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Kastriot'S Mediterranean Bar & Grill
Kastriot'S Mediterranean Bar & Grill

Kastriot'S Mediterranean Bar & Grill Reviews Summary

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Published on
February 17, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Kastriot'S Mediterranean Bar & Grill?

Kastriot's Mediterranean Bar & Grill maintains a strong positive reputation based on current customer reviews, indicative of a satisfying overall customer experience. Guests consistently praise the quality of the food offerings, citing dishes like the risotto with asparagus and mushroom and the Lamb Kleftico as particularly noteworthy. The staff receive accolades for their professionalism, helpfulness, and friendliness, contributing to the restaurant's welcoming atmosphere. Patrons feel compelled to revisit, often bringing new guests, suggesting a confidence in the consistency of the dining experience. However, while reviews are overwhelmingly positive, some guests have noted issues during busier times, specifically regarding wait times both for tables and service, potentially hinting at operational challenges during peak hours.

Positive Feedback

Positive customer feedback for Kastriot's Mediterranean Bar & Grill underscores the excellence of its culinary offerings, with many guests singling out the risotto and Lamb Kleftico as menu highlights. The ambiance of the restaurant receives praise for its beauty and comfort, helping to establish a relaxing dining environment. Additionally, the staff's professionalism and attentive service are repeatedly mentioned, reinforcing the restaurant's commitment to a high standard of customer care. Patrons also remark on the value for money, which, when combined with the quality of both food and service, drives repeat visits and strong recommendations.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the generally favorable reception, Kastriot's Mediterranean Bar & Grill faces some criticism. On busy nights, such as Saturdays, the service can be strained; patrons report having to wait for their tables even with reservations and experiencing delayed service at the bar and at their dining table, which detracts from the establishment's otherwise stellar reputation. While these are not widespread complaints, they do highlight areas where the restaurant could refine its efficiency and improve customer satisfaction during peak periods.

Frequently asked questions about Kastriot'S Mediterranean Bar & Grill

Is Kastriot's Mediterranean Bar & Grill suitable for customers with plain taste in food?

Yes, Kastriot's Mediterranean Bar & Grill offers a variety of dishes that cater to different tastes, including simpler options like Greek meatballs and cheeseburgers that have been well-received by customers.

Can the restaurant accommodate busy nights without a decrease in service quality?

While Kastriot's generally maintains a high level of service, some reviews indicate that there may be delays during particularly busy times. Mid-week visits are suggested by some patrons to avoid these issues.

Does Kastriot's offer options for diners looking for ambiance as well as good food?

Yes, Kastriot's is noted for its beautiful ambiance and relaxing atmosphere in addition to its exceptional food, which contributes to the overall dining experience.

What are customers saying about Kastriot'S Mediterranean Bar & Grill

Kastriot'S Mediterranean Bar & Grill
Stuarty Boy
a month ago
Beautiful restaurant, great food and a brilliant staff. Never disappointed each visit.
Kastriot'S Mediterranean Bar & Grill
Sharon Mcgeough
6 months ago
Tried Kastriots for the first time with my son on Sunday night . All I can say is your missing out if you don’t try this restaurant. The food is amazing nice atmosphere and the staff are second to none .so good I convinced my husband to go again with me for lunch today. He has plain taste in food so had the Greek meatballs and then cheeseburger which he loved but I convinced him to try my risotto with asparagus and mushrooms with the option of added chicken which I’ve now had at both visits as it’s exquisite and to my surprise he loved it no is going to order on next visit. A must try is the baked feta with onions peppers and olive oil with the freshly baked soda bread it’s beautiful. Highly recommend this restaurant the food atmosphere and staff make this restaurant a well worth visit. Also very reasonably priced. Sorry for the pic of the half eaten soda bread but couldn’t be helped 🤤
Kastriot'S Mediterranean Bar & Grill
William Reid
a year ago
Been here many times with my family and I have never been disappointed from the excellent starters to the belly busting mains and there is plenty to choose from. Also have a huge range of drinks to compliment the 1st class menu.
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