard Investor in People, corporate member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation and with our Directors being Fellows of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals, we are committed to the highest standards of recruitment. We recruit for all areas of business including administration, sales, marketing, accounts, legal, customer service, IT helpdesk, research, purchasing, supply chain, translation and graduate.Our multilingual consultants partner with international businesses across London, nationwide and overseas